Could A Mindy Project Reunion Ever Happen? Here’s What Mindy Kaling Says

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Warning: spoilers ahead for the series finale of The Mindy Project.

The Mindy Project has officially come to an end after its six-season run, and fans got to see the end of Mindy's rom com-esque story on the small screen. The season only just ended on Hulu, but leading lady Mindy Kaling has already weighed in on the possibility of a revival some day. The star/writer/executive producer had this to say about a potential reunion:

It would be great to check in with her after a period of time. I love her. But I don't know how long that period of time is. I think we do a pretty good job at the end of the season of giving you a feeling like you've reached the end of her story. But who knows?

Mindy Kaling shared her thoughts on someday bringing the cast back together for a reunion (a la Will and Grace on NBC) in a chat with Vulture, and it's easy to understand why she thinks The Mindy Project really brought her character's story to a solid end. The series finale finally gave Mindy the success she's craved and deserved as she hit a big professional milestone and reunited with Danny, who finally came around and admitted that Mindy is truly capable of raising their son and running her own business without either side of her life suffering.

Given the ugly way Danny told Mindy that she couldn't pull both off back before Chris Messina made his exit as a regular, his admission had to feel pretty good for Mindy fans who have wanted to forgive the original leading man and see him back in Mindy's good graces before the end.

Fans are actually pretty lucky that The Mindy Project was able to build up to a finale after six seasons. Originally airing on Fox, the show was cancelled in 2015 after three seasons in primetime. Fortunately for Mindy Kaling and Co., Hulu picked up the series and commissioned a Season 4 of 26 episodes. The streaming platform gave a less generous order for Season 5, which ran for only 14 episodes. Season 6 was the shortest of all, with only ten episodes. Still, ten episodes was just the right amount of time to tie off loose ends leftover from the previous five years.

The final trailer pointed to pure chaos in the final season, but everything really came together by the end. Of course, the ending might not have felt right if Chris Messina hadn't been able to reprise his role as Danny. Only time will tell if there will ever be a revival to reunite the characters once more after the ending of the series finale.

The series finale of The Mindy Project (as well as the full first six seasons) is available streaming on Hulu. For all the other shows that have gotten the axe, take a gander at our list of all the TV cancellations in 2017 so far.

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