Will Robbie Amell Appear As Firestorm On Legends Of Tomorrow? image
While we know a lot about where the Flash and Arrow spinoff Legends of Tomorrow will be taking its characters, there’s one in particular that we're wondering about more than anyone else: Firestorm.
Nick Venable 2015-05-25
Why Arrow Won't Use Harley Quinn In Any More Episodes image
We already had clues that Harley was going to get shut out of Arrow after her oh-so-brief cameo in Season 2, but many of us were holding out hope that her fate would be similar to The Flash, who will exist as both a TV and movie hero.
Nick Venable 2015-05-25
Wait, How Does The Flash Even Still Exist? image
I’m not going to sit here and pretend to understand everything there is to know about time travel, even when it comes to a fictional property like The Flash. I can only use my limited intellect and the clues and rules that the show has laid out, which I try to do here. Season 1 spoilers abound.
Nick Venable 2015-05-21
The 10 Best Fight Scenes From The Flash Season 1 image
With cool stunt work and incredible visual effects for a TV budget, The Flash gave fans a lot of great battles between the Scarlet Speedster and other names from around the DC universe. Here are the best fight scenes the series delivered over the course of its 23-episode first season.
Adam Holmes 2015-05-21
Supernatural Season 10 Finale Watch: Can Death Remove the Mark of Cain? image
A season of small-scale storytelling on Supernatural could only end in an abandoned Mexican restaurant in Nebraska. Season 10 dropped the typical end-of-the-world season-long arc in favor of a dilemma that pushed Sam and Dean’s brotherly bond to its breaking point.
Josh Raymer 2015-05-20
The Flash Reveals Tom Cavanagh's Future On The Show image
After one hell of a season finale that left the fate of many characters in question, The Flash executive producer Andrew Kreisberg has revealed whether or not actor Tom Cavanagh will be returning to the show for Season 2. SPOILERS for the Season 1 finale are ahead!
Adam Holmes 2015-05-20
The Flash Season 2: 5 Changes To Look For image
After the intense Season 1 finale of The Flash, fans have a 4-5 month wait ahead for the show to return, but fortunately, there’s enough information out there to paint somewhat of a picture of what’s coming. Here are the big changes you should keep your eye on for Season 2.
Adam Holmes 2015-05-20
The Flash: First Look At Killer Frost image
Danielle Panabaker has not been shy about admitting to fans that her Flash character, Caitlyn Snow, will eventually become Killer Frost, a villainess with a cold theme. In fact, The Flash already hinted at the eventuality during the Season 1 finale, “Fast Enough.”
Jessica Rawden 2015-05-20
The Flash Season 1 Finale Just Surprised Fans With An Unexpected Death image
Somebody get Cisco to hurry up and develop a bugle that is self-programmed to play “Taps,” because tonight certainly didn’t hold back on teasing death and then eventually delivering it in a most unexpected fashion.
Nick Venable 2015-05-19
The Flash: How Barry's Decision Changes Everything image
Wow to the wow, The Flash delivered a season finale that just doesn’t happen that often on TV. One that packed an emotional punch, an intelligent dilemma, and two of the biggest WTF moments of the entire season.
Nick Venable 2015-05-19
How The Flash Will Start Playing With Timelines In Season 2 image
Thanks to time travel playing a key role on The Flash, viewers of the series are getting a sense of how easy it is for those with super speed to change the course of history. Here's what series star Grant Gustin had to say about what's coming up in a recent interview.
Adam Holmes 2015-05-19
What's In The Flash Finale That's Causing Everyone To Cry? image
While we don’t know yet what will go down in the season finale of The Flash, evidently whatever happens was enough to make those involved with the show burst into tears.
Adam Holmes 2015-05-19
How Barry Allen Will Be Different In The Flash Season 2 image
The Flash wraps up its first season tonight with what sounds like a hell of a finale, but series star Grant Gustin already has ideas in mind for what he wants Barry to be like when the show returns in the fall for Season 2.
Adam Holmes 2015-05-19
The Flash Season 1 Finale: Watch Wells Explain Why He Killed Barry's Mom image
In this new clip for The Flash Season 1 finale “Fast Enough,” Harrison Wells, a.k.a. Eobard Thawne and the Reverse-Flash, tells Barry Allen why he killed his mother Nora. Time travel can be so confusing sometimes.
Adam Holmes 2015-05-18
Legends Of Tomorrow: Everything We Know About The Arrow Spinoff image
It will be awhile until the CW Arrow/The Flash spinoff Legends of Tomorrow hits the airwaves, but fortunately there’s enough information to chew on in the meantime. Here’s what we know about it so far.
Adam Holmes 2015-05-18
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