5 Reality Show Personalities That Had To Leave Their Seasons For Medical Reasons image
Letís take a look at some of the reality show participants over the years whoíve had to check out of their series because medical issues got in the way.
Adrienne Jones 2016-04-28
Fox 2014-2015 Schedule Moves Brooklyn Nine-Nine To Sunday, Sets Gotham On Monday image
Fox announced their 2014-2015 schedule this morning, and in addition to adding some of their anticipated new series -- Gotham included -- the network has made a few notable changes to their primetime line-up, including moving one of their popular live-action comedies to Sunday night and putting a new hour-long series on Tuesday, ahead of their New Girl/Mindy Project comedy block.
Kelly West 2014-05-12
Junior Masterchef Gets A Series Order At Fox, Renewals For Masterchef And Hell's Kitchen image
You know what Fox needs? Another Gordon Ramsay cooking show! Ok, not really, but it's getting one, and this one actually sounds like it could be good. The title should clue you in to what this show is all about. Junior Masterchef is a new culinary competition series that has cooking enthusiasts between the ages of eight and thirteen attempting to show off their skills in the kitchen. News of this series order comes with word that Masterchef has been renewed for two more seasons.
Kelly West 2013-05-10
Hell's Kitchen Premiere Beats Out The Taste's Finale image
Hellís Kitchen won the night with a 2.2 rating, which is ironically the exact same rating The Taste earned with its Tuesday premiere. Unfortunately, in its finale, The Taste dropped all the way to a 1.1 rating. This is what happens when you eliminate three people an episode, ABC.
Jessica Rawden 2013-03-13
Fox Renews Masterchef For Season 4 image
Whether it's because the format has grown stale, or perhaps because I prefer the contestants on Masterchef much more than the ones on Hell's Kitchen this season, I've found myself anticipating each new episode of Masterchef much more than I have Gordon Ramsay's other cooking competition series this summer. While Hell's Kitchen puts people from various culinary backgrounds against one another in different cooking challenges, as well as the task of completing dinner service, Masterchef features amateur culinary enthusiasts...
Kelly West 2012-07-23
Hell's Kitchen Season 10 Preview: If You Can't Stand The Heat... Get Out! image
Believe it or not, Hell's Kitchen kicks off its tenth season this Monday night. Once again, a group of people from varying culinary backgrounds will be split by gender and teamed up to compete against one another in an effort to win favor with celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay. Fox released a super-teaser for Season 10, which gives us a glimpse of all of the drama that awaits these contestants as they head into the kitchen.
Kelly West 2012-06-01
Hell's Kitchen Renewed By Fox For Two More Seasons image
Summer at Fox has become Gordon Ramsay territory. In addition to the tenth season of cooking competition series Hellís Kitchen this summer, the culinary celebrity also has Season 3 of Masterchef, and the premiere of Hotel Hell.
Kelly West 2012-04-12
Ramsay Shares Cooking Tips In Honor Of Hell's Kitchen's 100th Episode image
Gordon Ramsay has cause to celebrate as his popular culinary competition series Hellís Kitchen is hitting the 100th episode mark. In honor of the milestone, fans will get to see a special episode this Wednesday and Ramsayís sharing some kitchen tips, which we have here.
Kelly West 2010-10-11
Master Chef Watch: Good Food Television image
The problem with nearly every show that isnít Top Chef or No Reservations is that the food is lost in the spectacle of the Ramsay yelling or silly contrived challenges.
Steve West 2010-07-28
Hell's Kitchen Reaction: Bring On The Fires Of Mediocrity image
Here we go again, Hellís Kitchen fans. Time to figure out how these chosen contestants can claim to be cooks, or even more unfathomable, chefs. The season premiere of Hellís Kitchen felt as if it were made
Steve West 2010-06-01
This Week In Television: 5.10-5.16 image
The world of television is ever changing. Mostly having to do with reality stars and their ďwill they, wonít theyĒ contract signing drama. But thereís a lot going on each week in TV, and not all of itís good.
Steve West 2010-05-17
Fox's 2010 Fall TV Schedule image
Fox released their Fall 2010 TV lineup, as well as some exciting news about Glee that fans will definitely want to know about! Read on for the schedule, which introduces some new series to the network.
Kelly West 2010-05-17
Hell's Kitchen Recap: 9 Chefs Compete image
This week the challenge is the taste test, which for me is like the Hellís Kitchen version of Restaurant Wars in Top Chef. Except without all of the baggage of actual talent or a developed palette.
Steve West 2009-09-02
TV Recap: Hell's Kitchen - 12 Contestants Compete image
How bad has Hellís Kitchen gotten this season? Sitting down to recap last nightís train wreck I actually fell asleep from lack of caring.
Steve West 2009-08-26
TV Recap: Hell's Kitchen - 11 Chef's Compete image
Iím starting to have trouble with Hellís Kitchen. Where I once relished chef Ramsayís vitriolic diatribes against the incompetent contestants I now just endure these moments.
Steve West 2009-08-18
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