The Chris Brown negative publicity train continues to chug forward. Earlier today, the Los Angeles District Attorney submitted paperwork to violate the pop star’s probation for lying about the number of community service hours he performed. Last year, the Chief of Police in Richmond, Virginia sent along a letter to the powers that be in Los Angeles saying Brown had finished 202 days of community service, twenty-two more than he was required to perform. If the DA is to be believed, however, that number was a gigantic overshot because he may have actually done as few as 10 days of service.

According to TMZ, Brown told the court he did most of his work at the Tappahannock Children’s Center where his mom was once an employee. He supposedly cut the grass, picked up trash, washed the windows and waxed the floors, but when the District Attorney looked into the specifics, the story slowly started falling apart. Many of the days Brown listed on his timecard coincided with concerts he had out of state or out of the country. One of the administrators of Tappahannock told the DA she never saw Brown a single time, and after being questioned, the Richmond Police Department admitted they only accompanied Brown to his community service hours 9 or 10 times. The rest of the supposed hours of service were claimed by Brown’s mother.

As per the DA’s request to violate his probation, this mess is either the product of inept and sloppy record keeping or Brown refusing to accomplish even a healthy percentage of his community service and convincing a few others to lie for him. Thus far, the singer hasn’t commented publically, but when he does, we’ll let you know what he has to say.



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