Awake's Jason Isaacs To Star In CBS Drama Surgeon General image
Among the more promising high-concept dramas to air last year was Kyle Killen's Awake. Unfortunately, the series failed to earn strong ratings and NBC cancelled it, leaving star Jason Isaacs available to pursue other TV projects. NBC's loss may be CBS' gain as Isaacs has signed on to star in a drama pilot for the network.
Kelly West 2013-02-14
Awake Series Finale Preview: Turtles All The Way Down image
As you may have heard already, NBC has pulled the plug on their freshman drama series Awake. Or rather, the proverbial plug will more officially be pulled after tomorrow night's finale airs. With no pick-up for next season, tomorrow night's episode will close the book on the story, for better or worse, which is disappointing, considering it was one of the network's more promising new series this season.
Kelly West 2012-05-23
NBC Cancels Bent, Awake And Two More image
Today we learned that Parks and Recreations and Up All Night were renewed, and last night there was good news for Community. But it's not all good news for NBC. The ax fell for a number of the network's struggling freshman series, some more deserving of a second chance than others. Unfortunately, these ones won't be getting them.
Kelly West 2012-05-11
Idol Owns Thursday Night In The Ratings, Awake Falters Further image
Awake only earned a .7 rating among viewers in the 18-49 demographic. Despite all of my hopes otherwise, the show clearly looks as if it is going to get cancelled and Iím guess some of the staunch viewers the drama did have are now giving up because of the likely cancellation.
Jessica Grabert 2012-05-04
NBC Moves Community Finale Up A Week, Bumps Awake Finale Out Of Sweeps image
Fans of Community had better cancel any plans for the night of May 17th. NBC has moved up the season finale of the series to that date, which means 90 minutes of Community all airing in one evening. The move puts the finale within May sweeps, which is interesting for a series that has been facing cancellation rumors.
Leslie Kasperowicz 2012-04-28
Save This Show: Why Awake Deserves More Than A Rookie Run image
Awake is an ambitious enterprise; it is a cop drama and a psychological character study, a family drama and a bit of a mystery. Because it is so many things in one package, it can be hard to categorize and difficult to jump in mid-story. In recent weeks, Awake has been faltering in the stacked nighttime slot on Thursday nights, but I think this has more to do with complication than quality. As a freshman drama, Awake needs the chance to fully flesh out and deserves a second round to really prove it can punch.
Jessica Grabert 2012-04-25
Save These Shows: 5 Struggling Series That Shouldn't Be Cancelled image
Here at Cinema Blend, some of our writers consume quite a bit of TV every week. So, we asked them, if you could save one single program in danger of being cut, which one would it be? Not surprisingly, we received five very passionate and very different answers. This week, weíre going to allow each one to present his or her case to the network heads and to their fellow fans as to why it would be an absolute travesty if their choice was given its walking papers. Below, youíll find a short preview of what to expect.
CB Staff 2012-04-23
Awake Ratings Wake Up NBC's Late Thursday Night Time Slot image
The Thursday night at 10:00 p.m. time-slot hasnít exactly been a winner for NBC this season, with both The Firm and Prime Suspect delivering unimpressive ratings there. NBCís promising new series Awake debuted in the spot last night, and fortunately, it already looks like itís managed to top the previous two dramas.
Kelly West 2012-03-02
Awake Review: NBC's Intriguing New Drama Premieres Thursday Night image
Of all of the pilots Iíd seen going in to the 2011-2012 TV season, Awake was high on my list of most anticipated dramas. After screening the pilot at Comic-Con in San Diego last year, I wondered if the episodes that followed could possibly live up to the potential of the premise, or if the plot would quickly unravel as the two different realities became tangled together, resulting in a big, complicated mess of story.
Kelly West 2012-02-29
Awake Series Premiere: Watch The Full First Episode Of NBC's New Drama Here image
Weíre just weeks away from the official premiere of NBCís promising new drama series Awake. Fortunately, for those not averse to watch TV on their computers (and presumably, who are in the right region), NBC has been generous enough to put the pilot episode online. Watch it right here!
Kelly West 2012-02-16
NBC Sets Premiere Date For Awake, Shifts The Firm To Saturdays image
Thereís good news, even better news, and bad news. The good news is, NBC has set a premiere date for their new series Awake. The even better news is that we have less than a month to wait. The bad news is, this is at the expense of NBCís The Firm, which is being shifted to a time-slot worse than Friday night.
Kelly West 2012-02-03
Alias' Kevin Weisman To Join NBC's Awake image
Having screened the pilot episode of Awake already, I donít need any incentive to tune in whenever it is NBC is able to get it on the air. However, the addition of Aliasí Kevin Weisman as a recurring character certainly does sweeten the pot.
Kelly West 2012-01-26
Awake Preview: NBC's New Drama Starring Jason Isaacs image
One of NBCís most promising-looking new series, which unfortunately, has yet to receive a premiere date, is Awake. The network released a new preview for the drama, likely in the hopes to remind people that itís coming... eventually.
Kelly West 2012-01-10
NBC's Awake Halts Production As Writers Scramble To Complete Story Arc image
Hereís the problem. Itís hunky dory now if writers need a little time to figure out the direction of the show or work on characters. However, they should have understood how much work Awake would be going in. Once the season starts, if there are episodes left to write and the writers canít hack it, the quality of the programming will likely falter. That makes me a little nervous for Awake.
Jessica Grabert 2011-10-26
Comic-Con 2011 Review: NBC's Awake Starring Jason Isaacs image
NBC featured a screening of their upcoming new drama Awake, set to premiere Midseason 2012, after which series star Jason Isaacs, and executive producers Howard Gordon and Kyle Killen answered questions about the pilot.
Kelly West 2011-07-22
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