Elementary, 2 Broke Girls And 16 Other Series Renewed At CBS image
CBS passed along some good news for more than a dozen of their primetime shows. 18 series received renewals from the Eye today, among which are The Big Bang Theory, 2 Broke Girls, NCIS, and newcomer Elementary. CBS is also moving forward with three of their popular reality series, Survivor, The Amazing Race and Undercover Boss.
Kelly West 2013-03-27
F. Murray Abraham Will Guest Star On Elementary image
F. Murray Abraham is headed to CBS to hop into an episode of the networkís hit freshman crime drama, Elementary. Abraham is no stranger to crime dramas, having played characters on both Homeland and Law & Order: Criminal Intent in the past. This time around, heíll play a wily hitman who may meet his match in Sherlock Holmes.
Jessica Rawden 2013-03-22
Elementary Loses Post-Game Audiences Due To Late Start image
Last night, the Super Bowl scored giant ratings for CBS, bringing in big numbers for the network. Unfortunately, those good numbers didnít extend to CBSí post-game viewing of Elementary. The episode drew in fewer Super Bowl numbers than any other Super Bowl post-game programming in the last nine years.
Jessica Rawden 2013-02-04
Elementary Earns Extra Episodes While Vegas' Episode Count Drops image
Just a few weeks ago, things were looking peachy keen for two of CBSí freshman dramas. Both Elementary and Vegas were given full season orders, bringing both shows to a neat and tidy 22-episodes. Now, CBS has decided to pull favorites with the two programs and is adding episodes to one show and retracting episodes from another.
Jessica Rawden 2012-11-15
Elementary To Air After The 2013 Super Bowl image
The coveted post-Super Bowl spot has been filled for 2013. It's customary for whatever network is hosting the Super Bowl to air some lead-out programming, which benefits from the massive viewership of the big football game. Last year, NBC aired The Voice after the Super Bowl. And Glee, Undercover Boss, The Office and House are among the recent programs to air post-Super Bowl and come 2013, Elementary joins that list.
Kelly West 2012-11-05
Elementary And Vegas Secure Full Season Orders image
Today, CBS announced the network will be giving two hit freshman dramas, Elementary and Vegas, a full season order. Both programs have received nine additional episodes to air on the channel, bringing both series to a full 22 episodes for Season 1.
Jessica Rawden 2012-10-23
Fall 2012 TV Winners: 8 New Shows You Should Be Watching image
It's at this point in the fall, when most of the new series have premiered, that we're forced to look at our overflowing DVRs and figure out which shows to keep and which ones to let go. And then, of course, there are the shows we haven't gotten around to checking out yet. For those of you trying to play catch-up and need a little help deciding which new series are worth a look, we've come up with a list of the keepers this season.
CB Staff 2012-10-16
House's Lisa Edelstein Joins CBS' Elementary image
Elementary has cast a former House star to take on a guest role on an upcoming episode. Lisa Edelstein will be joining CBSí new modern-day Sherlock Holmes drama as the CEO of a company that was the target of a bombing.
Leslie Kasperowicz 2012-10-02
Elementary Review: Sherlock Holmes And Watson Team Up In CBS' Promising New Drama image
CBS' modern-day take on Sherlock Holmes and his trusted partner-in-crime-solving Watson premieres tonight, joining the network's Thursday night line-up. BBC's Sherlock set the bar high for a series like this, but what I've deduced, having thoroughly observed the pilot episode of Elementary, is that there's no reason to compare the two shows beyond noting that both celebrate Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's beloved detective in their own way.
Kelly West 2012-09-27
Fall 2012 TV Forecast: Predicting This Seasons Winners And Losers image
It's easy to look back at the fall season in retrospect and say you could have seen the success or cancellations of certain series coming. But trying to predict the success of the new series of the season isn't quite as simple. There's the matter of considering the plot, the stars, who's behind it, the network it's airing on, and what it's airing against. We took all of that into consideration when we attempted to predict which new network TV comedies and dramas would be hits, and which would flop.
CB Staff 2012-09-18
Benedict Cumberbatch Says His Comments About CBS' Elementary Were Misquoted image
In an interview with Shortlist earlier this week, Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch was asked for his thoughts on CBS' suspiciously similar project, Elementary. The British actor was candid but mostly diplomatic, saying that he was "cynical" about the show, and that Elementary star Jonny Lee Miller had asked for his blessing for taking the role. Now, however, Cumberbatch says that he was misquoted.
David Wharton 2012-09-01
The Newsroom's David Harbour To Guest Star On Elementary image
This summer, David Harbour could be found on television playing cable news anchorman Elliot Hirsch on Aaron Sorkin's new HBO drama The Newsroom. And this fall, it looks like he's moving over to CBS for a guest spot on the networks new Sherlock Holmes-inspired procedural Elementary.
Kelly West 2012-08-31
Elementary Star Jonny Lee Miller Asked For Benedict Cumberbatch's Blessing image
Cumberbatch says that he tracked down a copy of the Elementary script after Miller had told him about the show. "I think thereís room for us both to coexist," says Cumberbatch. "I donít feel threatened by it and I wish him the best, which is as diplomatic as I can be."
David Wharton 2012-08-30
CBS Posts Elementary, Vegas, Made In Jersey And Partners Key Art image
CBS has already giving us a few peeks at their upcoming new series, in the form of photos trailers and in the case of the upcoming modern-day Sherlock Holmes series Elementary, a screening of the pilot episode. And now the Eye has released the key art for their four new series, which give us a look at the casts of each of the. Check them out ahead and see how CBS is marketing Vegas, Elementary, Made in Jersey and Partners.
Kelly West 2012-07-29
Elementary Preview: Two New Photos For CBS' Sherlock Holmes Drama image
Last week during Comic Con, CBS gave panel attendees the opportunity to screen the pilot for their upcoming new series Elementary, a modern-day take on Arthur Conan Doyle's classic character Sherlock Holmes. I was actually pleasantly surprised by the pilot and especially Jonny Lee Miller's take on Holmes. CBS shared a couple of new photos for the series, one of which shows a scene from the pilot, and the other is a promotional photo showcasing the two leads.
Kelly West 2012-07-18
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