Universal Parks Unleashing Giant Freakin' Robots With Transformers Ride image
In recent years Universal Studios theme parks have made great strides to compete with Disney’s Imagineers. While many people maintain that Disney World and Disney Land are just for kids, or not cool enough for the adult crowd, attendance numbers have shown a different story. Now Universal is in the process of putting in a Harry Potter section of its Orlando park. This will be followed up by a Transformers themed ride in the Hollywood and Singapore parks.
Steve West 2008-10-21
Blockbuster To Offer DS Games For Rent, New PS3 Bundle On Sale image
Blockbuster may not be interested in digital distribution, but they are starting to see the potential for the gaming market. Years ago they started an initiative for those renting games on a consistent basis, and since then the chain has expanded its video game support.
Steve West 2008-05-04
Transformers Zippos Light Japan On Fire image
I’ve been seeing the ads for years that tell us how bad smoking can be. You could lose your leg, destroy your lungs…sing like a cowboy with an awesome robotic drawl. All horrible fates. And so I no longer smoke, because I believed the hype.
Steve West 2008-03-16
Transformers: The Ride? image
Paramount and Hasbro may be developing a Transformers based amusement park ride. This wouldn’t be a roller coaster or a flight simulator, but (following the theme of “more than meets the eye”), a dark ride. For those who have made the journey to major theme parks, think The Indiana Jones Adventure at Disneyland, or Dinosaur at Walt Disney World
Rafe Telsch 2008-01-26
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