Mad Men Season 6 Will Hit Blu-ray And DVD In November image
It’s still August, and with the summer heat still bearing down on many of us across the country, it seems a little early to be thinking about Mad Men. AMC’s critically acclaimed series isn’t expected to return for its seventh and final season until 2014, but as it turns out, fans will be able to catch up on Season 6 episodes much sooner. Mad Men: Season 6 will hit Blu-ray, DVD, and digital download on November 5, 2013.
Jessica Rawden 2013-08-19
How Mad Men Season 6 Was Secretly About Vietnam image
On a show as dense as Mad Men, you sometimes don't know what you're looking at until weeks after you've seen it-- though that won't stop the Internet from figuring it out. Parsing the meaning of certain clothing choices, camera angles and character developments is a weekly game any time that Mad Men is on the air
Katey Rich 2013-06-25
Hershey's Reacts To The Brand's Big Moment In Mad Men's Season Finale image
Chocolate enthusiasts may already be aware that Hershey's chocolate has a faintly sour aftertaste. In fact, that flavor distinguishes the American-made chocolate from many of its European competitors. While Hershey's chocolate may mix sweet and a little bit of sour for a distinctly delicious taste, the memory of its flavor is bittersweet for Don Draper, whose honest and uncharacteristically candid recollection of his early Hershey's memories weren't quite as appealing to the fictional Hershey's reps featured in the Mad Men season finale as they were to the actual brand...
Kelly West 2013-06-25
Mad Men Watch: Season 6, Episode 13 - In Care Of image
Mad Men closes out its excellent sixth season with a real game changer for the show at almost every turn you can imagine. We have to start with Don, who ultimately is forced into temporary exile after a season of absenteeism with the company, and life in general, forces the other partners to play their hand. And just when things were starting to look up for the guy.
Zac Oldenburg 2013-06-24
Last Night's Mad Men Summed Up In A Single Vine Video image
I had a hard time swallowing the idea that Bob really did have it bad for Pete, but it's hard to imagine any other reason that a careful social-climber would campaign for such a risky job. He wanted to get closer to Pete-- and, OK, get a major promotion in the process. And because Pete has proven in the past that he's a pretty lousy blackmailer, Bob's going to get it
Katey Rich 2013-06-17
Mad Men Watch: Season 6, Episode 12 - The Quality Of Mercy image
Where to start, Don Draper 2.0, the maiming of Ken Cosgrove, the triumphant return of Glen? These are all trumped by the second really bad week in a row for Don who last week lost his daughter and now might have lost the only other woman in his life that matters.
Zac Oldenburg 2013-06-17
Mad Men Watch: Season 6, Episode 11 - Favors image
The aptly titled episode of Mad Men spreads the wealth to many of the ensemble before bringing it all back around right on top of Don. Away from the impending bomb in Don's life, Pete's stack has yet to blow and maybe that joint at the end of last week took a bit of the edge off. Bob's recommended nurse, Manolo, is a big hit with Mrs. Campbell...
Zac Oldenburg 2013-06-10
Mad Men Watch: Season 6, Episode 10 - A Tale of Two Cities image
This week's episode of Mad Men is all about tension boiling over, but I am left the most intrigued by the one who still hasn't quite done so yet. Pete Campbell has been the secret lead this season when it comes to the office of SC&P (we got a name!) in that there has been a lot of moving and shaking for all, and Pete is the one on the most unstable ground.
Zac Oldenburg 2013-06-03
Mad Men Watch: Season 6, Episode 9 - The Better Half image
Mad Men lights an old flame, extinguishes another and can't quite ignite a couple others. The extinguished flame this week is unfortunately that between Abe and Peggy who just don't seem to gel as well anymore, especially in their hell hole of a neighborhood. Abe is stabbed by either a black, a Puerto Rican or white guy on the subway, but it's when he gets stabbed by Peggy, on accident, that he finally gets the guts to call things off.
Zac Oldenburg 2013-05-27
Mad Men Watch: Season 6, Episode 8 - The Crash image
WTF? That is the number one feeling Mad Men has going through my head right now, but I like it. Seriously, what the fuck was that episode. The show has been known to pull some some of themed episodes from time to time and this might just be their drug trip entry. We might have gotten a taste of this before with Roger and his LSD trip, but we are thrown headfirst into this trip through the eyes of Don, Stan and a few other “enhanced” members of Sterling Cooper Draper Whatever It's Called.
Zac Oldenburg 2013-05-20
Mad Men Watch: Season 6, Episode 7 - Man With A Plan image
SCDP and CGC have become... well they don't have a name yet, and the merger sees heads rolling and rivalries heating up in a hurry. Don and Ted have always been rivals, even if it is a bit one sided from Chaugh's side, but now that they are in the same office they have to find new ways to find out who's dick is bigger; metaphorically, obviously.
Zac Oldenburg 2013-05-13
Mad Men Watch: Season 6, Episode 6 - For Immediate Release image
Mad Men delivers an all-timer with “For Immediate Release” whose ending is a wonderful call back to the title of this episode as the revolving door of incidents leads to a completely unexpected conclusion.
Zac Oldenburg 2013-05-06
Mad Men Watch: Season 6, Episode 5 - The Flood image
The death of MLK Jr. brings out a lot of interesting emotions this week in our cast of characters and none of them are really as expected. While everyone gets dolled up for the Ad Club of New York awards, with a special speech by Paul Newman, news of Martin Luther King’s death begins to spread across the city creating emotions at every turn.
Zac Oldenburg 2013-04-29
Mad Men Watch: Season 6, Episode 4 - To Have And To Hold image
A great, great episode of Mad Men this week has become the benchmark for the season going forward. The fourth hour of Mad Men this season was one of its largest ensembles to date and it doesn't waste a minute with any of them. Besides being hilarious and rather plot driven, the episode is a real stand out because it lets us into so many characters' lives.
Zac Oldenburg 2013-04-22
Mad Men Watch: Season 6, Episode 3 - The Collaborators image
Getting caught seems to be a running theme this week on Mad Men and our characters handle that pressure quite differently. Don seems at quite the loss with his feelings this week as he is having trouble putting up his public persona against where his feelings truly lay. As we dive deeper into his ongoing affair with his friend and neighbor Sylvia Rosen, Don is reminded of his time living in a rooming house that happens to rent out one of its rooms to a lady of the night.
Zac Oldenburg 2013-04-15
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