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Click Synopsis

A workaholic architect, who has been overlooking his family in favor of his career, comes across a universal remote that allows him to perform TiVo-like functions on his life, such as pausing events or fast-forwarding over them. When the remote begins creating its own memory and choosing what to fast-forward over, the man sees how much of his personal life has passed him by and realizes the importance of spending more time with his family.

Weíve all had this fantasy. Even the most loving husband has at least wondered what life would be like if he had a mute button to use on his wife during a fight. Can I fast forward through the work day and skip straight to my couch, a bag of Doritos, and a basketball game? Itís an obvious movie concept, and one thatís been done before. Click isnít exactly original. Hollywood is full of people interacting with televisions and television accessories in unpredictable ways. Our movie stars are always getting paused, rewound, or flat out sucked into their television. What Click has going for it is familiarity. Itís a comfortable premise for a movie and if United 93 or V for Vendettaí box office receipts are any indicator, then modern movie audiences are all about avoiding anything uncomfortable or challenging.

It can only help the comfort level of Click to have Adam Sandler starring. Somewhere between Happy Gilmore and Punch-Drunk Love (maybe while we were all still smarting from Little Nicky), Sandler became a Hollywood A-lister. Heís a big box office draw, everything he touches turns to gold. Except Rob Schneider. Thereís no helping him.

Thatís alright. Sandler deserves it. Critics love to bash Adam, but heís a star for a reason: Heís funny. Heís not particularly challenging or surprising, but heís consistently funny. The guy gets laughs with every outing. What other comedic actor can claim that? Not Jim Carrey. Not Robin Williams. Definitely not Chris Rock. Even in his worst moments (Little Nicky again), Sandler is funny. Maybe heís a one trick pony. Maybe heís only got one kind of shtick. But itís good shtick, and Sandler it seems is a long way off from wearing out his welcome.

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Click Release Date
In Theaters June 23, 2006
Click Credits
Starring: Adam Sandler (Michael Newman), Christopher Walken (Morty), Kate Beckinsale (Donna Newman), David Hasselhoff (Ammer), Sean Astin (Bill Rando)
Directed by: Frank Coraci
Produced by: Neal H. Moritz, Jack Giarraputo, Adam Sandler
MPAA Rating: [ PG-13 ]
Distributor: Sony Pictures Releasing
External Info: Click Official Website
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