Louis-Dreyfus Does Political Comedy For HBO

By Mack Rawden 6 years ago discussion comments
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Iíve always wondered: is Julia Louis-Dreyfus really the second most talented Seinfeld cast member, or is she just the most excited about working, or the easiest to write for? Itís hard to say. In a lot of ways, Jason Alexander has struggled because George was just too memorable of a character and we all know about Michael Richardsí problems with the n-bomb, but in the last half decade, Julia Louis-Dreyfus has really come into her own. The New Adventures Of Old Christine won some Emmys and nearly got to 100 episodes, and now the former SNL cast member may have just gotten another break.

According to Variety, Louis-Dreyfus may sign on to play the lead in HBOís upcoming Veep. The half hour comedy will follow the downs of one of the worldís most thankless jobs. If youíre unsure how thankless, check out the scenes of John Adams being mocked by the Senators in the HBO miniseries. Vicious.

I have to say, Iím very pleased Veep has chosen to create a parallel universe for the upcoming comedy. As Saturday Night Live has shown, pointed political humor is always relevant, but as a movie or television show, itís nearly impossible to consistently satarize current political leaders while theyíre still in office. History is always a little more clarifying, or at least concise in retrospect; so, the right way to do these sorts of things is make up characters. How much more poignant was The West Wing than Oliver Stoneís W?

If you're a fan of last year's political satire In the Loop, the most exciting part of all of this is that the pilot will be co-written and directed by Armando Iannucci, who also co-wrote and directed that film. No word yet on when the pilot might start shooting, but if this ever makes it to the small screen, I will be there to watch.
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