Sherlock Season 3 First Episode Title Revealed

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Sherlock Season 3 First Episode Title Revealed image
If you are one of those who just canít wait for Sherlock to come back to television, unfortunately its arrival is still a long way off. But what we can give you, for now, is some information on what the new season will entail, starting with the title of the first episode.

Sorry, I canít tell you just how Sherlock managed to survive last seasonís cliffhanger ending that appeared to be somewhat un-survivable. But we do have a clue as to what will happen next in the form of the title of the next episode, and which of the Sherlock books it will take its cues from. The showís co-creator Mark Gatiss tweeted the word along with a picture today.

EW says the episodeís title The Empty Hearse seems to be a play on the the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle short story The Adventure of the Empty House, which explains Sherlockís unlikely escape from Moriarty three years after the last story left off. It also introduces a new villain, Colonel Sebastian Moran. It seems logical that we can expect an explanation for why a man who should be dead somehow is not. Since Benedict Cumberbatch is signed on to the show through Season 4, Sherlock must be very much alive.

After delays in production due to the starsí other commitments, Sherlockís third season finally got underway this month, adding new directors to the mix.

Season 3 is expected to air on the BBC towards the end of this year before making its way overseas to PBS for American audiences.

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