The Originals Episode 16 Preview: Stake Fights And Cemeteries  image
If you caught the above preview, you probably noticed that The CW gave us a little more information than usual related to next week’s episode, which ended on a cliffhanger in a graveyard. The above preview looks at what seems to be the very beginning of next week’s episode.
Jessica Rawden 2014-03-05
The Vampire Diaries, Arrow And Other CW Season Finale Dates Set, Labyrinth To Premiere In May image
The CW's gearing up for the big finish for their current season, and in addition to announcing the season finale dates for shows like The Vampire Diaries, Arrow, Supernatural and Star-Crossed, they've also set a premiere date for their airing of the miniseries Labyrinth, which is set to air over two nights, starting May 22.
Kelly West 2014-02-26
Arrow, The Vampire Diaries And 3 More CW Series Renewed For 2014-2015 image
The CW has passed along some good news for some of their current series, including freshman dramas The Originals and Reign. Both were among the series given early renewals ahead of this Spring's up fronts. Arrow, Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries also made the cut.
Kelly West 2014-02-13
The Originals Episode 14 Preview: Klaus And Rebekah Are Tortured image
Welcome to the world of The Originals, a series set in New Orleans that offers enough storylines going on at once to make any viewer’s head spin. It’s a good sort of spin, though, and this week fans were treated to a ton of curveballs as the war for The Big Easy heated up. Now, we have a look at the next big episode, and we know for a fact that “It’s a Long Way Back From Hell.”
Jessica Rawden 2014-02-12
Originals Episode 13 Preview: The Witches Declare War image
One of the ways the witches want to take control is by rending apart that Mikkelsen family unity I only just spoke about. Celeste has proven to be a powerful manipulator thus far, getting Papa Tunde and many of the New Orleans witches to do her dirty work for her. However, she looks as if she is barking up the wrong tree in next week’s preview, attempting to coax Elijah into opposing his brother.
Jessica Rawden 2014-01-29
The Originals Episode 12 Preview: Dark Magic And Even Darker Plans image
The Originals presented its most horrifying episode yet on Tuesday, playing out the witches drama to an untimely end. Poor Davina has been manipulated by most of the people in her life this season. She has switched back and forth between being a victim of circumstance, and a manic, angry teenaged witch; however, that changed on Tuesday
Jessica Rawden 2014-01-22
The Originals Episode 11 Preview: Davina And A Rage Spiral image
Welcome back to the world of The Originals. The CW’s new supernatural drama has so far been filled with action, quick-witted dialogue and colorful characters, and during its midseason return, The Originals was bolder than ever, introducing us to numerous betrayals and ending with a surprise death.
Jessica Rawden 2014-01-15
Star-Crossed And The 100 Premiere Dates Set On The CW's 2014 Midseason Schedule image
When it comes to new dramas, the CW held a couple back at the start of the 2013-2014 season. Sci-fi dramas The 100 and Star-Crossed were both reserved for midseason, and you’ll see them among the shows scheduled to air this winter. While alien-Romeo & Juliet drama Star-Crossed will arrive in February, The 100-Games is set for a March debut to air behind Arrow.
Kelly West 2013-12-12
The Originals Episode 10 Preview: The Rise Of Davina Will Happen After Winter Hiatus image
According to the latest preview for Episode 10, otherwise known as “The Casket Girls,” The Originals won’t pop back onto the schedule until mid-January. That’s some bad news for fans, but on the bright side, this past episode was fairly explosive, leaving us with plenty to think about.
Jessica Rawden 2013-12-05
The Originals Episode 9 Preview: Reigning Pain In New Orleans  image
While I thought the war in The Originals would likely take us through Season 1, the writers seem to have other ideas in the works. At least, that’s how it looks in the preview for next week’s episode 9, “Reigning Pain in New Orleans.”
Jessica Rawden 2013-11-27
The Originals Episode 8 Preview: Sides Must Be Chosen image
It’s been over two weeks since we caught a new episode of TV’s best new spinoff series. Thus far, The Originals has offered fans an entertaining drama about life in New Orleans, amping up the plot with a coven of witches, a werewolf-vampire hybrid baby, and a set of Original vampires.
Jessica Rawden 2013-11-26
The Originals, Reign And The Tomorrow People Picked Up For Full First Seasons image
It looks like CW’s aiming to stay the course with their new dramas. The network announced today that they’ve given full season orders for all three freshmen drama series The Originals, The Tomorrow People and Reign. These are three of five new series CW is introducing this season, with two more lined up to join the network during Midseason.
Kelly West 2013-11-11
The Originals Episode 7 Preview: Bloodletting Teases More Hayley image
If I’ve had a complaint about the CW’s The Originals, it’s that mom-to-be Hayley has been kept in the background for most of the first six episodes of the drama. Sure, she’s been given her own plotlines, but they’ve been the b-plotlines. Hayley was finally put in the spotlight this week, and if the preview for next week’s “Bloodletting” is any indication, she’ll have an even larger role moving forward.
Jessica Rawden 2013-11-06
Originals Episode 5 Preview: Sinners And Saints Teases Davina's Past image
Over the past few episodes, Klaus’ plan to re-take over New Orleans seemed to be chugging along. Then Davina stepped in, however, and Elijah was forced to remain inside his coffin. This week, things seemed to be looking up as Davina woke Elijah and toyed with him, while Klaus worked some tricks to get the little witchy woman on his side. The intrigue definitely isn’t over yet, though
Jessica Rawden 2013-10-23
The Originals Episode 4 Preview: Girl In New Orleans Teases A Hard Fight image
The fourth episode of The Originals is set to hit the CW next week, and it seems that Klaus is finally ready to exact his revenge on former prodigy Marcel in an attempt to take back New Orleans. When we last left off, the feisty Davina still had her talons around Elijah, who is still stuck in a box. Klaus is ready to exact his revenge and maybe save his brother in the process, but as he notes in the new preview for next week’s episode, “Sadly, I’ve run out of time to play nice.”
Jessica Rawden 2013-10-16
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