Arrow Season 4 Just Signed On Oliver's New Nemesis image
Arrow appears to be heading into its fourth season with an ever-growing rogues gallery. The superhero series can now add actor, Ryan Robbins to that list. A veteran of several genre fan favorites, Robbins has been tapped to portray a nemesis who retroactively torments Oliver Queen in the flashback sequences.
Joseph Baxter 2015-07-31
The Reason Stephen Amell's Arrow Doesn't Have A Goatee image
Despite Oliver Queen finally becoming Green Arrow for Arrow Season 4, there’s one classic feature that the TV show’s Emerald Archer won’t share with his comic book counterpart: the goatee. And actor Stephen Amell has a good explanation.
Adam Holmes 2015-07-30
Little Women May Become A TV Series With A Twist image
The CW is always looking for outside-the-box premises for shows and this time the network has definitely hit the nail on the head in terms of weirdness. On Wednesday, we learned that the CW wants to produce a much different version of the famous Louisa May Alcott.
Jessica Rawden 2015-07-30
Could Green Arrow Weapon Clans End Up On Arrow? Here's What The Producer Says image
With Arrow’s fourth season only a few months away, fans have been getting a steady stream of character announcements for the show’s next batch of episodes, and now Arrow executive producer Marc Guggenheim just revealed whether or not we'd see a group from the recent years of the comics: the Weapon Clans.
Adam Holmes 2015-07-29
How The Flash And Arrow Will Introduce Hawkman image
Hawkgirl isn’t the only winged wonder that will be appearing in Legends of Tomorrow, and before Hawkman gets involved with the the super-spinoff's protagonists and their time traveling hijinks, he may show up elsewhere on your television.
Adam Holmes 2015-07-24
Arrow Just Signed On a Brand New Villain For Season 4 image
While Oliver Queen has dealt with a diverse lineup of villains on Arrow, few of them have had special abilities. But when Season 4 airs later this year, Oliver Queen will get to fight another superpowered foe, and it will be a member of the Flash’s rogues gallery.
Adam Holmes 2015-07-24
Arrow Season 4 Will Feature A Star Trek Vet image
It looks like Starling City’s elusive vigilante on Arrow is about to come face-to-face with a Borg… well, a former Borg, anyway. It is being reported that a Star Trek: Voyager actor has moved on to the superhero TV realm.
Joseph Baxter 2015-07-24
How Green Arrow Is Still Going To Be Like The Arrow image
After three years of fighting crime as The Hood/Arrow, The CW is finally giving fans the Green Arrow for Arrow Season 4, complete with a >new costume. However, just because Oliver is now the Green Arrow doesn’t mean he won’t continue relying on a few tricks he used as The Arrow.
Adam Holmes 2015-07-23
Legends Of Tomorrow Season 1 Is Probably Going To Kill Off Some Characters image
The world of comic book television is good for a lot of things, from fight scenes to cheeky humor to thrilling adventures. Still, there’s always that lurking feeling that even though the stakes can feel high during any given moment. But Legends of Tomorrow might change all that.
Nick Venable 2015-07-23
The Flash Promises Changes For Cisco In Season 2 image
By the end of Season 1 of The Flash, the S.T.A.R. Labs team looked nothing like it did in the beginning. And in Season 2, the characters will continue branching out, especially Cisco, who will be going through some big changes this fall. We're hoping it has nothing to do with a haircut.
Nick Venable 2015-07-23
5 Great DC Villains The Flash And Arrow Need To Use ASAP image
When Arrow and The Flash return to The CW in October, the eponymous heroes will be dealing with an assortment of new evildoers, and since the large episode orders allow for many adversaries to rear their malicious heads, we’ve picked five great bad guys that Arrow and The Flash need to use for their upcoming seasons.
Adam Holmes 2015-07-21
The Flash Season 2: Will Eddie Thawne Return? image
When Season 1 of The Flash ended things with Barry running circles around the inside of a black hole, the show left fans with way more questions than most series do after a single year on the air. And one of those involves poor Eddie Thawne.
Nick Venable 2015-07-21
How Arrow Will Handle Green Lantern image
Speculation arose that Hal might appear in Arrow Season 4 when flashback Oliver boarded a boat heading for Coast City, Hal’s hometown in the comics. Here’s what the executive producer has to say about Hal’s status in this universe.
Adam Holmes 2015-07-20
Arrow Just Cast Another Popular Comic Book Character image
During the DC TV panel at San Diego Comic-Con, it was announced that Batman adversary Anarky would be appearing on Arrow. Now it’s been announced which actor will be playing him.
Adam Holmes 2015-07-17
How Wells Is Going To Exist In The Flash Season 2 image
Tom Cavanagh is remaining on The Flash’s main cast in Season 2, leading fans to wonder how exactly he’ll be involved given what happened in the Season 1 finale. Now we have an idea of what’s in store for Cavanagh next season.
Adam Holmes 2015-07-17
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