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Game Of Thrones Has Finally Confirmed A Season 7 Character
Game of Thrones often goes through a long round of rumors before each season begins, and it looks like one has turned out to be true for the future.
Does Game of Thrones or Walking Dead Have More Character Deaths? We Now Have An Answer
Many fans have been wondering which series actually contained the most character deaths, especially since this year will be both of their seventh seasons. The mystery has been solved, and the results are pretty fascinating.
The Top Trending TV Shows Of 2016, According To Twitter
Twitter, for all its negative content, offers up tons of intriguing statistics about pop culture, and we now have a list of the top ten trending TV shows that Twitter users obsessed over in 2016. Surprises await you.
Game Of Thrones Actor Peter Vaughan Has Died
Death comes to Game of Thrones frequently, but it's less common that an actor on the hit HBO drama passes away in real life. Regardless, the long-running series employs a variety of actors of all ages on the show.
Is Game Of Thrones Adding A UFC Champion?
Game of Thrones Season 7 is still months away from hitting the airwaves, but spoilers have hit the web ever since the end of Season 6. Some of those spoilers have had to do with casting, and we may be in for someone truly formidable.
Game of Thrones: What To Expect From Theon In Season 7, According To Alfie Allen
Alfie Allen has revealed a bit of what to expect from Theon Greyjoy in Game of Thrones Season 7. And it sounds awesome.
The Top 5 Shows Of 2016, According To Google
2016 is coming to an end, and the time is now to look back at the best and worst of TV over the past year. Check out our breakdown of which shows were the top 5 for Google.
How George R.R. Martin Plans To Finish The Newest Game Of Thrones Book
Season 6 of Game of Thrones marked the series completely surpassing Martin's novels, making new episodes of Game potential spoilers for the books. So when is Martin going to finish the newest book?
How Game of Thrones Is Similar To Stranger Things, According To One Game Actor
While it seems like a medieval fantasy epic and a sci-fi 80's aren't that similar, one Game of Thrones actress sees a ton of similarities between the two hits, despite their juxtaposition.
The Things About Television We're Most Thankful For In 2016
Regardless of how you've felt about what's going on in the world at large, there are many different worlds on our televisions that we have been very thankful for in 2016. Join us in cheering them on!
Game Of Thrones Recapped With Rhymes Is The Best Thing You'll See All Day
A lot has happened over the six seasons of Game of Thrones so far, and it can be hard to remember everything. Luckily, a handy dandy recap video has hit the web, and it even rhymes. Check it out!
One Horrifying Game Of Thrones Theory May Finally Be Dead
One popular fan theory may have finally been denounced, to the joy of Game of Thrones fans.
How Game Of Thrones Got Involved In Lena Headey's Custody Battle
It looks like Cersei's not just involved in the battle for the Iron Throne. The recently crowned head of King's Landing is also currently dealing with a custody battle with her former husband, Peter Loughran.
What's Going On With The Game Of Thrones Spinoff Series
While Game of Thrones is not ending after next season or even after next year, we are reaching the end of the long-running drama, which will air its final episode during Season 8. Talks of a spinoff have been rampant, and HBO is finally addressing them.
A Dastardly Game Of Thrones Character Is Returning For Season 7
Game of Thrones has introduced plenty of bad guys over the first six seasons, and it turns out that one of the most loathsome will be returning for Season 7.
Game Of Thrones Is Bringing A Ton Of Characters Together For One Epic Scene
Game of Thrones fans are stuck in the middle of a hiatus at the moment, but a new leak from set has revealed a scene in the works for Season 7 that will be positively epic.
Game Of Thrones Spoiler Shows A Major Season 7 Alliance Is Definitely Happening
Wildly popular TV shows like Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead may have different plots and air on different networks, but they do have one thing in common: they have to deal with individuals who work doggedly to spoil upcoming plots.
We Finally Know More About One Game Of Thrones Character's Return
Game of Thrones is currently in production for Season 7, and so far we've learned about a few characters that should be returning in the new episodes.
Could Westworld Get A Game Of Thrones Crossover? Here's What The Creators Say
Westworld's theme park location allows for all manner of settings to get showcased, and fans aren't the only ones wondering if Game of Thrones could enter the sci-fi show's future. Here's what the creators say.
Mean Game Of Thrones Fans Forced The Actress Who Played The Waif Off Social Media
Game of Thrones features all different types of characters. Some of these are much closer to villains than heroes, and there is apparently a consequence for playing a less-liked character on the HBO drama: People online hate you.

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