Could Justified Come Back To TV? Here's What Walton Goggins Says
If Walton Goggins delivered the news to me that I was dying, I don't think I could meet my maker with a bigger smile on my face. The actor has quite the way with words and delivering those words, so anything he declares about his fabulous former TV home Justified is going to be eagerly embraced by our ear canals.
American Horror Story Season 6: What We Know So Far
With American Horror Story: Hotel nearly a memory, it's time to start looking forward to the next assortment of evil creators and gory special effects. Here's everything we know about American Horror Story Season 6.
Should We Be Worried That American Horror Story Season 6 Still Hasn't Revealed Anything?
American Horror Story has only just this week released the first official artwork for Season 6, while all previous seasons had given audiences themes and details much earlier in the year. Should we be worried?
American Crime Story Season 2 Is Picking A Few Actors To Bring Back
American Crime Story was a big success on FX earlier in 2016. The new drama from Ryan Murphy followed the story of the O.J. Simpson trial during its first season on the air, and a slew of big names signed on to the series to portray the real-life individuals who were involved with the case.
How I Met Your Mother's Mother Is Getting A New Show, Get The Details
After playing the titular Mother during the final season of the CBS comedy, Milioti hopped to the short-lived NBC comedy A to Z and then to Fargo, where she was awesome but had a much smaller role. Now, it seems she'll get the chance to play a leading lady once more.
American Horror Story Season 6 Is Bringing Back A Coven Actor
We’re assumedly just over four months away from another season of American Horror Story, and we have just over zero ideas about what to expect from it. But we know WHO to expect.
Will Legion Actually Tie In With The X-Men Movies?
Legion has been officially ordered to FX, but will the series tie in at all to the X-Men movies. Here’s what showrunner Noah Hawley says.
The X-Men TV Show Legion Just Got Ordered To Series
After years of exclusively existing on the silver screen, the X-Men side of the Marvel library will soon make its way to the world of television for the new drama Legion, which has just been ordered for Season 1.
Will Jessica Lange Return For American Horror Story Season 6? Here's What She Says
Something American Horror Story fans have been wondering about is whether or not actress Jessica Lange might choose Season 6 to be the time she returns to the ensemble genre-bender. She has an answer.
The Americans Renewed And Cancelled At The Same Time, Here's What We Know
Bittersweet news for fans of The Americans, as FX has made some big decisions. The show will definitely be returning next year, but there's another part of the network's plan that isn't quite as positive.
Ewan McGregor Just Landed His First Major TV Role In The U.S., And It Sounds Bonkers
Recent years have seen waves of actors and actresses making the jump from the big screen to TV for big roles, and Ewan McGregor is joining that club for an intriguing role. Or roles.
Could Even More Sons Of Anarchy Shows Be On The Way?
Earlier today, FX announced that it would be moving a step forward with the in-development Sons of Anarchy spinoff centering on the Mayan M.C. But one SAMCRO co-star is hinting that this world is getting expanded in other ways, too.
The Sons Of Anarchy Spinoff Is Officially Moving Forward, Here's What We Know
Following Kurt Sutter’s short-lived tenure heading up the FX series The Bastard Executioner, the Sons of Anarchy creator has started work on an SOA spinoff in earnest. Here's what we know.
Why Louis C.K. Isn't Interested In More Episodes Of Louie
FX has had a huge hit with Louis C.K.'s comedy Louie. Unfortunately, Louie has been off the air since the end of Season 5, and C.K. has some solid reasons for why he's not particularly interested in a Season 6 at this point.
Ryan Murphy Is Taking On A Classic Hollywood Rivalry Because Drama
It’s hard not to get excited whenever a new Ryan Murphy series gets announced. For every The New Normal there’s a Glee or American Crime Story to bring the drama. But what if we told you Ryan Murphy was preparing to develop a brand new anthology TV series
Will Archer And Lana Live Happily Ever After? Here's What Aisha Tyler Thinks
While no generally sane person would ever refer to Archer as a romantic comedy, Sterling Archer and Lana Kane have been one of TV’s best and most dysfunctional couples for years now. Here's what Aisha Tyler thinks their future holds.
The Sons Of Anarchy Spinoff Got Some Good News
No matter how many times I turn my TV to FX on Tuesday nights these days, it isn’t ever a new episode of Sons of Anarchy. But this totally logical cycle might be changing, as the Sons of Anarchy spinoff is in active development.
The Gross Initiation Evan Peters Got On The Set Of American Horror Story
Actor Evan Peters was on a bunch of TV shows before American Horror Story, but none that could properly set him up for the grossness that was to come in his first days on the anthology series.
Dan Harmon Is Producing A New Comedy And It Sounds Even Weirder Than You'd Guess
Dan Harmon is a producer who likes to get involved with different types of TV projects. His latest is another comedy with a pretty strange premise. Check it out.
Why The Americans Killed Off Its Best Character
Spying is a tough business. Although the main characters on The Americans have managed to get through missions without dying, lies, betrayals and plenty of dangers often occur. At least until now.
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