How Vanessa Hudgens Feels About The Grease: Live Support image
Fox aired a winner of a live musical with Grease: Live. One of the highlights of the show was Vanessa Hudgens in the role of Rizzo. Hudgens was one of the first to be cast, and she stole the show more than a few times in the three-hour special.
Laura Hurley 2016-02-02
High School Musical Offshoot Madison High Gets Pilot Order image
Any of you still reeling about the loss of the High School Musical franchise finally have something to croon about. Disney has decided to move forward with a spinoff following the moody drama teacher Ms Darbus. Alyson Reed will reprise her role. The news had been in the works since late last year, but the network has finally expedited the process. Shooting will begin in March with a hope to launch the new franchise early next year.
Mack Rawden 2011-02-18
MTV Looking To Go Toward Scripted Programming image
MTV has announced they are once again committed to scripted shows. A successful run at reality, and faux reality, shows has helped the network turn from a place for music videos to a viable cable network. Now they’re looking to follow the success of shows like College Humor with even more scripted programming.
Steve West 2009-03-10
High School Musical 4 Coming To Disney Channel In 2010 image
It just won’t stop. Disney has announced that High School Musical 4 is on the way in 2010. After a brief stop in theaters the show is returning to its Disney Channel roots. Too bad not a single original cast member is slated to be back.
Steve West 2009-03-03
The Downside To High School Musical's Big Screen Debut image
I really can’t picture myself sitting in a crowded theater, surrounded by giggly tweens, probably there for their second or third repeat viewing, all set to sing along with Zac and Vanessa. I like HSM, but not so much that I’ll be lining up at the theater to get at it. No, I like my HSM from the comfort of my own couch, in my pajamas where no one can witness me smiling through each song and dance routine.
Kelly West 2008-10-10
2008 Summer TV Preview: High School Musical - Get In The Picture image
This show looks like little more than ABC/Disney’s attempt to cash in a bit more on the HSM ratings. That said, it’s likely that this series will be popular among the High School Musical audience, many of which are probably counting down the days until their favorite fictional high school class sings and dances their way through their senior year on the big screen this fall.
Kelly West 2008-07-20
MTV Gets Musical With The American Mall image
It looks like MTV’s going to try to cash in on the tween market with their own made-for-TV musical. From the people who exec-produced High School Musical, MTV is set to air The American Mall this August.
Kelly West 2008-06-15
ABC Casting For HSM Reality Show image
As if High School Musical 3 (Senior Year) wasn’t enough, Disney-owned ABC has decided to bring the phenomenon to the masses of people who don’t have cable. Yes, there are some out there. Until recently, my family and I only had “farmer-vision”, and there are loads of people still using the airwaves to entertain themselves for free.
Amanda MacArthur 2008-04-25
2008 Kids Choice Awards: No Love For High School Musical? image
Perhaps it's an issue of a made-for-TV movie not really fitting into any of the categories but after reviewing the nominations for this year's Nickelodeon's Kids' Choice Awards, I couldn't help but notice that the hugely popular Disney Channel TV movie, High School Musical 2 didn't get any nominations.
Kelly West 2008-02-07
MTV Developing American Mall Musical image
The upcoming project from the producers of High School Musical will follow an American high school graduate to her next logical destination — the mall. The teen musical American Mall will premiere on MTV next summer, Reuters reports, followed by a quick DVD release.
Mike Moody 2007-12-21
Hudgens Nearly Locked In For HSM 3 image
Rumor has it, Vanessa Hudgens will most definitely be returning to her starring role in the Disney musical series, High School Musical. Normally, this wouldn’t be big news considering the monstrous success of the first two High School Musical films, but after Hudgens’ nude-photo scandal in September, rumors started to circulate that one of the Cheetah Girls might be taking over her role as Gabriella.
Kelly West 2007-11-02
TV Review: High School Musical 2 image
In terms of the story, it’s fairly simple. Gabriella and Troy set out to have a great summer but obviously, things didn’t go as planned. A logical person would say that Troy was right to use the opportunities he had to solidify his future. There is life after high school, after all. But as I watched this movie I remembered my own days in high school and how great it was to be young and virtually care free.
Kelly West 2007-08-18
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