The Killing Gets A Season 3 Premiere Date

By Jessica Rawden 3 years ago discussion comments
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Bringing a show back from the cancellation grave takes plenty of work. Contracts have to be renegotiated and network, formatting, and budgetary issues need to be figured out. AMCís The Killing has been going through the process over the past several months, but now the big day has come: Season 3 of The Killing will premiere this summer on Sunday, June 2.

Initial reports indicated The Killing might be moving to Netflix; however, that didnít turn out to be the case. Instead, The Killingís original network, AMC, actually had a change of heart after a strong Season 3 pitch from Veena Sud. Instead of airing on Netflix, Season 3 of The Killing will be available on the streaming service three months after Season 3 finishes airing on AMC. Twelve episodes of the new season will be produced.

Deadline is reporting Season 3 will begin one year after Season 1 and 2ís Rosie Larson case has ended. Both Joel Kinnamon and Mereille Enos will be back for the new season, which will follow a search for a runaway girl that leads Kinnamonís character, Stephen Holder, to investigate a bunch of connected murders. While Enosí character has quit her job as a detective, she will return to her former job after the new murders pop up. Other Killing actors, including Billy Campbell, will obviously not be part of the story arc in Season 3.

The Killing will return to AMCís schedule on June 2 at 8 p.m. ET.
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