Will Ferrell's Latest Old Milwaukee Ad Aired During Super Bowl... Only In North Platte, Nebraska

By Kelly West 4 years ago discussion comments
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Last December, we shared a few Old Milwaukee commercials, which featured Will Ferrell as the star. While itís not unusual for a movie star to loan their image and voice to an advertisement, the funny thing about these ads (besides the ads themselves) was that they were only set to air in Davenport, Iowa. Whatís more, Ferrell did them for no charge.

A new Old Milwaukee ad starring Ferrell aired during last nightís game, and if you didnít see it, it might be because you donít live in North Platte, Nebraska. Per Enterainment Weekly, thatís the only place the 30-second commercial below aired.

Iím pretty sure the cut-off at the end is intentional. Or maybe thatís just my interpretation of Ferrellís goofy style of humor, especially when factoring in how long he takes to get to the screen and catch the beer. Itís dramatic and a whole lot of build up to get to the punchline, which takes place past the 30-second mark.

Is his trip to Nebraska an indication that Ferrellís going to be popping up in other random towns and cities to promote Old Milwaukee?
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