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Petals On The Wind Movie Breakdown: What Fans Of V.C. Andrews' Book Should Expect image
Ok, V.C. Andrews fans. We've been waiting for decades to see Petals on the Wind adapted for the screen. So how does Lifetime's TV movie measure up? I've seen it, and I'm going to be as honest as possible with you here: there's good news and there's not-so-good news.
Kelly West 2014-05-19
Petals On The Wind Character Posters Tease Family, Vines And Vengeance image
Following up on the dramatic teaser for Lifetime's Flowers in the Attic followup Petals on the Wind, Lifetime has offered up some very fittingly floral character posters, which merge the viney look of the Flowers in the Attic and Petals on the Wind promotional content with a bit of 70s glamour.
Kelly West 2014-04-27
The Sisterhood Enters The Convent For Nun-Based Lifetime Docuseries image
The Sisterhood will follow five Catholic women as they try to decide whether or not they want to change their lives forever by becoming nuns, an interesting concept that adds purpose to more casual unscripted material. It also seems to be a show where the point is literally making people try to figure out how faithful they can allow themselves to be.
Nick Venable 2014-04-24
Petals On The Wind Trailer Teases Romance, Drama And Vengeance image
We now have our first look at Lifetime's upcoming Flowers in the Attic followup, Petals on the Wind. The trailer for the TV movie begins by reminding us of the dark events that transpired in the first film, which aired earlier this year, after which we see what's ahead for Cathy and Chris a decade later. For those who've read the V.C. Andrews series, not all of the scenes glimpsed in the second half of the trailer should be familiar.
Kelly West 2014-04-22
Petals On The Wind TV Movie Description Reveals Cathy's Plans For Revenge image
Following word that Lifetime plans to air the Flowers in the Attic sequel Petals on the Wind this Memorial Day weekend, the network has released an official synopsis that gives us a better idea of the plot of the TV movie. Even if you've read the book, this description's worth a look as it clues us in to the timeline changes the followup is making, likely for the sake of condensing the story.
Kelly West 2014-04-04
Petals On The Wind Photos Tease Ballet And Family, May Premiere Date Set image
We have our first look at the Flowers in the Attic sequel in development at Lifetime, and from these Petals on the Wind character photos, it looks like the followup may be aiming to get one major thing right. Cathy is a dancer! What's more, the TV movie now has a premiere date and it's not so far away! Petals on the Wind will air on Lifetime on Monday, May 26.
Kelly West 2014-03-27
Flowers In The Attic Sequel Petals On The Wind Finds Its New Cathy image
Lifetime's Flowers in the Attic sequel Petals on the Wind has found its new Cathy Dollanganger, and fittingly enough, she's a Rose! Taking over the starring role from Mad Men's Kiernan Shipka, who starred in the 2013 TV movie based on VC Andrews' novel, is Rose McIver, whose recent credits include the part of Tinker Bell in Once Upon a Time and Vivian Scully in Showtime's Masters of Sex.
Kelly West 2014-02-18
On-Screen Dance Moms Drama Explodes Into Real Life $5 Million Lawsuit image
With all due respect to Keeping Up With The Kardashians and The Bachelor, I’m not sure there’s a single reality program airing today more stuffed with cringe-worthy drama than Dance Moms. From screaming matches to passive aggressive weight comments to colossal overreactions to dancing competitions, the stars have never met a situation they’re unwilling to overreact to
Mack Rawden 2014-02-14
Drop Dead Diva Cancelled Again, Season 6 Will Be Its Last image
Lifetime has cancelled Drop Dead Diva again. But there's a bright side to the situation this time around, as news of the cancellation comes ahead of the sixth season premiere, as opposed to after the season aired. The last time they cancelled the show, fans were left hanging on a pretty major cliffhanger. Hopefully that won't be the case for Season 6.
Kelly West 2014-02-13
Flowers In the Attic's Ellen Burstyn And Heather Graham To Return For Petals On the Wind image
With more than six million viewers turning in for Lifetime's broadcast of the small screen adaptation of V.C. Andrews' Flowers in the Attic, a sequel seems inevitable. In fact, the network announced that they were developing the followup for the story, based on Andrews' novel Petals on the Wind,
Kelly West 2014-01-29
Flowers In The Attic TV Movie Earns Big Ratings For Lifetime image
V.C. Andrews' Flowers in the Attic has a lot of fans, as evidenced by the viewers that turned out to watch the small screen adaptation of the dark and dramatic novel. The numbers are in and Lifetime's broadcast of Flowers in the Attic last Saturday night brought in 6.1 million total viewers.
Kelly West 2014-01-21
Flowers In The Attic: What Fans Should Expect From Lifetime's TV Movie image
Those who read V.C. Andrews’ Flowers in the Attic at some point in the last few decades are likely looking forward to this weekend when Lifetime airs the small screen adaptation of the novel about four kids locked away for years by their own mother. It’s a dark, twisted and emotional story involving abuse, neglect and more incest than you might expect from your typical work of fiction.
Kelly West 2014-01-13
Flowers In The Attic Sequel Based On 'Petals On The Wind' In Development At Lifetime image
A little more than a week ahead of the debut of Lifetime’s TV movie adaptation of Flowers in the Attic comes word that the network is developing a sequel, which will be based on V.C. Andrews’ follow-up novel Petals on the Wind. But from what the screenwriter said about the project, it sounds like they’ve already set at least one major change to the story.
Kelly West 2014-01-09
Flowers In The Attic Gets A Festive Grandmother Meme, Trailer And Photos  image
Coming to Lifetime is a matter of weeks is a new adaptation of V.C. Andrews’ novel Flowers in the Attic. In an effort to spread some Christmas discomfort and remind fans that the Grandmother is on the way, Lifetime shared the above image on their Facebook page last night, which shows Ellen Burstyn looking less than jolly as the Grandmother.
Kelly West 2013-12-26
Bonnie & Clyde Is Headed Onto Blu-ray And DVD Next Month image
The gun-toting protagonists in Bonnie & Clyde managed to intrigue over 9.8 million viewers when the miniseries premiered across three networks on Sunday night. It’s unusual for a miniseries to announce a Blu-ray and DVD release before the project has finished its run, but Sony Pictures Home Entertainment is capitalizing on the current popularity of the TV event.
Jessica Rawden 2013-12-09
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