Portal 2 Clues In Portal Update? image
Today Portal received an update through Steam. Rather than fixing bugs, though, it adds some mysterious new content.
Pete Haas 2010-03-01
Portal Designer Leaves Valve image
If Valve ends up making a sequel to Portal, they'll have to do it without the game's lead designer. Kim Swift left the company recently to join Airtight Games.
Pete Haas 2009-12-07
Orange Box 66% Off On Steam image
The Orange Box was already a ridiculous bargain but it's even more so this weekend. From Friday until Sunday, it's 66% cheaper.
Pete Haas 2009-04-24
Portal Price Halved image
Somehow, someway, one of you out there hasn't played Portal yet. Well guess what, Valve's making it easy for you. The game is on sale for half price for Labor Day weekend. Now you'll be able to make "the cake is a lie" comments on articles like all the other cool kids!
Pete Haas 2008-08-30
Rock Band Gets Portal Tune image
Portal's highly quotable protagonist, GLaDOS, is coming to Rock Band. The end credits song performed by the rogue A.I., "Still Alive" will be a downloadable for free in April. If you haven't played Portal yet, I'm not sure how much you'd enjoy performing "Still Alive."
Pete Haas 2008-03-31
Valve Peels The Orange Box, Slices Sold Separately image
After selling tons of content in their Orange Box compilation, Valve is splitting the titles up to be sold separately. Team Fortress 2, Portal, and the Half-Life 2 episodes will be available for individual purchase on April 9.
Austin Light 2008-03-14
Portal's Still Alive In Rock Band image
We’re all well aware that “Still Alive” from Portal will be released as a Rock Band download in the near future. The sooner the better is my thought on the issue, but Harmonix has only been working on the song for a few weeks. But Valve knows how to market their product, and satisfy fans, so they’ve pushed to license the song.
Steve West 2008-02-25
Portal 2 Is Pseudo Confirmed image
Kimberly Swift, lead designer on Portal, has let it slip that there is a Portal 2 in the works. This isn’t an official announcement, and considering that Valve’s Doug Lombardi has stated they are looking at that world and what could happen next we’re not surprised to learn that something is in the works.
Steve West 2008-02-22
GDC 08: Portal Takes Top Honors At Choice Awards image
It looks like Call of Duty 4 couldn’t quite beat out Valve’s brilliantly designed Portal at the 8th annual Game Developers Choice Awards. The first person puzzler took home top honors as Game of the Year, along with wins in Best Gamed Design and Innovation.
Steve West 2008-02-21
GlaDOS Protests Scientology With Anonymous image
Yesterday a group calling themselves “Anonymous” held their second anti-Scientology protest in response to the Youtube video of Tom Cruise discussing his barking-mad religion being pulled by the Church of Scientology. Not much is known about the group as they have refused to identify themselves on all counts and were instructed to obscure their identities by a familiar voice, GlaDOS.
Tim Beringer 2008-02-11
Call Of Duty 4 Wins An Award image
BioShock may have nabbed 11 nominations and 5 wins at the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences’ 11th Annual Interactive Achievement Awards, but it was Call of Duty 4 that took the top honors. The awards were presented at the event in Las Vegas right along with the D.I.C.E. summit.
Steve West 2008-02-08
Individual Orange Box Games Offered In Stores Soon image
PC gamers who didn't purchase the Orange Box will have a chance to buy the new individual titles from the bundle - Portal, Half Life 2: Episode Two and Team Fortress 2 - in retail stores by the end of March. The idea of someone not owning Orange Box yet if they have a PC capable of running it (or an Xbox 360 or PS3) boggles my mind, but there's at least a few of you out there and here's a chance to repent.
Pete Haas 2008-02-03
Best Of 2007: Blend Games Top 5 Developers Of 2007 image
Hot damn, the new year is already upon us. This means we’ll be playing the full version of Burnout Paradise pretty soon. And yes, Nero and Dante will showcase exactly what Xbox diehards have been missing out on. Everything we play has to be made by someone, and as part of our “looking into the past with love and longing” series throughout January we decided to name the Top 5 Video Game Developers Of 2007.
Blend Games Staff 2008-01-06
Best Of 2007: Top Ten Games Of The Year - Part II image
Working as a writer of something you love, a task that is the sole reason to dedicate yourself to the craft, is a rewarding experience. Nights are spent in front of a glowing screen, words spilling out with excitement, and the satisfaction that at some point in those thousands of half-witted comments there’s a true gem. A critic, or “journo” as some like to call themselves, places himself at odds with the task of writing.
Blend Games 2008-01-01
Best Of 2007: Top Five Video Game Characters - Part II image
at you’ll find below is the top three characters on our list. As the New Year starts, it’s nice to look into the past to see what moved us the most. This list was compiled using the latest technology in beer pouring and slurred speech. Two broken bottles, one crushed coffee table and a small kitchen fire later we have something to be proud of.
Blend Games 2007-12-31
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