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Following up on the last photo round-up for Ronald D. Moore's Starz adaptation of Outlander comes a bunch of photos recently shared, some of which have already made the rounds, but give us a look at the Scotland-set historical fiction drama. The above photos shows off Caitriona Balfe looking dressed to impress and ready to dine. We also have some interesting updates on the status of the series from writer Matt Roberts.

The Outlander Facebook page shared the above photo, which shows Balfe as Claire, seated between Colum MacKenzie (Gary Lewis) and his brother Dougal (Graham McTavish). The other photos shared appear to be the images the official Outlander site has on display in their slide show. That includes this one, which shows off the back of some Redcoats.


As for the status of the series, writer Matt Roberts filled fans in on that this week with a Q&A via Twitter. Here are some of the interesting tidbits he shared, one of which includes a vague spoiler about a very specific and memorable scene from the book, so if you're behind on reading, read no further!

There are still only four episodes in the can…

That's exactly what Ron Moore said at the end of last month, and with the holidays slowing things down, the fact that there's no change is not all that surprising. From what Roberts says though, actual filming doesn't resume until next month…

But rest assured, production is actually in full swing. They're busy prepping this month…

Roberts says to expect some surprises…

But what about the spanking scene? You know the one. Roberts was asked if it has been written. He says he's the writer who adapted that scene for the series…

As for what's beyond Season 1, obviously it's too soon to say if Season 2 will happen, but Roberts says they've all read Book 2, Dragonfly in Amber

And finally, Roberts most recent Tweet is a look (way-way) behind the scenes…

Check out the previously released trailer for Outlander here.




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