The Walking Dead's Laurie Holden Just Landed Her Next Big TV Gig
Laurie Holden was a key member of the Walking Dead ensemble for a few years, but she hasn't done much on TV since leaving the show in 2013. Now, she's landed a brand new gig, and it could be fantastic for her.
American Horror Story: Roanoke's Big Twist Was Just As Crazy As We Hoped
True to Ryan Murphy's word, American Horror Story: Roanoke broke its own story open tonight with a wall-shattering twist. Here's what went down.
How American Horror Story Season 7 Will Connect To Past Seasons
Surprisingly, American Horror Story co-creator Ryan Murphy is already letting details slip about the recently ordered Season 7, and it will unsurprisingly have major and specific ties back to a previous season.
American Crime Story Renewed For Season 3
American Crime Story was a major hit for FX in its first season, and it came as no surprise when a second season was ordered. Now, it has already been renewed for a Season 3 will a pretty intriguing premise.
Ryan Murphy Just Revealed Some Details About American Horror Story: Roanoke's Crazy Twist
American Horror Story: Roanoke has been all about subverting and extinguishing expectations since its basic conception, and co-creator Ryan Murphy has revealed some details about the upcoming mega-twist.
The Strain: A Huge Secret Finally Comes To Light
While last week's episode of The Strain was an action packed war epic, this week's is more of a regrouping of thoughts and emotions. Read on to get updated with this week's actions.
How American Horror Story: Roanoke Tied To Freak Show
For "Chapter 4," American Horror Story: Roanoke kicked the exposition into high gear, and we learned how this season connects to an important element of Freak Show.
10 Great American Horror Story Characters That Need To Come Back In Roanoke
American Horror Story: Roanoke has already called back to past seasons, and co-creator Ryan Murphy promises familiar faces will return. Here are 10 characters we need to see again.
That Time Evan Peters Showed Jessica Lange His Junk On American Horror Story
Lots of weird things happen on American Horror Story every season, but sometimes the most horrifying things go unseen by viewers. But not by Jessica Lange in this case.
American Horror Story Is Already Renewed For Season 7 On FX
FX has just announced that Ryan Murphy's horror anthology series American Horror Story has been renewed for Season 7. All things considered, this is pretty damn early.
The Strain's Tremendous Battle Had Some Unforeseen Consequences
Just when you thought The Strain was letting you catch your breath, tonight's episode came down and stole it away once again. Read on to find out the result of the Battle of Central Park!
When Archer Is Going To End, According To The Creator
Archer creator, Adam Reed, recently revealed how much longer he plans to keep everyone's favorite animated secret agent on television.
Did American Horror Story: Roanoke Tease Its Huge Twist Last Night?
American Horror Story: Roanoke is currently shaping up to be the most interesting yet from a structure standpoint, and in last night's "Chapter 3," there was one moment that seemed to hint at the upcoming mega-twist.
The True Story That Inspired One Of American Horror Story: Roanoke's Storylines
To be expected, American Horror Story: Roanoke has not only pulled in references from the anthology's past seasons, but it is also doing as those seasons did by drawing from real-life incidents.
Sarah Paulson's Weirdest American Horror Story Role, According To The Actress
Sarah Paulson has been there for all six seasons of American Horror Story, taking on some truly bizarre roles. When asked about her weirdest season, Paulson provided an American Horror Story-like twist.
The Strain Is Ending, Get The Details
The Strain has brought a special kind of horror to FX with its weekly vampiric scares. The show is officially coming to an end, but fans shouldn't be too upset for one very big reason.
The Strain: Victory May Be Close At Hand For Our Heroes
We may have just seen humanity stumble upon the formula to success against the Strigoi in The Strain. Will it be enough? Read on and judge for yourself.
The Extremes American Horror Story: Roanoke Went Through To Keep The Theme A Secret
American Horror Story's latest theme managed to make it to the premiere without getting spoiled, and it took a lot of effort to make that happen. Here's how it happened.
American Horror Story Is Planning A Secret Season, Here's What We Know
American Horror Story put its sixth season together completely in secret, and it's ridiculously popular, so of course co-creator Ryan Murphy has a super secret season planned.
How American Horror Story: Roanoke Will Tie Into Season 4's Freak Show
After the first two episodes of American Horror Story: Roanoke, it's very clear that everything co-creator Ryan Murphy has said about calling back to past seasons has been in honesty. Here's what we'll get from Freak Show.
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