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The Crazy Story Behind Milhouse's Creation On The Simpsons
The Simpsons has given viewers one of the biggest character ensembles in all of fiction, and you might not know that Milhouse Van Houten has an origin story outside of Springfield.
Why The Simpsons Predicts The Future So Often, According To A College Professor
In the past 27 years, The Simpsons has gotten a lot right about the future, and the reason for such things isn't all that complicated, according to one college professor.
How Gotham Totally Screwed Jim Gordon
For tonight's episode, Gotham put Jim front and center, and he ended up in what is arguably his most damning predicament yet. Here's what happened!
A Bones Character Is Heading To Fox’s Rosewood
Fox has had pretty good luck with using characters from more popular shows to help bolster slightly less popular shows. If you can remember back a little bit, you may remember the Bones and Sleepy Hollow crossover that shouldn't have worked but did.
8 Big Reasons Why Pitch Needs To Be Renewed
Fox debuted one of the most unique new series of Fall 2016 with Pitch, and it has delivered in every episode. Unfortunately, Fox hasn't yet renewed Pitch for a second season. Here are 8 reasons why the show deserves to come back.
Will Barbara Become Harley Quinn On Gotham? Here's What Erin Richards Says
Gotham's Barbara Kean has long sparked comparisons to Harley Quinn, and actress Erin Richards recently spoke with CinemaBlend about if that could happen.
New Girl's Creator Is Putting Together A New Show With A Strange Premise
Fox found a major success with New Girl. Now, the network is taking a chance that creator Liz Meriwether has enough of a magic touch to create another comedy hit.
Gotham Just Signed On An Awesome Dexter Actor
Gotham has introduced plenty of new characters in Season 3. Now, the show has tapped one of the most memorable Dexter actors for what could be a killer role in the near future.
Why Barbara Just Changed Everything On Gotham, According To Erin Richards
Actress Erin Richards recently spoke with CinemaBlend about Barbara's actions in the latest Gotham episode, and she explained what we can expect to see in the future.
Hockey Great Wayne Gretzky Is Heading To The Simpsons
After 28 years, one would think that just about everyone who was a household name in the 1990s would have appeared on The Simpsons, but no. Wayne Gretzky can finally add his name to the list.
We Can't Get Over How Morbid This New Simpsons Couch Gag Is
The Simpsons is no stranger to getting dark and weird, and this weekend's couch gag is perhaps the most morbid sequences in The Simpsons' long history.
Rumer Willis Just Landed A Gig On A Major TV Show
As the daughter of two highly successful silver screen stars, Rumer Willis has been in the entertainment industry for the majority of her life, and she just landed the biggest TV gig of her 20+ years in the industry.
Is Meg From Family Guy Coming Out? Here's The Latest
Family Guy is currently in its 15th season, and it sometimes feels like the series is running low on new stories for the Griffin family, particularly Meg. But that all might change.
The Bones Final Season Trailer Is Thrilling And Emotional
Bones is returning for one final season on Fox. While the long-running series was kept off of Fox's fall schedule, it will be returning, finally, at midseason, and this week the network gave us the first look at Bones Season 12.
The Problems Family Guy Is Facing, According To Its Showrunner
Showrunner and executive producer Alec Sulkin has shined some light on the troubles that the self-aware Family Guy team is dealing with.
Fuller House's Steve Has A New Show In The Works
Full House fans got a treat when Scott Weinger reprised his role as Steve for Fuller House. As it turns out, Weinger has more on his plate than the Netflix series.
Did Gotham Just Set A Character Up To Die Soon?
Always proving its distinction as one of TV's most bizarre dramas, Gotham spent tonight's episode focused on three stories, and one of them has seemingly put one character on a doom-filled path.
How Robin Lord Taylor Feels About Those Gotham Fans Who Are Mad About Penguin's Sexuality
Perhaps the most shocking spin of Gotham's third season comes courtesy of Oswald "Penguin" Cobblepot and his new love. Actor Robin Lord Taylor has words for anyone who has a problem with it, too.
Why The Simpsons Called Donald Trump As President Years Ago
The Simpsons has been incredibly good at predicting things over the years, and recently we brought you a clip of the time that the long-running animated Fox comedy predicted that Donald Trump would one day win the presidency.
The Simpsons Predicted Donald Trump's Presidency Years Ago
While South Park has spent much of the season poking fun at a potential Donald Trump presidency via a Mr. Garrison plotline featuring an egregious fake tan, it turns out, another animated comedy may have beat them to the punchline.
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