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What Nathan Fillion Is Doing Now That Castle Is Over
It's been a whole month since Castle took its final bow as part of ABC's schedule. Luckily, Nathan Fillion has a few other projects that are brewing. Here's what we know.
The Most Disappointing Finales On TV This Year
As we head into the summer TV season, there remains a thick sheen of disappointment from all of the lackluster season (and series) finales that are still fresh on our memories from the 2015-2016 season. Here are the biggest offenders.
The Weird Way Castle Will Continue
Castle may have aired its final episode on ABC, but recent news indicates it ain't over until it's over. You can find out what is going on with Castle, here.
6 Recently Cancelled Shows That Need To Find New Networks ASAP
Things got incredibly hectic for the broadcast networks in the past couple of weeks. Here are 6 of those recently cancelled shows that need to find homes on different networks as quickly as possible, before everyone involved finds new jobs that make it impossible.
The Real Reasons Castle Was Cancelled
Although knowing the reasons why a particular show was cancelled doesn’t help with the sting of the cancellation axe all that much, it does at least help our fangirl and fanboy brains comprehend why the decision had to be made. So, without further ado, here are the real reasons Castle was cancelled.
How Castle's Finale Would Have Ended If It Had Been Renewed For Season 9
It’s hard to believe that Castle is over and done with. Just a few short days ago, we were pretty confident that the ABC drama was looking to greenlight a renewal. A few short days later, not only has the series been cancelled but it has also officially and firmly ended its run.
The Castle Finale's Big Death Wasn't What We Expected
Spoilers for the Castle finale are below. Do not read on if you still need to catch up
Nathan Fillion Had The Best Reaction To Castle's Cancellation
For the first time since 2009, actor Nathan Fillion will be without the show that turned the fan favorite actor into a TV mainstay, and his reaction was a slice of fried gold.
Castle's Stana Katic Penned Fans A Heartfelt Message After Show's Cancellation
ABC had some bad news for Castle fans when it announced that the show was cancelled after eight seasons. Luckily, star Stana Katic has some lovely words that may help soften the blow.
Castle Cancelled, There Will Be No Season 9
ABC and Castle caught some major backlash from fans recently for announcing that star Stana Katic was being released. Well, now it's been decided that no one is coming back for Season 9.
Another Castle Star Has Signed On For Season 9
ABC has yet to renew Castle for a ninth season, but the show has been taking steps over the last several weeks to figure out the contracts for members of its cast. Sadly, this has led to the departure of some and the renewals of others. Here's who is coming back.
Is Castle About To Give Fans A Major Tragedy? Here's The Evidence
There is one irrefutable fact about Castle’s upcoming Season 9 finale. The fact is that Stana Katic is leaving Castle and the actress is leaving Castle soon. And it may not end well for her character.
Nathan Fillion Is Back For Castle, So Why Isn't The Show Renewed?
ABC's Castle's future has been up in the air for a while. Star Nathan Fillion has signed on for a Season 9, but the network has yet to announce a renewal or cancellation. Now, we know why.
The First Look At Stana Katic's Final Castle Episode Is Emotional
ABC has not yet made a statement regarding whether or not Castle will be returning to the schedule for Season 9. Regardless, whether or not Rick Castle is back on the case next fall, we've got images from the emotional finale.
How Nathan Fillion Feels About Stana Katic Leaving Castle
Yesterday, we learned that Stana Katic and Tamala Jones are officially leaving the ABC drama. Obviously, a lot of people were affected by the bad news, and this morning Castle lead Nathan Fillion shared his own feelings on the creative changes. Here’s what he had to say:
The Castle Scene The Producers Hope Won't Make The Air
Usually a TV show's showrunners want you to see every scene that their show has to offer, but the guys behind Castle have one scene that they're hoping no one ever lays any eyes on.
Castle Is Losing A Major Player, Get The Details
While ABC has opted to renew Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and a slew of other staples, Castle is not currently on the list. Instead, it’s in limbo, along with several other shows like Agent Carter, Nashville and Galavant. Now a cast member is leaving, but probably not for the reasons you would guess.
Castle Is Bringing In Another Firefly Star
For its eighth season, Castle is reuniting Firefly alum Nathan Fillion with one of his old cast members. Check out which former shipmate of the Serenity will be stopping by to lend Castle a hand.
Has Castle Turned A Corner In The Ratings?
If you’ve been keeping tabs on ABC’s long-running series Castle, you probably know that Season 8 has not been the best for the procedural but something very odd happened this week.
14 TV Shows Right On The Bubble Between Cancellation And Renewal
This spring, we’ve culled through all of the big TV shows on the major networks and have come up with a list of programs that are hurting in the ratings and very well may not be on the schedule when the new season kicks off. Here's what we know.
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