Sons Of Anarchy Lights Up A New Teaser, Adds Malcolm-Jamal Warner In Guest Role

By Nick Venable 2 years ago discussion comments
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When it comes to Grim Reapers, itís never going to get better than William Sadlerís Death in Bill and Tedís Bogus Journey, but FXís Sons of Anarchy is turning Charlie Hunnamís Jax Teller into a quasi-monster that demands fear and respect. And I, for one, am not about to get in his way. Above is the third teaser for Season 7, which will be audiencesí final ride with SAMCRO and the rest of Charmingís elite. I think I feel a tear comingÖno, wait, itís just whiskey.

These teasers admittedly donít do much for anyone looking for major clues as to where Season 7 is going. At least this one features a helicopter that Jax seems pretty interested in. Is the helicopter a metaphor for grief, or does this represent an actual threat to the club?

Perhaps a hint can be found in Sons of Anarchyís latest guest star addition, The Cosby Showís Malcolm-Jamal Warner, who has signed on for at least two episodes to play an associate of T.O. Cross (Michael Beach). Cross is the president of the Grim Bastards, a SAMCRO acquaintance who was at the center of some heat back in Season 5 when they covered up for one of the guys involved in Opieís murder. (We miss you, Ope!) Maybe all this reaper business is referring to the Bastards?

The seriesí Facebook page recently shared a photo with two of Season 7ís other notable guest stars, Marilyn Manson and The Bridgeís Annabeth Gish. Heíll play a white supremacist locked up inside Stockton Prison, while she will play Charmingís new sheriff, as their last one didnít make it out of last season alive.

We got our first look at Mansonís Ron Tully the other day, and boy does he have a sweet smile. Itís not quite clear how heíll play into Jaxís world, but weíre pretty interested to see how it goes. Maybe that is where the Grim Bastards come into the story, since one good racist deserves an entire gang of enemies.


Though we see through the teasers that Jax obviously wonít spend all season in jail, he certainly starts there, as the season opens not too long after the events of the finale. You might recall a certain bludgeoning-turned-stabbing involving Gemma and Tara, as well as the successive shooting involving the Sheriff and Juice. Well Jax is behind bars for that, somehow, but Iím sure a technical error will put him back on his bike and on the streets, where no one is safe. Not even Courtney Love, who also guest stars.

Get your attention spans revved up and ready to go when Sons of Anarchy returns to FX on Tuesday, September 9, at 10 p.m. ET.
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