The Flash: Zoom Removes His Mask In Intense New Trailer image
When it comes to superhero series on The CW, The Flash has to be the most lighthearted, but it knows how to do scary villains. Season 2 baddie Zoom has been a constant threat, as well as a mystery, but this new trailer teases his eventual unmasking.
Laura Hurley 2016-02-12
First Look At The Flash And Supergirl Crossover image
After months of slow-moving rumors about the possibility of The Flash and Supergirl crossing over, the epic superhero team-up was confirmed just last week. And now the heroes are already together.
Nick Venable 2016-02-11
The 10 Best Things About Earth 2 On The Flash image
The Flash has been one of the superhero series most successful at making the fantastical just plain fantastic, and rarely has it been more fun than with Barry’s first visit to Earth 2. Here is a look at the ten best things about Earth 2 on The Flash.
Laura Hurley 2016-02-10
The Flash: How Cisco's Earth 2 Trip Will Make Him More Powerful image
Barry and Cisco have finally traveled to Earth 2 with Wells.  And, we were treated to another cool doppelgänger bad guy who has some awesome powers that we never thought we'd see from a certain character.
Adrienne Jones 2016-02-10
The Awesome Way The Flash Just Teased The Supergirl Crossover image
Fans of The Flash knew that some big things were going to happen when Barry, Cisco and Wells took a trip to Earth 2, and tonight’s episode definitely delivered some interesting visuals. But while some of them were expected, there was one that came completely as a surprise.
Nick Venable 2016-02-10
The Flash Is Bringing A Season 1 Villain Back, Get The Details image
The Flash has amassed an impressive gallery of rogues over the season and a half that has aired so far, ranging from metahumans with unbelievable powers to ordinary humans with extraordinary equipment. Season 2 will be bringing back one of the best rogues in an unexpected way.
Laura Hurley 2016-02-10
9 Characters We'd Love To See Return To Their Shows image
The current revival era is giving TV audiences a chance to reconnect with some of their favorite characters of past years, but what about characters that have been missing from shows that are still on the air? Here are 9 characters that we want to see returning to the shows that made them popular.
Nick Venable 2016-02-06
The Flash And Supergirl Are Officially Crossing Over, Here's What We Know image
For months there’s been talk about whether Supergirl and The Flash might crossover, and after all these rumors, it’s now official: the Scarlet Speedster and Girl of Steel are joining forces!
Adam Holmes 2016-02-03
2015-2016 Network Rundown: Everything That Has Been Cancelled And Renewed So Far image
By this spring, the networks will make some big decisions on whether or not some of our favorites will get renewals, and for now we are keeping tabs on what shows are cancelled, which are renewed and which at least have received full season orders.
Jessica Rawden 2016-02-02
The Flash: 6 Characters Most Likely To Be Zoom image
We’re basically at the halfway point of The Flash Season 2, and it still hasn’t been revealed who Zoom really is. With an identity reveal undoubtedly coming in the near future, we’re taking this opportunity to go over who might really be the demonic speedster.
Adam Holmes 2016-02-02
Apparently The Flash's Tom Cavanagh Already Knows The Identity Of Zoom image
Over on The Flash, arguably the biggest mystery behind Season 2 is the identity of big baddie Zoom, and it looks like actor Tom Cavanagh has already been entrusted with the secret, which he is perfectly happy to gloat about.
Nick Venable 2016-02-02
The Flash Just Hit A Huge Ratings Milestone image
Superpowered speedster Barry Allen has won the hearts of plenty on The Flash, and the ratings have definitely reflected his appeal. While he hasn't had an easy time so far in Season 2, he's led The Flash to hitting a huge ratings milestone.
Laura Hurley 2016-01-27
Did The Flash Just Hint At Zoom's Secret Identity? image
As it goes with all comic book TV shows, certain names and images will pop up that fans instantly latch onto, though it’s almost never immediately clear if the reference is just a nice Easter egg or if it’s a major addition to the plot. That definitely happened during tonight’s episode of The Flash.
Nick Venable 2016-01-27
The Flash Just Cast Its First Female Speedster image
As the titular superhero at the rapidly beating heart of The Flash, Barry Allen is already used to dealing with other characters that share his ability to zip around from place to place, but all of them have been of the male persuasion. Until now.
Nick Venable 2016-01-27
The Flash's Robbie Amell Just Dropped A Major Spoiler image
Last month, it was revealed Robbie Amell would be returning to The Flash as the Earth Two Ronnie Raymond, a.k.a. Deathstorm. If that wasn’t enough, Amell dropped a spoiler over the weekend that his new character will have a shocking impact on the series.
Adam Holmes 2016-01-25
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