Terra Nova Preview Trailer And Viral News Videos

By Jesse Carp 2011-09-06 16:29:21 discussion comments
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Terra Nova Preview Trailer And Viral News Videos image
Fox's series Terra Nova is just one of the many new shows this fall with film icon Steven Spielberg's name in the credits. Despite the several different projects and genres that the super-director has his fingers in, for me it's obvious that Terra Nova is the most Spielbergian... and not just because of the dinosaurs, although there certainly is that connection. This preview might shed a little light on just exactly what is happening in this 'New Land.'

Before jumping into the trailer as well as some cool viral 'news' videos, I just want to briefly mention that I had the pleasure of catching Part I of the pilot episode of Terra Nova at Comic-Con. The first taste of the show didn't completely sell me (as I said in the write up, TV budgets don't always make convincing dinosaurs and some of the family dynamics are a little hammed-up) but it was very well acted and engaging enough for me to tune into Part II.

Those expecting a television version of Jurassic Park though, need to look elsewhere as this series has a weird Blade Runner-LOST-Lost World thing going on that, for the most part, makes for some pretty interesting conflicts and contrasts. Too bad Stephen Lang is essentially re-hashing his Avatar role because he's such a wonderful actor and, well perfect for his part on the show. Watching him and Jason O'Mara on-screen together is almost reason enough to tune-in and keep watching. Check out the previews and gauge for yourself. You going to visit Terra Nova?

Terra Nova - Fox Fall Preview

Terra Nova - Newscast: Population Control

Terra Nova - Newscast: No Human Life by 2182

Terra Nova - Newscast: The Tenth Pilgimage

Catch the two-hour premiere of Terra Nova on September 26 at 8 p.m. on Fox.
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