Mindy Kaling Will Appear On The Office Next Season

By Jessica Grabert 2012-07-23 10:35:14 discussion comments
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Mindy Kaling Will Appear On The Office Next Season image
The makeup of NBC’s The Office has changed a lot over the last eight seasons and Season 9 does not look as if it will be any different, with veteran Office darling Mindy Kaling heading to her own sitcom and her writer buddy B.J. Novak deciding to part with the show as well. When a person works closely with people he or she truly enjoys, it is sometimes difficult to completely part with them, and Novak and Kaling have both shown a unique desire to keep a couple of strings still attached to their favorite NBC show.

When Novak announced he was leaving his full time gig at The Office, he did note he would likely return to acting on the show when it needs him, as well as still writing for the single camera comedy on occasion. That’s a lot of commitment the actor and writer expressed toward a job he had just quit, so we know he must feel a little love toward the show. Now, Vulture is reporting Kaling has also committed to return to the program that made her famous.

Kaling's new sitcom The Mindy Project is currently in full swing, so she isn’t going to be able to pull Novak’s “I’ll just hang out and do whatever, whenever” attitude. However, she has been working with the Peacock network to come on board during Season 9 for at least two episodes of the hit show. I’m hoping these episodes will just focus on Kaling’s Kelly Kapoor dropping into the office and getting into some random shenanigans, because I would hate to see them come up with a crazy way to completely write Kelly off the show. Kaling’s character may be a little bit silly and often annoying, but she is part of The Office core and it will be nice to—kind of—keep her around.
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