Will Fifty Shades Of Grey Movie Cause A Delay For The Fall Season 2 Production?

By Kelly West 3 years ago discussion comments
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Will Fifty Shades Of Grey Movie Cause A Delay For The Fall Season 2 Production? image
With a last-minute casting shuffle to delay production of the anticipated feature adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey, will fans of the BBC2 series The Fall be waiting even longer to see the second season of the crime drama? That question has been raised, since Fifty Shades of Grey star Jamie Dornan plays a key role in The Fall, which was said to be going back into production next February.

UKís Mirror raised the topic this week after word broke that the Fifty Shades of Grey movieís production was being delayed a month to allow Dornan prepare for the role. The film was supposed to start shooting in November, but with Dornan just cast to play the lead role of Christian Grey, theyíre pushing off the start date for the filmís production to December, which may or may not result in a release delay for the film. And then thereís The Fall, which Mirror says was due to start filming on location in Belfast, Northern Ireland at the start of next year.

The site references a tweet from The Fall actor Emmett J. Scanlon, who mentioned the showís anticipated production start earlier this month:

Itís possible that Fiftyís production will wrap up before Dornan needs hop back across the pond to return to his role as serial killer Paul Spector for The Fallís second season, but it seems like itíd be a crunch either way, and a problem if there are any more delays with the production of Fifty.

Dornan is one of two leads in The Fall, which also stars Gillian Anderson as Stella Gibson, a detective who takes on the serial killer investigation, while Dornanís Spector is the man stalking and killing women in Northern Ireland. The first season consists of just five episodes and is split between the investigation on Gibsonís side of things, and Spectorís murders. As Spector has a wife and kids who have no idea what heís getting up to at night, and he works as a grief counselor, thereís an extra layer of suspense there as we see this guy living a double life. Dornanís pretty great in it, and given that he plays a key role in the series, which left off with a cliffhanger at the end of Season 1, itís hard to imagine the show being able to move forward without him.

If thereís a production delay for The Fall as the result of a production delay for Fifty Shades of Grey, letís hope itís not a big one, as viewers are likely eager to see where the drama picks up. Season 1 debuted in the U.K. in mid-May, and arrived on Netflix in the U.S. within weeks. Itís still available on Netflix streaming, and you can catch it on DVD as well.

We'll be sure to post an update if we hear anything about The Fall's production.
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