Game Of Thrones Season 2 Teaser Poster And Some Valentines Day Inspired Photos

By Kelly West 4 years ago discussion comments
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While HBO gave us a few peeks at the second season of Game of Thrones when they released the trailer, and we’re getting some looks at the set and other behind-the-scenes snippets through the various “In Production” videos that have been released in the months leading up to the show’s April 1st return. Now we have a teaser poster that offers a pretty loud hint that something big is coming (besides winter).

(Spoiler warning if you still aren’t caught up with Season 1!) The trailer, which arrived online last month offered some glimpses at the characters. And earlier today we shared a video that gave us a look at what north of the wall might look like (hint: It looks like Iceland in the winter). Now we have the teaser poster, which is very teasery indeed...

War! With the king dead and numerous claims to the iron throne, war is inevitable. Still, just as the message of the approaching winter sends a chill through the air, so does talk of war. As was stated in the trailer, “Anyone can be killed...”

Moving on to more uplifting messages, it’s Valentine’s Day! You may have already seen these clever Game of Thrones inspired Valentine’s Day cards. And just moments ago, the photos below showed up on the Game of Thrones Facebook page. The pictures are from last season, but with the added captions at the bottom, they are certainly fitting for today, if Valentine's Day were to exist in Westeros anyway...

Dothrakian love...

Um... sibling love?...

Brothel love?

Yeah, given the different kinds of "love" celebrated in this series, something tells me a Westeros version of Valentine's day would be a strange occasion...
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