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How The Westworld Cast Successfully Avoided Revealing Big Spoilers
At a time when TV spoilers are a major source of ire for networks, Westworld seemed to have little trouble holding onto its myriad secrets. But the efforts were very real behind the scenes.
Watch Out Syfy, HBO May Get Into Space Dramas Next
HBO is encroaching on Syfy's territory with a new hardcore sci-fi drama. With the massive success of Westworld, HBO could be getting into the genre game in a big way.
One Change Westworld Will Make In Season 2
Westworld ended its terrific first season on several dark notes, and co-creator Jonathan Nolan has clued fans in on a big change that's coming to the show's story.
Game Of Thrones Has Finally Confirmed A Season 7 Character
Game of Thrones often goes through a long round of rumors before each season begins, and it looks like one has turned out to be true for the future.
One Huge Westworld Finale Moment You May Have Missed
Westworld offered up new questions for fans to ponder in its Season 1 finale, but one supposed mystery was already answered in a moment you may have missed.
One Westworld Character Who Will Definitely Not Return For Season 2
Following stellar ratings, the show has already been renewed for Season 2, but when it comes back, there will at least be one character who will no longer appear on the HBO drama.
Game Of Thrones Actor Peter Vaughan Has Died
Death comes to Game of Thrones frequently, but it's less common that an actor on the hit HBO drama passes away in real life. Regardless, the long-running series employs a variety of actors of all ages on the show.
One Westworld Character Who May Not Be Dead
Westworld gave audiences its superb season finale Sunday night, but it wasn't just on TV where big clues were shared, and fans got an online hint that one thought-deceased character isn't dead at all.
Westworld Just Broke A Major Ratings Milestone For HBO
If you thought HBO couldn't deliver another series that could compare to Game of Thrones in the ratings, know that there is a new contender being groomed, and its name is Westworld.
What Westworld Season 2 Will Be About
Following the big Season 1 finale, series producer Jonathan Nolan explained that the creative team already has plans for Season 2 and explained a bit about what to expect.
Is Game Of Thrones Adding A UFC Champion?
Game of Thrones Season 7 is still months away from hitting the airwaves, but spoilers have hit the web ever since the end of Season 6. Some of those spoilers have had to do with casting, and we may be in for someone truly formidable.
What Westworld's Maze Actually Is
Central among both the confusion and the fan theories has been the maze. For the entire first season, the hosts, the staff, the guests and the creators have all cryptically referred to the maze.
Good News, You Can Now Order HBO And Cinemax Through Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime is a wonderfully convenient way for subscribers to stream a vast library of TV shows. Now, the service has gotten even more convenient.
How Honest Westworld Is Being, According To Jeffrey Wright
Westworld is pulling in a lot of directions at once, and I really want to know whether Jeffrey Wright will be back and whether we'll learn Elsie's fate and more.
How George R.R. Martin Plans To Finish The Newest Game Of Thrones Book
Season 6 of Game of Thrones marked the series completely surpassing Martin's novels, making new episodes of Game potential spoilers for the books. So when is Martin going to finish the newest book?
Will Westworld Answer All Of Our Season 1 Questions? Here's What The Creators Say
With just one more episode left in its premiere season, many fans are wondering how Westworld could possibly tie up its many loose ends, and answer the burning questions that are on everyone's minds
Why That Photo On Westworld Is So Important
This week, another major online theory seems far more likely now, thanks to one innocuous photo and a few other minor details. Spoilers, obviously.
How Game of Thrones Is Similar To Stranger Things, According To One Game Actor
While it seems like a medieval fantasy epic and a sci-fi 80's aren't that similar, one Game of Thrones actress sees a ton of similarities between the two hits, despite their juxtaposition.
Game Of Thrones Recapped With Rhymes Is The Best Thing You'll See All Day
A lot has happened over the six seasons of Game of Thrones so far, and it can be hard to remember everything. Luckily, a handy dandy recap video has hit the web, and it even rhymes. Check it out!
One Horrifying Game Of Thrones Theory May Finally Be Dead
One popular fan theory may have finally been denounced, to the joy of Game of Thrones fans.
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