LeBron James And Mike O'Malley Oddly Team Up For Awesome-Sounding Starz Comedy

By Mack Rawden 2 years ago discussion comments
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LeBron James And Mike O'Malley Oddly Team Up For Awesome-Sounding Starz Comedy image
A little less than five years ago, Starz premiered Party Down, a brilliant half hour comedy that really struck a chord with fans. The show never put up the biggest numbers, but it was able to wrestle its way into the popular culture. When many of its stars moved on to bigger things, the network was forced to cancel the program, and in the years since, theyíve been looking for the right vehicle to replace the show. Thanks to Mike OíMalley and LeBron James, they may have finally found it.

The unlikely pair are partnering together for a new scripted comedy entitled Survivorís Remorse. It will follow an extremely successful basketball player named Cam Calloway who canít ever fully get excited about his new life of fame and fortune thanks to a seemingly endless series of friends and family members from his past who want a piece of his fame. The guilt associated with his impoverished past and his glorious present offer up a weird mix of emotions, and together, they should hopefully provide the right recipe for both hilarity and poignancy.

The general story arc is one James has obviously lived. A poor kid raised by a single mother in Ohio, he was made the first pick in the NBA Draft by the Cleveland Cavaliers, and he quickly rose to prominence. Alongside his longtime business manager Maverick Carter, who will also produce here, James was able to make mostly wise choices and keep the hangers-on away, but it was a battle, and it likely remains a battle to this day.

Survivorís Remorse will be written by OíMalley, which isnít as strange as it sounds. The former Yes, Dear and Justified actor, as well as Emmy nominee, has worked as a writer on Shameless, and heís penned several very well-regarded plays and even a feature film. As an actor, heís particularly good at blurring the line between comedy and drama, and thereís no reason to think this series wonít do the same thing, especially with LeBron, Maverick and producers Tom Werner (Fenway Sports Group chairman) and Paul Wachter (business mogul/ CEO of Main Street Advisors) all on board to bounce ideas off of and lend personal stories.

For years, LeBron worked tirelessly to win an NBA Championship and push himself to the top of the NBA mountain. Now that heís won two titles in a row, it makes a whole lot of sense that heíd like to expand his brand and have a little fun in the process. Considering he seems to actually still be getting better too, he deserves that opportunity, as well.

Hereís to hoping Survivorís Remorse can fill the comedy void on Starz and provide more than its share of laughs in the process.
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