Clips From James Franco Hosting Saturday Night Live

By Kelly West 6 years ago discussion comments
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Clips From James Franco Hosting Saturday Night Live image
James Franco hosted last night’s episode of Saturday Night Live and in case you’re curious as to how he came to the decision to play a guest role on General Hospital, you’re in luck because he answers that question in his opening monologue! We have that video, along with a bunch of other clips from the episode posted here for you to check out. I especially enjoyed the Jersey Shore segment on Weekend Update.

Lawrence Welk Cold Open [3:52]
Dooneese is back.

James Franco Monologue [3:34]
James chooses career ideas from random.

Vincent Price Christmas [5:28]
Katharine Hepburn, James Dean and a raccoon are guests in this Christmas special.

Christmas Tree Lot [4:09]
Each Christmas tree has a story.

What Up With That [6:44]
The show that isn't afraid to ask questions, welcomes Mike Tyson and Jack McBrayer.

What Up With That - Dress Rehearsal Version [7:09]
The dress version of What Up With That.
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Update: Snookie [3:38]
Jersey Shore's Snookie stops by the Update desk.

Update - Fred & Kristen [3:33]
This musical holiday duo is totally prepared.

Mark Wahlberg Talks to Xmas Animals [1:43]
Mark chats up some furry holiday friends.

Muse: "Uprising" [4:57]
Muse performs "Uprising" from their album The Resistance.

Digital Short: Tizzle Wizzle Show [1:38]
Jammies, pills and knives!

Kissing Family [4:10]
The family that kisses together...

Fraternity [3:49]
These frat brothers sound out their letters.

Muse: "Starlight" [4:15]
Muse performs "Starlight" from their album Black Holes and Revelations.

Jerry, Carl, & Troy [2:41]
An important gift discussion is in progress.

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