Forever And Two  More Just Got Cancelled At ABC image
ABC has made some tough decisions today in terms of cancellations and renewals. After deliberating, the network ultimately decided to cancel niche favorite Forever and one more series.
Jessica Rawden 2015-05-07
12 Network TV Shows That Are Probably Going To Get Cancelled image
While some expected cancellations have already occurred and other shows have held on, at least for now, thereís a slew of fall and especially midseason programming out there that probably won't make it through the end-of-season spring cleaning at the networks. Here's our list of shows that will probably get cancelled.
Jessica Rawden 2015-04-09
8 TV Shows With Disappointing Ratings  image
This list features shows that all started out in pretty great places. These shows even found real success, but recently, itís become pretty clear that theyíre moving downward and show no signs of improving. In fact, these drop-offs canít even be directly attributed to increases in DVR. Instead, a tangible percentage of viewers seem to be looking in other places for content.
Jessica Rawden 2014-12-17
11 TV Shows In Danger Of Being Canceled image
Looking at buzz, ratings and other outside factors, weíve compiled a list of the shows that are currently in danger of getting canceled. The list may change as the year wears on, but for now, check them out, and let us know if there are any you think are missing.
Jessica Rawden 2014-11-18
ABC 2014-2015 Schedule Moves Scandal, The Goldbergs And Others, Saves Agent Carter For Later image
ABC has released its 2014-2015 lineup. It includes a slight move for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., which will return for Season 2 this fall, but will air an hour later than usual. Meanwhile, Scandal and Grey's Anatomy have been shifted up on the Thursday night schedule.
Kelly West 2014-05-13
The Goldbergs, Modern Family Among ABC Renewals, Other Comedies Cancelled Or Awaiting Word image
While we might have expected renewals for shows like Grey's Anatomy, Scandal and Modern Family, the fate of some of ABC's new series was a bit less certain. But word is coming down the pipeline for many of them, and it's good news for Resurrection and The Goldbergs, which join Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. among ABC's freshman series that will be back for Season 2 in the 2014-2015 season.
Kelly West 2014-05-09
Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D., Scandal And Other ABC Season Finale Dates Set image
The end is near! Scandal, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Castle and other ABC series' season finales have been scheduled. ABC announced the finale dates today, starting with The Neighbors, which will wrap up its second season in April. The finales that follow include Scandal, Last Man Standing, Resurrection and Once Upon a Time.
Kelly West 2014-03-19
Resurrection Review: The Dead Are Kind Of Dull In ABC's New Drama image
ABC has been busy promoting its brand new series, Resurrection, for weeks now, including prominent previews during the Oscarsí commercial breaks. Advertisements for the series have been promising the unveiling of an unbelievable narrative about a few dead people from a small community returning to life.
Jessica Rawden 2014-03-07
Resurrection Teaser Shows A Stunned Father Reunited With His Deceased Son image
What works so well about the new teaser for ABCís Resurrection isn't just the gut-wrenching sight of a man who's realizing his deceased son has somehow returned to him. Itís the moments leading up to that, which really drive the emotion home, as they show Kurtwood Smithís character Henry responding his son Jacob, and you can see that for a moment, heís completely forgotten that Jacob died thirty years ago.
Kelly West 2013-12-30
Suburgatory, Killer Women And Other Midseason Premiere Dates Set At ABC, Revenge Timeslot Shifts image
ABC has lined up their Midseason premiere schedule, and in addition tot he return of The Bachelor, The Taste and Suburgatory, the network has a number of new series lined up to debut. That includes Killer Women, the new Texas Ranger drama starring Battlestar Galacticaís Tricia Helfer. Also on the line-up are Mind Games, Mixology, Resurrection and The Assets.
Kelly West 2013-11-19
Mind Games, Killer Women And Two More Get New Trailers And Midseason Premieres At ABC image
In addition to a bevy of potentially great new series headed for ABC this fall, the network also has a few new dramas and comedies on deck for Midseason 2014. Among them, Kyle Killen's Mind Games, starring the underrated Steve Zahn and Christian Slater, who play two brothers who start an agency set up to help solve people's problems. Sounds like a vague description for a line of work, but the trailer above gives us a glimpse of the drama's potential...
Kelly West 2013-05-14
Mark Burnett Brings The Bible to The History Channel (with CGI!) image
Mark Burnett has decided to do his best King James impersonation by bringing his vision of the The Bible to The History Channel. Yes, the man best known for producing such hard-hitting series as Survivor and The Apprentice will bring you the word of GOD... in a 10-part miniseries to air on the History Channel.
Jesse Carp 2011-05-24
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