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How The Exorcist TV Show Relates To The Movie
Last night's episode of The Exorcist revealed how it specifically connects to the events of the original film.
Ratings Roundup: The Best And The Worst For Each Major Network So Far
There are some fall shows that are faring way better than others, and we've decided to compile a list of network TV's best and worst to give you a taste of which of your favorite shows are doing well and which aren't
The Simpsons Is The Second Primetime Show To Air 600 Episodes, So What Was The Other?
The Simpsons is only the second primetime series to air 600 episodes. Can you guess the first show to reach that benchmark?
Two Times Simpsons Producer Al Jean Thought The Show Was Cancelled
The Simpsons is about to make history with its 600th TV episode, which airs on Fox on Sunday night. However, while the show has become an institution for the network, things haven't always been so certain for The Simpsons.
How To View The Simpsons VR Couch Gag: Planet Of The Couches
Sunday night marks a major milestone for The Simpsons, as the series is celebrating its 600th episode. Insane. What's more, tonight's episode is the 27th installment of the annual Treehouse of Horror. Naturally, The Simpsons has to step up its game with its couch gag, which is where the VR experience comes in.
Showtime At The Apollo Is Returning To TV With Steve Harvey
Showtime at the Apollo was a long-running talent competition that discovered some of the best comedic and musical performers in showbiz. Now, it's making a primetime comeback, and the details are pretty exciting.
Lethal Weapon Just Got Some Great News
Fox's Lethal Weapon had the potential to be a huge flop as a reimagining of a beloved film franchise. The show has done well so far, and it just got some fantastic news.
The Simpsons Predicted The Newest Nobel Prize Winner 6 Years Ago
Just a few short days ago, Oliver Hart and Bengt Holmström earned one of the most distinguished prizes when they took home the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences for what they have contributed to contract theory.
The Court Of Owls Just Made Its Boldest Move Yet On Gotham And We Can't Get Enough
Gotham has been upping the ante in Season 3 thanks to the increasingly evident interferences from the Court of Owls. The Court made its boldest move yet in the latest episode, and it's shaping up to be pretty awesome.
A Dead Character Is Returning To Sleepy Hollow
Fox's Sleepy Hollow is making some big changes heading into Season 4, and now it may be making the biggest yet.
The Simpsons Is Giving Fans The Greatest Couch Gag Ever, Here's What To Expect
With 27+ seasons of excellent couch gags in its wake, The Simpsons would have seemingly already hit its peak when it came to the ever-changing opening segment, but this new one takes the cake.
Stop The Presses, The Parents Television Council Found Something They Actually Like
The Parents Television Television Council is notorious for panning just about everything that can be deemed racy or inappropriate. In a surprise twist, the PTC actually found something to celebrate in the fall 2016 premiere schedule.
The New Girl And Brooklyn Nine Nine Crossover Has A Trailer And This Thing Might Actually Work
Over the past several years, it's become more important for the major networks to try and find ways to get audiences to tune in live. One way the network has done this is by creating crossover events that engage the fans of multiple shows.
Even Gotham Is Making Ridiculous Donald Trump References, Here's What Happened
Coming hot on the heels of Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump impression on Saturday Night Live is Gotham's own ridiculous nod to the current Republican candidate.
Gordon Ramsay Has A Crazy New Cooking Show Coming
Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay has a brand new cooking show on the way, and it sounds absolutely awesome. Get the details!
How Gotham Is Keeping The Joker Mystery Alive
Gotham has been especially intriguing when it comes to how it's handling The Joker's origins, and an upcoming episode might be our first hint at his return in Season 3.
M. Night Shyamalan Is Getting Into Animated Comedy, Get The Details
When most of us think of M. Night Shyamalan, we probably don't think of comedies. That may soon change as the man known for his supernatural films and twist endings is delving into animated comedy with a show unlike anything else on TV.
What Kiefer Sutherland Misses Most About 24
Kiefer Sutherland brought a new brand of action hero to the small screen as Jack Bauer in the 24 franchise. He's moved on from the show that made him a TV star, but it turns out that there's something he really misses about his time on 24.
Gotham's 5 Craziest Moments From Burn The Witch
Gotham has spent the last two seasons proving that its boundaries are few and far between, and tonight's episode is letting everyone run wild. Here were the 5 craziest moments.
How The Simpsons Is Managing To Dominate In Season 28
At this point in its run, it's impossible to really compare The Simpsons to anything else on TV, but somehow it's continuing to earn its place on Fox's schedule. Check out how well the Season 28 premiere did.
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