Jimmy Kimmel And Carson Daly Are Going Into Comedy Together image
You've seen him as a multi-faceted host, and now there’s a chance you’ll get to see how well comedian and talk show host Jimmy Kimmel does with a network sitcom, as ABC Studios bought up his untitled pilot script, with penalties owed if they choose not to move forward. And he’s telling a strangely familiar story.
Nick Venable 2014-09-15
Friends Stars Reunite For Sexed-Up Jimmy Kimmel Live Skit image
There was a mini Friends reunion on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, with Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox and Lisa Kudrow reprising their sitcom roles for a bit of Kimmel’s fan fiction.
Nick Venable 2014-08-28
Jimmy Kimmel And Seth Rogen Get Weird In Austin-Based True Detective Parody image
Well, we knew we were in store for many a more True Detective parodies, didn’t we? Considering the vice-like grip on current popular culture the divisive and exciting HBO series was during its brief, 8-week stint, it was inevitable. With characters — and we mean characters — like Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson at the helm, so easy to parody as they are, the Nic Pizzolatto series was ripe for potential parody. So, naturally, Jimmy Kimmel and Seth Rogen decided to take a stab at it.
Alicia Lutes 2014-03-11
Scandal Gets The Telenovela Treatment In Jimmy Kimmel Escandalo Spoof image
Jimmy Kimmel has given ABC's hit series Scandal the slightly-more melodramatic treatment it deserves by turning it into a telenovela. Following the absolutely rabid success of the Shonda Rhimes series — which is currently premiering the world over, gaining and even more ravenous fanbase than before — it makes sense that the perma-viral Jimmy Kimmel Live host would spoof the show's antics. It's just made all-the-more amazing thanks to the cast being involved.
Alicia Lutes 2014-03-07
Jimmy Kimmel: Watch Parents Tell Their Kids They Ate All The Halloween Candy image
As a young child, it’s very difficult to earn things on your own. Before report cards and before soccer games, pretty much everything little kids receive is simply given to them. There’s no effort required, which is part of the reason why Halloween candy can be so treasured. Beyond its delicousness and its sugar-related properties, it’s something little kids actually do for themselves.
Mack Rawden 2013-11-06
Jimmy Kimmel Crushes In The Ratings While Dealing With Kanye West Feud image
Kanye West showed up on the set of Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night to talk about his short-lived feud with the late night host. Apparently, people were interested in what the rapper had to say, because Kimmel crushed in the late night ratings on Wednesday, at least where the advertising demographic is concerned, bringing in a dominant 1.2 rating in the 18-49 demo.
Jessica Rawden 2013-10-10
Watch These Jimmy Kimmel Fans Surprise Their Wives With Terrible Valentine's Day Gifts image
Jimmy Kimmel is a big fan of viewer participation. He frequently has his producers conduct interviews on Hollywood Boulevard, and now and again, he even directly asks viewers to send in videos on a specific topic to his YouTube channel. Earlier this month, he sent out a notice asking men to give their wives fake Valentine’s Day gifts and tape their reactions.
Mack Rawden 2013-02-19
Jimmy Kimmel Live Kicks Off New Timeslot With Competitive Ratings image
Tuesday night was a big night for Jimmy Kimmel Live, which moved into its brand new, 11:35 p.m. ET timeslot, moving up from midnight to compete with David Letterman and Jay Leno’s late night talk shows. As it turns out, Kimmel’s show cleanly bested The Late Show with David Letterman, while falling a little short of the numbers The Tonight Show brought in.
Jessica Rawden 2013-01-09
Game Of Thrones' Emilia Clarke Talks Nudity And Season 3 image
On Monday, Game of Thrones actress Emilia Clarke appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to discuss Clarke’s roll as the famed Khaleesi in the hit series, which of course leads to nudity and the like. According to Kimmel, Clarke was naked through the “first half of the first” season, and the two had a chat about nudity onscreen and how the young actress broke the big news to her parents, as well as what we can expect from Season 3.
Jessica Rawden 2012-12-12
Does Jimmy Kimmel's New Time Slot Really Matter? image
How much do these network shows really matter, in an era when Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are much more likely to dominate public conversation-- and when Conan O'Brien himself has done perfectly fine over on cable, thank you very much. Jimmy Kimmel has made a great name for himself in 10 years of a late night show, but will a bump up to an earlier hour really make a difference?
Katey Rich 2012-08-22
Host Jimmy Kimmel Poses With The Statue For The 2012 Emmy Awards image
The 2012 Primetime Emmy nominations have been announced, now all that's left to do is for the Academy to pick the winners, producers to plan the ceremony and fans to wait. If you thought I forgot to include, "host Jimmy Kimmel to pose next to a giant Emmy Award for promotional pictures," rest assured, I did think of it, but based on these photos, the late night talk show host has already taken care of that important pre-Emmy planning detail.
Kelly West 2012-08-02
Jimmy Kimmel Youtube Challenge Has Kids Spraying Dad With The Hose image
Jimmy Kimmel's YouTube Challenges have made for some pretty great television (and viral video). In the past, he's had parents pranking their kids with bad Christmas presents and chewed up food. But the tables were turned in honor of Father's Day when he challenged kids to spray their dads with the hose. Jimmy Kimmel Live put together a best-of video with the results.
Kelly West 2012-06-18
Jimmy Kimmel Set To Host 2012 Emmy Awards image
He delivers laughs regularly on his ABC late night talk show, his episode clips have a tendency to go viral (especially when they involve parents video taping their kids disappointed reactions), and he made a splash with his post-Oscars episode, so who better to host the Emmy awards this year than Jimmy Kimmel?
Kelly West 2012-03-26
Jimmy Kimmel Challenges Viewers To Turn The TV Off During The The Super Bowl Game image
Last December, he had parents giving their kids disappointing Christmas gifts and recording their reactions. Most recently, he challenged viewers to unplug the TV in the middle of a crucial moment during Sunday’s Super Bowl Game. Of course, people did it and last night, some of the reactions were aired during Jimmy Kimmel Live.
Kelly West 2012-02-07
Jimmy Kimmel Developing Borat Meets Green Acres Show image
Jimmy Kimmel has come a long way from The Man Show. When he stepped behind the desk back in 2003, did anybody actually think Jimmy Kimmel Live! would still be around nearly a decade later? With his late-night show still going strong, now Kimmel is lending his talents to a new show, a scripted/reality hybrid series that's described as "Borat meets Green Acres." Insert dated Borat catchphrase of your choice here.
David Wharton 2012-01-30
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