From grandmothers to aunts to cousins, culinary traditions are passed down from relative to relative and altered, added and subtracted to based on the taste of a new generation. Consequently, there is no one single Thanksgiving menu that’s served nationwide.

For most families, what finds its way to the table is a blending of the classic favorites we typically expect and random alterations we might be surprised about. For the purposes of life, those outliers are far more interesting, but for the purposes of this column, we’re far more concerned with the staples most of us have consumed on Thanksgiving.

When you head to the table tomorrow to chow down and listen to some terrible stories from boring uncles, what’s the classic dish you’re going to be most excited about eating? What is the side dish that you couldn’t ever consider doing Thanksgiving without?

For me, it’s mashed potatoes. I’ve gone through periods in which I’ve been excited about stuffing and macaroni n cheese, but when I think about planning a Thanksgiving menu, the mashed potatoes are always where I begin. Beyond the turkey, it’s the dish that feels like a requirement to truly do the holiday correctly.

What about you? What is your favorite Thanksgiving side dish? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below…

What Is Your Favorite Side Dish?

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