Yoko Ono Debuts Bizarre New Menswear Line

By Jessica Rawden 3 years ago
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Yoko Ono has created a menswear line, and itís more than a little wonky. While the line features, tees, sweats, slacks and jackets, itís a little too see-through to really be functional. I think even Project Runwayís Josh McKinley would be distracted.

The line, called Yoko Ono Fashions for Men 1969-2012, is apparently inspired by some sketches Yoko drew for John Lennonís sexy body around the time she met the young Beatle. However, if you get a gander at these costumes, Iím not sure even a man known to be as daring and against-the-grain as Lennon would be into Yokoís vision. The clothing is being sold by U.S. brand Opening Ceremony, and wonít come cheaplyópieces range in the mid-hundreds of dollars. Weíre talking $595 for a white suit jacket with one black mesh sleeve and $250 dollars for a pair of dress pants with a giant cutout over the rear.

Itís some weird stuff. The collection also includes pants with handprints near the crotch, neon colored mesh shirts, bras for men, and tees with LED lights attached around the nipple area. Thereís even a sweatshirt with a hand-drawn design of a personís bum on itóand that gem will only run you $75. According to USA Today, the collection is currently available in the U.S. and will premiere at London stores on November 30 and in Tokyo's flagship store on December 9. Get it before it sells outóif that day ever comes.
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