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Could An OC Reunion Happen? Here’s What One Star Said

With all the remakes, reboots, and reunions popping up these days, is The O.C. next in line to return to TV screens? Here's what Rachel Bilson had to say about The O.C. coming back.

How Awkward Mila Kunis And Ashton Kutcher's First Kiss Was On That 70s Show

Current couple Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis shared their first kiss on That 70s Show. But it was far more awkward than romantic.

The Simpsons Got A Hilarious Rap Song From Lil Yachty

I wasn't ready for this Simpsons-themed rap song to be so good, but it is. Check it out!

Watch Mike Tyson Dance And Ask Ridiculous Questions On Outtakes From Fox's Superhuman

Hilarious new outtakes from FOX's SUPERHUMAN shows Mike Tyson dancing like a maniac and asking utterly bizarre questions to the contestants. Check it out!

The Exorcist Season 2 Will Have Some Huge Casting Changes

Fox renewed freshman horror series The Exorcist for a second season, but it won't bring everybody from Season 1 back for another round.

24: Legacy Cancelled By Fox, But It's Not All Bad News

Fox has finally made the big decision about the future of 24: Legacy. While it won't be back, there is some good news.

15 Things You Really Shouldn't Overthink About Gotham

Gotham has delivered tons of shocking moments, and arguably even more unintentionally questionable moments. As such, here are 15 things fans shouldn't overthink about Gotham.

One Gotham Plotline We Hope Is Deeper Than It Seemed To Be

Gotham Season 3 has officially come to an end, and there's one particular plot that will hopefully be much deeper in Season 4 to open the series up to some of the best Bat-stories of DC Comics history.

Gotham's Finale Just Revealed One Character Is Actually A Major Batman Villain

The third season of Gotham just came to an end with a crazy two-hour finale that revealed one character is really a major villain from Batman's comic history.

Gotham's Finale Was Full Of Deaths, Twists And Sweet Batman References

Gotham's big Season 3 finale delivered two of the most action-packed and twisty hours of TV that fans could possibly handle. Here's everything that went down.

The Big Gotham Villain That Is Probably Returning In Season 4

Gotham has brought in some pretty legendary villain of DC Comics fame. Now we know of one who will probably come back when the show returns for Season 4.

Mark-Paul Gosselaar Already Has Another TV Show, And It Totally Has Vampires In It

Pitch may be over, but Mark-Paul Gosselaar fans won't have to wait long at all to see the actor back on TV. And if you wanted to see him with vampires, this is a double win.

Gotham Does Something Cool With Its Costumes You Might Not Have Noticed

When CinemaBlend recently spoke with David Mazouz, the actor shared a pretty awesome trick that the costume department uses with the characters.

Why The Prison Break Finale Went With That Shocking Death

The big finale of the Prison Break revival has officially aired, and it resulted in some pretty heartbreaking twists for fans. Now, we know just why some of the heartbreak had to happen.

How Gotham Could Crossover With The Arrow-Verse, According To One Star

One particular Gotham star seems to think that a crossover with the Arrow-verse is possible. This is how it could work.

When Gotham Will Introduce Harley Quinn, According To One Star

One aspect of Gotham that has been a popular subject since Season 2 is the possibility of Harley Quinn stepping onto the scene, and now one actor has revealed when we'll see everyone's favorite Batman femme fatale.

The Gotham Relationship That Will Become Very Important As The Season Concludes

As Gotham brings Season 3 to a close, some characters will see their relationship brought to the breaking point.

Watch Homer Simpson Getting Inducted Into The Baseball Hall Of Fame

Homer Simpson has had a lot of jobs in his life, but none of them have brought an honor quite like getting inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame. Watch the induction here!

Why More Gilmore Girls On Netflix Just Got A Lot More Likely

Good news for those looking to go back to Stars Hollow.

Fox News Is Losing Another One Of Its Hosts

No, this isn't old news, Fox News is losing yet another one of its hosts. Here's what happened.

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