MGS4 Modded PS3 Crushes Your Pathetic Console image
My own PS3 is a regular old 80GB model that came packed with Metal Gear Solid IV. I used my covetous eyes to look at the gun metal gray special edition, but alas was unable to procure one. But Iím happy with my system, at least until today. Coming across the Morpheon Mods take on a MGS4 PS3 is enough to make any fan of the series weep with desire.
Steve West 2008-10-22
NES Controller Coffee Table image
I keep running into projects and ideas that I wish Iíd thought of. Last week it was the pixilated gaming cutting boards, and this week itís a giant Nintendo Controller Coffee Table. Sure, we just picked up a new coffee table (furniture seems to rule my life this month).
Steve West 2008-05-11
Iced Out Brawl Wii image
When youíre walking around the mall and you come across Sworovski crystal, Iím sure you have the same thought I do. It sure would be cool to put thousands of those crystals on my Wii to make a Super Smash Bros Brawl system to end all other systems.
Steve West 2008-03-16
CB Tube: Vocal Thumping Rock Band image
With all the potential of the Internet, from YouTube to Crackle to all the things in between, who needs television? With that in mind, we present CB Tube, a weekly random selection of whatever appeals to us online. We select, you watch, just like real TV, but we make no promises about entertainment valueÖ just like real TV.
Steve West 2008-03-04
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