Sarah Paulson's Weirdest American Horror Story Role, According To The Actress
Sarah Paulson has been there for all six seasons of American Horror Story, taking on some truly bizarre roles. When asked about her weirdest season, Paulson provided an American Horror Story-like twist.
The Strain Is Ending, Get The Details
The Strain has brought a special kind of horror to FX with its weekly vampiric scares. The show is officially coming to an end, but fans shouldn't be too upset for one very big reason.
The Strain: Victory May Be Close At Hand For Our Heroes
We may have just seen humanity stumble upon the formula to success against the Strigoi in The Strain. Will it be enough? Read on and judge for yourself.
The Extremes American Horror Story: Roanoke Went Through To Keep The Theme A Secret
American Horror Story's latest theme managed to make it to the premiere without getting spoiled, and it took a lot of effort to make that happen. Here's how it happened.
American Horror Story Is Planning A Secret Season, Here's What We Know
American Horror Story put its sixth season together completely in secret, and it's ridiculously popular, so of course co-creator Ryan Murphy has a super secret season planned.
How American Horror Story: Roanoke Will Tie Into Season 4's Freak Show
After the first two episodes of American Horror Story: Roanoke, it's very clear that everything co-creator Ryan Murphy has said about calling back to past seasons has been in honesty. Here's what we'll get from Freak Show.
American Horror Story: Roanoke Unveiled Some Of The Secrets Behind Its Location
Last week's American Horror Story: Roanoke premiere introduced the central location of a large dwelling troubled by people and spirits, and tonight's episode went deeper into the mystery.
Are We All Wrong About American Horror Story Season 6? Here's What Cuba Gooding Jr. Says
Last week finally brought American Horror Story back to audiences, and with it came the long-anticipated reveal of the season's focus. But what if we don't really know what we think we know about it?
Atlanta And Better Things Renewed For Season 2 On FX
FX debuted two hilarious new comedies earlier this month with Atlanta and Better Things. The network already has some fantastic news for fans of the freshman series: both will be getting a second season!
American Horror Story Is Just Getting More And More Popular
American Horror Story finally let audiences in on what Season 6 is all about when it debuted last week, but did the mystery promotional campaign help the premiere that much?
American Horror Story's Full Timeline Laid Out In One Video
American Horror Story also has frequent crossovers, so the overall timeline of the series is an interconnected web that can be a bit confusing for casual viewers. Until now.
Fargo Season 3 Just Cast A Horror Star In A Major Role, Get The Details
Fargo Season 3 is shaping up to have as great a cast as the other seasons. Check out the awesome actor who will be joining the polite drama in Season 3.
The Crazy Way American Horror Story Is Answering A Big Season 1 Mystery
American Horror Story finally revealed what Season 6 is all about this week, but this series still has many more mysteries. One question from Season 1's Murder House is finally about to be answered.
How American Horror Story: My Roanoke Nightmare Connects To Season 1
American Horror Story's sixth year pretty much defied expectations during each minute of its premiere, which made good on Ryan Murphy's promise of incorporating past seasons, especially the first one.
American Horror Story Season 6: 4 Biggest Shocks From The Premiere
It only took the better part of forever, but American Horror Story finally dropped its sixth season opener on audiences, and it was a doozy of Ryan Murphy proportions in every way. Here are the four biggest shocks from the episode.
American Horror Story Season 6 Finally Revealed Its Theme, And Wow
After so many months of waiting and watching the most bizarre teasers on TV, American Horror Story finally debuted its highly anticipated sixth season. Wanna know what it's about?
American Horror Story Season 6: What We Know So Far
With American Horror Story: Hotel nearly a memory, it's time to start looking forward to the next assortment of evil creators and gory special effects. Here's everything we know about American Horror Story Season 6.
American Horror Story Season 6 Just Added A New Actor To The Cast
This year, more than any other, American Horror Story has kept itself in the dark and away from viewers' prying eyes, but now we know the show has added at least one new actor.
Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll Canceled After Two Seasons On FX
Denis Leary's comedy about a washed up rock star has officially received the axe from FX after two seasons. Get the details!
Better Things Review: FX's New Comedy Is An Extremely Frank And Funny Look At Womanhood
Recurring Louie star Pamela Adlon teamed up with Louis C.K. for the FX comedy Better Things, which gives TV a huge and hilarious dose of female power.
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