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The Game Of Thrones Actor Who Almost Played Robert Baratheon
Game of Thrones actors are so perfectly fitting, it's hard to imagine others in each role. It turns out one show actor originally sought out the role of Robert Barantheon before Season 1 came together.
Netflix Is Convinced HBO Is About To Make A Major Change
Netflix has had some big ideas, and it has mostly worked out for the company. Now, it seems they have a dream for HBO.
How Much The Cast Knows About What’s Coming On Game Of Thrones, According To Maisie Williams
We've known for a while now that Game of Thrones is heading into its final act. With that in mind, a lot of people are wondering how much the cast and crew knows about where Game of Thrones is heading in Seasons 7 and 8.
The Wild Way A Dead Character Could Return To Game Of Thrones
It looks like a dead character from Game of Thrones is returning for Season 7, and in a crazy way.
This Game Of Thrones Season 6 Video Includes Every Single Nude Scene
Game of Thrones is known for a lot of things, including cinematic battle scenes, crisp dialogue and impressive storytelling. However, it will also probably go down in history as a show with one of the highest counts of nudity to ever exist on TV.
One Reason The Game Of Thrones Spinoff Could Happen, According To HBO
Over the past year, we've heard some conflicting reports about the possibility of a Game of Thrones spinoff series heading to HBO. Here's what the new network president says.
What’s Happening With Game of Thrones’ Final Season, According To HBO
he award winning fantasy drama has two more short seasons left, with Season 7 airing at a later date this coming summer. But what about the final season? How short will it be? HBO has finally opened up, and given us a few answers.
The Young Pope Review: HBO's New Drama Is Surprisingly Miraculous
HBO is kicking off 2017 with Jude Law's papal radical in The Young Pope, and it has some fascinating hits and misses from the very beginning. Can I get an amen?
One Game Of Thrones Actor Won't Be Back For Season 7, But What About The Character?
Many actors leave Game of Thrones due to their characters being killed off, but one won't be back for a different reason. What about the character, though?
George R.R. Martin Reveals When He Thinks The Next Game Of Thrones Book Will Be Finished
And now Game of Thrones has surpassed the books, readers are anxiously waiting for Martin to finish the latest book and release it to the masses. But when will he finish?
When Westworld Season 2 Is Premiering, According To HBO
When Westworld was renewed just a short time ago, HBO was pretty cagey regarding when the original series could potentially come back. Now we have more information.
Why HBO Isn't Worried About What Happened At The Golden Globes
The subscription cable channel earned 14 nominees for shows as wide-ranging as Westworld, The Night Of, Game of Thrones and Veep, but the funny thing is, the network didn't actually win anything, even with all of those noms.
Grey's Anatomy Actress Cast In New HBO Show, So What Does That Mean For Grey's?
One Grey's Anatomy regular has landed a role in a brand new HBO series, and it could mean big changes for a key character.
When You Can Watch The Slenderman Documentary On TV And Streaming
One of the Internet's scariest figures will soon take a quick jump that medium over to TV, and here's when you can find the upcoming Slenderman documentary hitting TV and streaming.
One Major Girls Actress Once Tried To Quit The Show
Shockingly, it turns out that one of the four titular girls actually tried to quit the show. Here's what happened.
What HBO's Carrie Fisher And Debbie Reynolds Documentary Will Be About
Showbiz lost two greats this past week with the deaths of Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds. The daughter and mother had recently collaborated on a documentary for HBO, and we now know what it will be about.
Westworld Season 2: What We Know So Far
The show already has an avid fanbase with an online community that even guessed some of the big Season 1 twists before they happened. Westworld isn't going anywhere, anytime soon and here's what we know about the upcoming Season 2.
The 10 Most Illegally Downloaded TV Shows Of 2016
Check out the list of the top ten most illegally downloaded shows from the last year.
The Top 10 Shows Of 2016, According To Laura
2016 is coming to an end, and the time is now to look back at the best of the best that this past year had to offer on the small screen.
Why Game Of Thrones Is Difficult To Shoot, According To One Actor
The end of Game of Thrones is getting ever closer, and according to one actor, the ending has some giant stakes for the show's legacy.
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