Big Brother 16 Premiere Part 2 Preview Reveals The Next HoH Competition... And Winner?

By Kelly West 2 years ago discussion comments
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Following last night's "Part 1" of the two-part Season 16 premiere of Big Brother, CBS has released a preview to promote tonight's episode, which will hopefully answer the questions the first part didn't, and will certainly introduce us to the other half of the house. But is it also offering up a major clue about the second Head of Household? Very possibly. Potential spoilers ahead!

Last night's episode of Big Brother had eight houseguests entering the house, forming a lot of alliances, and participating in the first Head of Household competition. Frankie Grande won, after which Julie Chen revealed that there were eight more houseguests -- cut to not-surprised reactions from the Crazy Eights -- and that they would be doing their own HoH competition to determine the second Head of Household for the week. The preview above shows us a glimpse of that competition, which has the Crazy-other-Eights wrapped around the spinning log...

Hoh competition

Seems like that would be harder than walking above it.

Regardless, the preview also shows new houseguests Hayden and Caleb exchanging a bro-ish hand grab and hug...


Now, we can't know for sure, but that has all the signs of a victory celebration, assuming these two were the last two hanging onto that log, and one of them finally let go. So we're going to theorize that either Caleb or Hayden wins the second Head of Household. But we won't know for sure until tonight when the episode airs, and we'll hopefully get some more insight into how this two-HoH thing is going to work. If not, we have the feeds to provide us with all the answers we can handle, as the live feeds switch on tonight after the second episode.

In the meantime, it also looks like the houseguests will be celebrating the start of the summer with some drinks in jars, treehouse style!


Read our breakdown of last night's episode here.
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