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Weekend Download Recommendations: Green Onions, Dirty Deeds And Black Betty image
I always picture Wily E Coyote with an overly confident grin listening to “Misty Mountain Hop” while concocting a giant slingshot to catch roadrunner. I always picture Wilt Chamberlain in a bizarrely colored suit listening to “Black Dog” while bedding several eights one after the other in some creepy VIP room. And I always picture Led Zeppelin themselves in some sort of tour montage climbing the stairs to get on a plane in some strange city with hundred dollar bills hanging out of one pocket, flasks filled with expensive liquor hanging out of the other
Mack Rawden 2011-08-08
Weekend Download Recommendations: Mars Volta, Kid Cudi, Moody Blues And Kay Kay's Weathered Underground image
For how subjective experiencing the moon and stars for each person is, there’s still one unifying similarity that always brings most of us together. Music is the bounding element to our lives, and as day turns to night, our close relationship with songs, albums, and music videos is inseparable.
Joseph Giannone 2011-07-31
Weekend Download Recommendations: Green Muppets, Green Albums And Islander Goal Celebrations  image
I’m kind of over theme. In true slacker inspiration, I’ll just bitch about how hard it is to get married to a topic. A lot of times themes are totally regrettable, like the time when a storyteller at my local public library tried to do a goat theme. Once you get past Billy Goats Gruff and some other stupid counting books, there’s just facts. How exciting are goat facts?
Jessica Grabert 2011-07-24
Weekend Download Recommendations: Wonka, Wild Covers And Working It Out image
In eighth grade, I loved really loved arena rock songs like the aforementioned “Taking Care Of Business” and Lynyrd Skynyrd's “Sweet Home Alabama”. Then, at some point, I got too cool for school and started listening to the Velvet Underground and John Lennon's angry early solo records. I still listen to Lou Reed talk about “Heroin” as his wife and Lennon scream about bullshit gurus in “I Found Out”, but after high school, I actually fell in love with sappy rock all over again
Mack Rawden 2011-07-18
Weekend Download Recommendations: Casey Anthony Inspires Wu-Tang Clan, Beatles, Black Keys, And More image
Delving into astrology and the enlightenment we can achieve from Jupiter and Mars aligning, they sang about some fairly wacked out stuff, but damnit do I love this song. Nothing speaks inner happiness and peace like “Let the Sunshine In.”
Joseph Giannone 2011-07-10
Weekend Download Recommendations: Peas, Petty, Ween, Radiohead And More image
Amongst our own writers here at Pop Blend, we can’t even got on the same page, but with so much music being released at any given time, it’s still worthwhile knowing what others are listening to. At least that’s the theory behind our all-new column Weekend Download Recommendations. Every Sunday, one of our writers will give you three albums, three singles and a music video they’ve been listening to. Love it, hate it, think it’s okay, at least you’ll be aware of its existence
Jessica Grabert 2011-07-03
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