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We Finally Know More About One Game Of Thrones Character's Return
Game of Thrones is currently in production for Season 7, and so far we've learned about a few characters that should be returning in the new episodes.
One Sex And The City Star Would Be Down For Another Season
Sex and the CIty accumulated such an enthusiastic audience over its first six seasons that two feature films were produced for the big screen. Now, one actress has said that she'd be game for a seventh season.
The Joke Veep Had To Cut Thanks To Donald Trump
Donald Trump's presidential campaign has given many TV shows a dependable wealth of material to draw from, but Veep hasn't been quite as lucky. Check out this joke that had to get cut.
Why We Haven't Met Dolores' Mother Yet On Westworld
One of the strange aspects in the first three episodes of Westworld is how Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) is only ever seen interacting with her host father; Dolores' mother is mentioned, but never seen. We now know why.
What It's Like To Act Naked Opposite Anthony Hopkins On Westworld, According To James Marsden
One of those actors, James Marsden, recently spoke out about how bizarre the experience on the set of Westworld has been, even filming one lengthy scene naked opposite a very clothed Anthony Hopkins.
Mean Game Of Thrones Fans Forced The Actress Who Played The Waif Off Social Media
Game of Thrones features all different types of characters. Some of these are much closer to villains than heroes, and there is apparently a consequence for playing a less-liked character on the HBO drama: People online hate you.
Are More Starks Reuniting On Game Of Thrones? Here's What We Know
The Stark family has suffered an awful lot of tragedy in the six seasons of Game of Thrones so far. Now we have some clues about what may be in store for the surviving Starks in Season 7.
How Many People Are Really Watching Westworld
HBO's new drama Westworld has a recipe for success thanks to its all-star cast, creative premise, and big budget. The question now is of how many people are actually tuning in to watch.
Game Of Thrones Season 7: What We Know So Far
Game of Thrones has been one of the most popular shows on HBO for a long time. While the series might be in the twilight of its life at this point, audience interest has shown no signs of slowing down. Here's what we know about Season 7.
Arguably The Best Game Of Thrones Character Will Be Back For Season 7
Game of Thrones has a massive cast of characters, and we can't count on all of them earning screentime in a given season. Luckily, we have confirmation that an especially awesome character will be back in Season 7.
How Game Of Thrones Could End, According To The Actor Who Played Joffrey
But Game of Thrones' own Jack Gleeson was on hand to share some interesting insights into his former gig on HBO's fantasy drama, including this fun bit.
HBO Is Bringing The Original Fraggle Rock Back In HD
Jim Henson's Fraggle Rock had a disappointingly short run back in the 80s, and it hasn't always been easy to track down old episodes. Now, the series is coming back to HBO.
Game of Thrones Just Cast Two Mystery Characters
If you've been starving for Game of Thrones news to come down the pipeline, we have some exciting tidbits for you this week. HBO's fantasy drama has just cast two more British actors.
How You Can Watch Westworld Episode 2 Early
Viewers waited ages to watch HBO's Westworld, and it was worth the wait. Now, the second episode can be watched before its Sunday night airing.
Divorce Review: HBO's New Comedy Is More Painful Than Funny
HBO's divorce has a great cast and a lot going for it, but it may not be exactly what you might expect.
Winter Is Not Fun For Game Of Thrones' Emilia Clarke
The production on Game of Thrones got started later than usual this year, and one of the big reasons for the late start has everything to do with the weather.
How Much The Game Of Thrones Cast Reportedly Earns
The salaries of major TV actors are not always common knowledge, although a few casts are open about how much they make. Regardless, this week, a new report opened up that explained just how much the leads of major shows make.
When Westworld May Begin Exploring Other Worlds
If you are familiar with the concept of the original sci fi movie that Westworld is based on, you probably already know that other worlds, including Medieval World, were explored in the flick.
How Well Westworld Did In The Ratings
New sci-fi drama Westworld has been in the works at HBO for a long time, and the network devoted a lot of money and effort into making it unlike anything else on TV. Now, the ratings for the first episode are in.
How Many Seasons HBO’s Westworld Already Has Planned
Westworld premiered on HBO just last night. The new sci fi drama has a lot riding on it, mostly including its wildly expensive budget, which could end up making or breaking the series, depending on how many eyeballs tuned in...
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