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A Saved By The Bell Star Is Recreating That Show's Best Moment On Family Guy
TV's latest and greatest pop culture wormhole will come in the form of a Family Guy gag dedicated to a truly iconic scene from the always reference-worthy Saved by the Bell, with one original star reprising their character.
Why Gotham Doesn't Operate Like Other Comic Book-Shows
Comic-based TV shows are all the rage nowadays, but one stands out as distinctly different from the others. Gotham is in a class of its own, and the showrunner has a good reason why he keeps it that way.
Why Superhero TV Shows Don't Work, According To Gotham's Creator
Gotham is heading into its third season after ending Season 2 on pure madness, and while creator Bruno Heller doesn't mind embracing the do-anything side of comic storytelling, he is most certainly not a fan of standard superhero TV shows.
Saturday Night Live's Cheri Oteri Is Heading To TV In A Big Way
Over the years SNL has consistently groomed some of the best comedians to ever grace the small and silver screens. Some of these comics have retired from the stage, but plenty more remain quite active to this day.
Why Gotham Gave Us That Big Jerome Cliffhanger At The End Of Season 2
Gotham's proto-Joker was one of the show's biggest strengths, and his absence has been quite the sore spot. Now, we know why the show dished up his possible return in that crazy cliffhanger.
Check Out The Mad Hatter’s Lair In New Gotham Image
Check out the first good look at The Mad Hatter's undeniably creepy lair on the upcoming season of Gotham.
Watch: This Fan-Made Firefly Trailer Will Give You All The Feels
Fox's short-lived cowboy western has a major legacy for two reasons: it was cancelled too soon and it has an incredibly loyal fanbase. One fan put together a Firefly trailer that is destined to give any Browncoat a major case of the feels.
Why Gotham's Court Of Owls Is So Fascinating, According To One Producer
Gotham introduced a whole bunch of new villains in Season 2, and some of the most mysterious are the members of the Court of Owls. The Court should play a big role in Season 3, and they'll evidently be pretty interesting.
One Gotham Actor Wants Clark Kent To Make An Appearance
Gotham is scooping up Batman characters left and right, so why not throw a little pre-teen Superman in there as well? One Gotham actor is dreaming of a crossover with the Boy of Steel.
Gotham Is Bringing Back A Fan Favorite Character, Get The Details
Gotham has seen a ton of characters come and go throughout its first two seasons. Luckily for us, one of the best characters is going to be making a return to the FOX drama.
John Stamos Looks Perfect In The First Scream Queens Teaser
John Stamos will bring his handsomeness to Scream Queens Season 2 as a doctor at a mental hospital. Just how handsome is he? Watch the video to find out.
What To Expect From Poison Ivy In Gotham Season 3
Major changes are coming to the character of Ivy Pepper on the coming season of Gotham, and it's not just her appearance.
Why Gotham Regularly Makes Changes From The Source Material
Comic TV shows are all the rage right now. Gotham on Fox has found a way to set itself apart from other series in the genre in some key ways.
David Duchovny Is Teasing More X-Files In The Cutest Way Possible
Fans of The X-Files have had a pretty great year since Season 10 hit the airwaves and scored fabulous ratings. Now, star David Duchovny is teasing a possible Season 11 in the cutest way imaginable.
Why The Exorcist TV Show Will Be Different From The Sequels, According To The Creator
People have been trying for a while now to get a TV version of The Exorcist off the ground - in a non-levitating manner - but now it's finally happening. And the show's creator explained why this won't just be a horror sequel.
Two Batman Villains Gotham Is Definitely Bringing To Season 3
Two more iconic Batman foes will get in on the action during the third season of Gotham when the series returns this fall.
Why Fox Decided To Renew Sleepy Hollow For Season 4
Despite some major casting shake-ups, Sleepy Hollow still managed to nab a Season 4 renewal order at Fox and the network recently explained why the show earned that elusive Season 4 renewal
A New Girl And Brooklyn Nine-Nine Crossover Is Happening, Get The Details
Even with all of the interconnected universes in pop culture, it's still always a pretty big event whenever two TV shows decide to merge for a crossover episode. And now it's happening with two of Fox's most popular comedies.
Will Gotham Introduce Harley Quinn? Here's What The Executive Producer Says
This past weekend let loose the DC Comics villainous superteam Suicide Squad for a film that squashed the shit out of the competition at the box office. Does its success mean a certain female standout will appear on Gotham in the future?
The Unexpected Change Fox Is Making With Its Lethal Weapon Ads
Fox's Lethal Weapon will be a small screen take on a premise that was a major hit on the big screen. As it turns out, however, the early ads for the new series may not be what many expected from a Lethal Weapon series.
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