HBO To Reboot Real Sex With SEX // NOW, Airing In January image
Once upon a time, back in the early 90s before the internet was a lot more accessible to the average person, if you wanted to get an inside peek into the varying sexual interests, curiosities, practices and fetishes of people all across the world, all you needed was a subscription to HBO.
Kelly West 2013-12-05
Sex... With Mom, Dad, And Dr. Drew image
ThinkMTV is bringing Dr. Drew Pinsky back to the studios at MTV to start production on a new show entitled Sex with Mom and Dad. As fun and exciting as that sounds, it’s worse than you think. The show is a retooling of an unnamed European show, and will not only educate, but also embarrass and entertain. Ah, the three E’s of parenting – Educate, Embarrass, Entertain.
Amanda Krill 2008-09-22
The Clicker Goes All The Way image
Losing one’s virginity is a pretty big deal – or at least, it should be. Whether you wait for marriage or not, you only get one first time. This is probably why TV shows make such a big deal out of the event. Almost every teen drama series that I can think of had at least one big “virginity” episode. Brenda, Donna, Buffy, Dawson, Felicity, and so many other popular characters eventually gave it up at some point during the course of their series. And, like it so often happens in real life, once the big “first time” happens, sex becomes far less of a big deal.
Kelly West 2007-09-16
TV Review: Tell Me You Love Me (HBO) image
The sex is almost like a separate character in the series. Like the therapist they all visit, the sex links these couples together in a weird sort of way. Whether they’re having sex to get pregnant, to avoid fighting or talking out their problems, or just because they love each other, the sex plays a key role in the story. The problem is that some people might find it hard to get past the graphic nature of these scenes in order to see the point of them as they relate to what each couple is going through.
Kelly West 2007-09-06
HBO's Tell Me You Love Me: Sex Sex Sex! image
When you hear about HBO’s new show ‘Tell Me You Love’ me it might be a bit disconcerting. To be honest, the premise sounds like a scripted version of ‘Real Sex.’ I only say that because there is sex in the new show. Lots and lots of graphic and “real” sex. It’s a quality that critics have picked up on and are unafraid to ask the actors and creators about.
Steve West 2007-07-18
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