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What Kiefer Sutherland Misses Most About 24
Kiefer Sutherland brought a new brand of action hero to the small screen as Jack Bauer in the 24 franchise. He's moved on from the show that made him a TV star, but it turns out that there's something he really misses about his time on 24.
Gotham's 5 Craziest Moments From Burn The Witch
Gotham has spent the last two seasons proving that its boundaries are few and far between, and tonight's episode is letting everyone run wild. Here were the 5 craziest moments.
How The Simpsons Is Managing To Dominate In Season 28
At this point in its run, it's impossible to really compare The Simpsons to anything else on TV, but somehow it's continuing to earn its place on Fox's schedule. Check out how well the Season 28 premiere did.
The Incredible Way The Last Man On Earth Tied In To Mad Men
In its Season 3 premiere "General Breast Theme with Cobras," The Last Man on Earth had a get-a-drink-and-you'll-miss-it connection to one of the most acclaimed dramas of all time, and it was amazing.
Ratings Roundup: How The First Season Shows Are Doing
Fall TV hit the schedule in full swing this past week, and the major networks released a slew of brand news series. As happens every year, some have fared better than others and the first week is still a good indication of what people wanted to tune in for and what they didn't.
FXX's Upcoming Simpsons Marathon Will Be The Longest In History, Here's Why
Woohoo! We hope you have nothing to do around Thanksgiving because The Simpsons are about to make TV history with the longest marathon ever.
Why Glee Was Sometimes Miserable For Ryan Murphy
All things considered, Glee was a pretty happy show (it's in the title), but that doesn't mean it wasn't without behind-the-scenes turbulence. Hit the jump to find out why Ryan Murphy both loved and hated the show.
Son of Zorn Review: Fun Premise Isn't Enough To Save This Basic Sitcom
At this point, FOX is known for their animated shows. Family Guy, The Simpsons and Bob's Burgers have all been on for longer than most people would have imaged. Now there's Son of Zorn, a new partially animated show that leaves that legacy behind.
The Exorcist Review: Fox's TV Remake Is A Scary Good Time
With all the remakes and revivals currently on TV and in development, it's hard to immediately get excited about each new one that comes along. But definitely get excited about The Exorcist. Or else.
How Empire's Season 3 Premiere Handled That Big Cliffhanger
Much like every single opinion Cookie Lyons ever had, Empire was quick and to the point when it came to addressing the aftermath of that wild as all hell Season 2 cliffhanger.
Pitch Review: Fox's New Baseball Show Is Full Of Honesty But Short On Personality
Right now, it's the Kylie Bunbury show, and baseball teams that only rely on one player don't tend to get very far.
How Jack Bauer Could Return
The upcoming companion series 24: Legacy has everyone in the mood for more Jack Bauer, and while Kiefer Sutherland has been wishy-washy about reprising the role in the past, he has something of a new stance.
What Happened After Firefly Was Cancelled During The Last 3 Days Of Shooting
Firefly may be the most infamous example of a TV show that was cancelled too soon, and even people today who have never seen a single episode know the story of its premature ending. Unfortunately for the cast, the cancellation order came while they were still filming.
Why Batman Shouldn't Be On Gotham, According To One  Actor
while some TV goers have praised Gotham for being a largely original story, many die hard DC fans have been anxious for the introduction of a full fledged Batman, Joker, Harley Quinn, and all of the other favorites. However, one Gotham actor doesn't think Batman is at all necessary.
The Amazing Firefly Scene That Never Got Filmed, According To Nathan Fillion
Firefly was a great little series that ended far too soon, and fans may never seen any more of what Captain Reynolds and Co. get up to in their space travels. Now, Nathan Fillion has revealed a big scene that could have happened, and it would have been awesome.
Is Two-Face Coming To Gotham Soon? Here's What We Know
Gotham is unleashing a slew of villains in Season 3, many of them Hugo Strange's horrifying experiments. But it sounds like we might get another iconic villain on the way in Two-Face.
How One Villain Completely Changed Gotham Season 3
Gotham has fully embraced its subtitled arcs, and while Season 3 began with the story of heroes falling, one villain caused the creative team to completely redirect the plot.
Why Fox Is Suing Netflix
Things have gotten pretty tense between streaming giant Netflix and programming giant 21st Century Fox. Recently, the latter filed suit against the former, and we now know why.
Lethal Weapon Review: Fox's Reboot Shows Great Promise, But Isn't A Bullseye Yet
Does FOX's Lethal Weapon series live up to the reputation of the film series that inspired it? Check out our review and get the details!
The Simpsons Is Bringing Another Dead Character Back, Get The Details
After nearly 600 episodes, The Simpsons hasn't dealt with continuity all that often, but it has been good about keeping dead characters dead. Get ready to see one of those characters coming back.
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