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How To Watch The Walking Dead Season 7 Premiere Streaming
Tonight, The Walking Dead will finally make its Season 7 debut. By this point in the year, TWD fans are usually clamoring for new episodes, but anticipation is even higher this season thanks to the giant cliffhanger that Season 6 ended on
The Marvel Superhero The Tick Will Parody
Amazon's new superhero series The Tick can target plenty of comic book characters from DC and Marvel that are perfect for parodying, and Season 1 will feature an epic hero parody that could be hilarious.
The Tick And Two More Ordered To Series At Amazon
Amazon has been a busy bee when it comes to the creation of TV series over the past several pilot cycles. This time around, the subscription streaming service has decided three of its pilots will be going to series.
When Jeremy Clarkson And Co.'s Amazon Show Will Premiere
For a show with speedy vehicles at its disposal, Jeremy Clarkson's latest project The Grand Tour has surely taken some time in getting itself ready for a viewing audience. But now we know when it'll get here.
Hand Of God Canceled By Amazon, Will Not Return For Season 3
For a while streaming services seemed like ideal outlets, not only because they were a different medium featuring commercial freedom but also because they were mostly protected from the cancellation cycle that cable and especially network TV is in.
Crisis In Six Scenes Trailer: Woody Allen's New Series Looks Quirky And Amusing
Woody Allen made headlines when he signed on to do his first TV project with a series on Amazon. Now, the trailer for Crisis in Six Scenes has hit the web, and it's definitely worth checking out.
Caitlyn Jenner’s Role On Transparent Season 3 Revealed
Season 3 of Amazon's Transparent will feature a cameo by Caitlyn Jenner herself. Now we know what her role will consist of.
Game Of Thrones' Robb Stark Has A Crazy New Show, Get The Details
It's always nice when we get to see some of our favorite actors on screen again, even if they aren't playing the characters we know them for the best. Now, actor Richard Madden, who brought Robb Stark to life on Game of Thrones, has found himself a new role in a crazy new show.
The Real Reason Jeremy Clarkson's New Show Is So Expensive To Produce
Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson and producer Andy Wilman know a thing or two about that, and they're learning some even bigger lessons with the upcoming Amazon series The Grand Tour. Here's why that show is so pricey.
The Departed May Become A TV Series, Get The Details
Martin Scorsese's 2006 Oscar-winning crime drama may soon make the jump to the small screen. Get the details.
Jean-Claude Van Damme's New TV Show Has A Surprisingly Hilarious Trailer, Watch It Now
Jean-Claude Van Damme is currently promoting an Amazon comedy called Jean-Claude Van Johnson, and the first trailer for it dropped today. Watch in wonderment at one of the most athletic actors of our day selecting some Pop Tarts.
The Jack Ryan TV Show Is Moving Forward, Here's What We Know
We've just learned that the long-awaited Jack Ryan TV series has officially received the green light and will soon begin production.
Why Jeremy Clarkson's New Series Isn't Headed To Netflix
When Jeremy Clarkson was initially fired by the BBC and his two onscreen pals Richard Hammond and James May ultimately opted to follow him out the door, the three men seemed destined for another car show.
What The Walking Dead's David Morrissey Is Doing Next
David Morrissey made his mark on American TV as the unforgettable Walking Dead villain known as the Governor. The Governor is dead, but Morrissey's TV career is very much alive now that he's landed another gig.
Check Out The Tick In Amazon’s Planned Reboot
Fans of the wacky comic book adaptation The Tick have been waiting on more news from the Amazon reboot of the series. Now, we finally have a look at the new version of the nutty big blue hero.
Kevin Smith’s Buckaroo Banzai TV Show Might Have Finally Found A Home
If you're a fan of the cult classic Buckaroo Banzai, then you were probably pretty happy to hear that director Kevin Smith was working on a TV version. Now, it looks like his show may have finally found a home.
Gilmore Girls Creator Has Another Show In The Works, Here's What We Know
I’m sure there were many people out there hoping Amy Sherman-Palladino’s first project after the Gilmore Girls revival would be a similar return to Bunheads, but that’s not the case here.
Transparent Renewed For Season 4 At Amazon
Generally, a TV series has to wait for ratings evaluations before its fate can be decided, but that's not so much the case with Transparent, which is getting another season before its current one even airs.
Kelsey Grammer Is Headed Back To TV, Get The Details
Kelsey Grammer made us laugh on Cheers and Frasier for many TV seasons in the eighties and nineties, but in more recent years, he’s had trouble landing a TV series that has stuck. He may find better success with his next project.
What Jeremy Clarkson And Co.'s Amazon Car Show Is Going To Be Called
Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond have been putting together a TV show for Amazon for months and months now. The series is so far into development that the series is already filming for the subscription streaming service. However, there’s one thing the series has lacked: a name.
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