Bones Villain Andrew Leeds Writing Pilot Based On Confessions Of A Backup Dancer

By Jessica Rawden 4 years ago discussion comments
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Bones Villain Andrew Leeds Writing Pilot Based On Confessions Of A Backup Dancer image
We knew Bones actor Andrew Leeds was good at playing a slimeball killer on Foxís hit drama, but apparently, he has a writing bone in his body, as well. The actor and writer will be putting together a script for a pilot based on the Young Adult novel Confessions of a Backup Dancer, and if you're guessing that sounds like something the CW would be interested in, you would be correct.

The book follows teen Kelly Kimball, who spends one summer break working as a backup dancer for a fictional famous pop star. Instead of following Kimballís tell-all journey, the pilot will follow a male filmmaker who documents all of the incendiary drama going on backstage. Iím guessing there will be teen sex, a little misbehavior, and probably some eating disorder thrown in for good measure. However, the show is also expected to feature a love story between the documentary director and one of the backup dancers. Itís not exactly the type of stuff youíd expect from a guy who recently played a horrifying villain, but I guess thatís the mark of a good actor.

According to TV Line, Leeds will work with his writing partner, David Lampson, on the project, which will be produced by Alloy Entertainment (similar to Gossip Girl). Leeds does have some writing background, but his credits, Rex is not You Lawyer and Stephenís Life didnít make it to series. Hopefully, heíll have a little more luck with the CWís one-hour drama pilot.
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