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How The Strain Series Finale Wrapped Up The Humans Vs. Strigoi Story

It's the end of The Strain as we know it, and we're feeling fine. Actually, we're not that fine, because the series is now officially over. Here's everything that went down.

How The Strain Will Probably Defeat The Master In The Series Finale

With this weekend marking the series finale of The Strain, we have to wonder just how it'll all end. Well, we think we've figured out part of that, read how we think The Master will be taken down.

The Strain Just Set Up A Crazy And Deadly Series Finale

Tonight was the penultimate episode of The Strain's entire four-season run, and judging by the way it ended, we're in for a hell of a finale. Read on to see why.

Is American Horror Story: Cult Causing AHS Fans To Turn Away?

American Horror Story: Cult debuted this week to numbers that have us worried audiences are turning on the cable hit.

The Hilarious Shout-Out American Horror Story: Cult Got From Mr. Mercedes

Check out this crazy shout-out American Horror Story: Cult got from the Stephen King adaptation Mr. Mercedes.

American Horror Story: Cult's Premiere Finally Explained How The Election And Clowns Are Involved

American Horror Story: Cult premiered, and it wasn't clowning around.

American Horror Story Cult: What We Know So Far

Get your toes ready to curl back into your legs, American Horror Story: Cult is on the way. Here's everything we know about Season 7.

The Strain Loses Another Major Character As It Sets Up An Impossible Decision

The Strain continues to spiral towards its ultimate finale, and this week's massive developments did not go so well for all involved.

New American Horror Story: Cult Video Gives Twisty The Comic Book Treatment

One of AHS' most terrifying villains will be back for Cult, and he just got his own moving comic book.

The Major Way American Horror Story: Cult Is Different From Previous Seasons

American Horror Story: Cult will be breaking some new ground in this franchise in an interesting way.

American Horror Story: Cult Apparently Made Evan Peters Play A Bunch Of Different Cult Leaders

American Horror Story will return to the airwaves in the not-too-distant future with Evan Peters back once more. This time, he'll play a whole bunch of crazy characters.

The Strain Just Ended A Series-Long Conflict In A Big And Deadly Way

The latest episode of The Strain gave fans some huge events to think about, with a couple of notable casualties to boot. Read on for the details.

The Weird Stuff Lena Dunham Will Be Up To In AHS: Cult

Many of the cast's roles are still a mystery, although Murphy just revealed who Lena Dunham will be playing.

First American Horror Story: Cult Trailer Finally Reveals What This Clown-Filled Plot Is All About

The first trailer for Cult reveals how the 2016 Presidential Election will factor into the plot, and features a ton of creepy clowns.

American Horror Story: Cult Just Revealed Its Super-Creepy And Clue-Filled Opening Credits

Are you ready for American Horror Story: Cult? These opening credits should prove it one way or the other.

The Strain Was Surprisingly Full Of Love And Heartaches This Week

Take Love Actually, but remake it in the style of a Guillermo del Toro movie, and that's what this episode of The Strain kind of amounted to, which was pretty awesome.

The Strain Just Delivered The Truth About New Horizons

Without too long left in the final season, The Strain is setting up for its dramatic conclusion with a major piece falling into place this week.

American Crime Story: Katrina Just Made A Bunch Of Big Changes Behind The Scenes

We've known for a while that American Crime Story would cover Hurricane Katrina in an upcoming season, but some big changes behind the scenes mean that it will look quite different than originally announced.

Sons Of Anarchy's Spinoff Mayans MC Is Probably Getting Great News From FX Soon

We've been patiently waiting for more Sons of Anarchy madness, and it sounds like there may be good news on the horizon for the long-gestating spinoff.

FX Has A Commercial-Free Subscription Service Coming For Cord-Cutters

Cable TV is the place to be for some of the most exciting TV shows, and consumers may soon be able to access the best of FX without a traditional cable package.

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