It’s been a bad week for Nick Gordon. Just days after he officially split from his fiancée/ adopted sister Bobbi Kristina Brown, the reality star was arrested for reckless driving. You’d never know any of this from his mug shot, however. Cheeky, over the top and borderline euphoric, Gordon flashes his pearly whites at the camera and does his best to pretend he’s amped about the current state of his life.

Take a look at the classic mug shot below…

Ordinary, run of the mill reckless driving tickets don’t often end in arrests, but going eighty-two miles an hour in a thirty-five-mile-per-hour zone heavily trafficked by restaurants, malls and pedestrians is a special case. Authorities reportedly clocked Gordon going that quickly in Apharetta, Georgia at around 6:30 PM on Wednesday and made the stop immediately.

After police asked Gordon the typical questions, he was hauled off to jail and charged with reckless driving and speeding. One of his friends came and picked up his car, and according to E! Online, he was released not long after with a scheduled court date of February 12.

People let off steam in a lot of strange ways after a break-up. Some cry it out, others drink it out. Gordon apparently drove it out and then smiled it out. Here’s to hoping this is the last impulsive thing he does for awhile.



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