Billy Ray Cyrus Hosts New Soldier Homecoming Specials

By Mack Rawden 6 years ago discussion comments
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Billy Ray Cyrus Hosts New Soldier Homecoming Specials image
Regardless of your feelings on United States intervention overseas, there is little like watching returning soldiers surprise their loved ones. YouTube is brimming with compilation tapes of these return trips, and apparently, the concept is popular enough that one network is interested in producing a series.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, TLC has ordered three hour long specials, and while they havenít named the programs, they have found a host. Mr. Heartland himself Billy Ray Cyrus will take up the hosting duties for all three specials, and this seems about right for a tribute being marketed toward Middle America.

I know itís easy to be cynical about these sorts of things since technically, a network is reaping profit off the heartache of scared families, but itís hard to argue with a series of specials highlighting the struggles of young families sacrificing to defend this country. Iím not planning on going out of my way to watch this, but chances are I will catch a half an hour at some point end end up crying. Wanna test yourself? Watch the video belowÖ

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