Hell's Kitchen Season 10 Preview: If You Can't Stand The Heat... Get Out! image
Believe it or not, Hell's Kitchen kicks off its tenth season this Monday night. Once again, a group of people from varying culinary backgrounds will be split by gender and teamed up to compete against one another in an effort to win favor with celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay. Fox released a super-teaser for Season 10, which gives us a glimpse of all of the drama that awaits these contestants as they head into the kitchen.
Kelly West 2012-06-01
Fox Teases The Summer Of Gordon With Hotel Hell, Hell's Kitchen And Masterchef Video image
One glance at Fox's 2012 Summer TV schedule and it's not difficult to see why the network might call the approaching season "The Summer of Gordon." British chef, restaurateur and culinary celebrity Gordon Ramsay is set to star in three unscripted series on the network this summer. The latest teaser released by Fox showcases all three shows, two of which return next month.
Kelly West 2012-04-23
Hell's Kitchen Renewed By Fox For Two More Seasons image
Summer at Fox has become Gordon Ramsay territory. In addition to the tenth season of cooking competition series Hell’s Kitchen this summer, the culinary celebrity also has Season 3 of Masterchef, and the premiere of Hotel Hell.
Kelly West 2012-04-12
Fox Sets Return Dates For So You Think You Can Dance, Hell's Kitchen, And Masterchef image
For me, there’s only one dance competition worth counting down to each year, and it airs on Fox. So You Think You Can Dance is actually one of two reasons I love Fox in the summer. Hell’s Kitchen is the other. Both unscripted series were included on Fox’s 2012 Summer Premiere Date schedule.
Kelly West 2012-03-28
Fox Summer 2011 Schedule: So You Think You Can Dance, Masterchef And Hell's Kitchen Return image
Fox announced their Summer 2011 schedule, which includes the return of some popular unscripted series. While Fox’s summer line-up doesn’t appear to include any new shows, dance and culinary enthusiasts will be happy to see So You Think You Can Dance, Masterchef and Hell’s Kitchen on the schedule.
Kelly West 2011-03-14
2010 Fall TV Premiere Schedule image
We’re at the midway point of August and while that might mean the countdown to cooler weather and the return to school or work has already begun for some, it also means we’re just a few weeks away from the start of the new TV season. Up ahead is the primetime schedule for the Fall 2010 season.
Kelly West 2010-08-15
Hell's Kitchen Preview: Blood, Cake And Raw Chicken image
Anyone think this week might be the Red Team’s week on Hell’s Kitchen? Yeah, me neither but you never know! For those of you looking forward to seeing the remaining contestants get screamed at, we have some clips from this week’s episode of Hell’s Kitchen.
Kelly West 2010-06-26
Hell's Kitchen Preview: Season 7 Premiere image
It’s almost time for a new set of food professionals to face off in Gordon Ramsay’s kitchen to see who can handle the heat. We have info on the seventh season’s contestants as well as some clips and a video interview featuring series star and judge, Gordon Ramsay.
Kelly West 2010-05-11
Robert Hesse Returns To Hell's Kitchen - Videos image
During the fifth season of Hell’s Kitchen, contestant Robert Hesse of Quogue, New York had to leave the show due to heart complications. If you caught last night’s premiere for the sixth season of the cooking-competition reality show, then you already know that Robert has been given a second change.
Kelly West 2009-07-22
Hell's Kitchen Season Six Video Clips image
Towards the end of July, one of the greatest summer series is set to return. I am of course talking about Hell’s Kitchen, the reality show that features a group of aspiring chefs as they attempt to show off their cooking skills
Kelly West 2009-06-30
2009 Summer TV Preview: Hell's Kitchen image
The real entertainment comes from watching Ramsay scream at the cooks as they bustle about the kitchen, trying not to screw anything up. Seriously, if I had a dollar for every time someone was yelled at by Ramsay for overcooking the risotto… I might be able to afford an appetizer at one of Ramsay’s restaurants.
Kelly West 2009-06-23
Fox 2009 Fall TV Premiere Schedule image
Fox posted their fall primetime premiere dates today. The line-up starts with September 12 premieres for Cops and America’s Most Wanted and closes out with a late premiere for Wanda Sykes’ new late night show.
Kelly West 2009-06-15
TV Recap: Hell's Kitchen - Finale image
When Ramsay goes over to Petrozza’s side, instead of yelling at him and saying that his restaurant looks like the inside of an old woman’s purse, he calls it “rustic," as well as “nice and elegant.” Petrozza even has the audacity to call it “a place where the guys can come too,” and Ramsay doesn’t shove the stem of one of his fake flowers through his eyeball. We’ve clearly gone through the looking glass here, people—and I don’t like it.
Kona Gallagher 2008-07-08
Summer TV Has More To Offer Than Reruns image
People say there’s nothing good on TV in the summertime. I say that’s a load of hogwash (yes, I said “hogwash.”) Ok, sure, many of the must-watch series are on hiatus right now. Even Battlestar Galactica, which premiered in April is on break, leaving geeks like me to count down the days to the unknown date when it’ll return with the second half of the final season.
Kelly West 2008-07-04
TV Recap: Hell's Kitchen - The Final Countdown image
Petrozza and Christina meet with the restaurant designers. While Christina has a very straightforward idea of what she wants, Petrozza is like Julia Roberts planning her wedding in Steel Magnolias. While the words “blush” and “bashful” never actually come out of his mouth, the man does go crazy for flowers. He basically wants his tables covered in them.
Kona Gallagher 2008-07-01
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