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Which Game Of Thrones Character Is The Most Important, According To Screen Time

While fans are excited for Daenerys Targaryen to finally arrive in Westeros and begin conquering, which character is the actual lead of the series?

Why Daenerys Will Win Game Of Thrones' Great War

If the folks at HBO know what's good for them, they'll let Emilia Clarke's Daenerys Targaryen pull out a win. Aside from fan expectations, here are a few reasons why Dany will eventually the Game of Thrones.

What Westworld Learned From Its First Season

While Westworld was a massive success, it wasn't without hiccups. Now it's creator has revealed what they learned in Season 1.

Why Big Little Lies Left Out Bonnie’s Backstory, According To The Creator

Big Little Lies creator David E. Kelley has explained why Bonnie's history of abuse wasn't shown onscreen.

Why John Oliver's HBO Show Just Got Hit With A Lawsuit

Though he's a comedian, John Oliver certainly isn't funny to everyone, and his HBO series Last Week Tonight just got slapped with a lawsuit.

How Orange Is The New Black Is Like Game Of Thrones, According To One Star

While Orange is the New Black and Game of Thrones are very different shows, they do have a few glaring similarities.

Why HBO's Watchmen TV Show Is Definitely A Great Idea

HBO is now back at work on bringing Watchmen to the small screen, and here's why that couldn't be more fantastic news.

5 Big Things Game Of Thrones' New Trailer Just Showed Us

The new trailer for Game Of Thrones Season 7 is here, and we learned a lot.

Why The Leftovers' Carrie Coon Will Never Reveal If Nora Was Telling The Truth

The Leftovers wrapped up its three-season run with a brilliant and mysterious finale, and here's why fans shouldn't expect star Carrie Coon to clear things up.

A Watchmen TV Series May Be Happening, Get The Details

Comic TV shows are all the rage nowadays, and HBO may be getting in the game in a brand new way with a series based on the legendary Watchmen series. Here's what we know.

New Game Of Thrones Still Shows A Moment We’ve All Been Waiting For

The final two seasons of Game of Thrones should feature plenty of payoffs, and this new image of Season 7 is already doing the job.

Why Euron Greyjoy Will Be Worse Than Ramsay In Game Of Thrones, According To The Actor

One of thew new characters introduced last season is Theon's villainous uncle Euron Greyjoy, and apparently he's going to be even more detestable than Ramsay Bolton

New Game Of Thrones Quiz Will Kill You Off If You Mess Up

Are you a Game of Thrones trivia master? Then test your mettle against this quiz where even one wrong answer reveals to you how you're going to die...on the show, that is.

Westworld Creator Trolls Fans With Season Two Premiere Title

Westworld took the world by storm when it first premiered, and while we (somewhat) patiently wait for news on the second season, the show's creator is busy trolling fans on Reddit.

Why Game Of Thrones Spoilers Will Be As Hard As Ever To Find

Game of Thrones isn't kidding around with spoilers this year.

Possible Game Of Thrones Spoiler May Reveal Jon Snow's Real Name, But How Real Is It?

Game of Thrones spent six seasons building on the mystery of Jon Snow's parentage, and we now know that Ned isn't actually his dad. Now, we may have learned even more about his origin.

Why Jon Snow Will Win Game Of Thrones' Great War

Of all the potential victors of the Great War, Jon Snow seems to be the popular choice with Game of Thrones fans. Here's why The King In The North will rule Westeros in the end.

The Only Way The Sopranos Could Ever Come Back, According To The Creator

We're currently in an era of reboots and revivals. The creator of The Sopranos has revealed the one way that the show could ever come back to the small screen.

HBO Cancels Game Of Thrones Aftershow, But It's Not Entirely Dead Yet

Game Of Thrones' official U.S. after show has been given the axe by HBO. But it's not all bad news.

Game Of Thrones' Dany Looks Kind Of Silly Riding A  Dragon Before CGI Is Added

HBO uses a lot of special effects to build the epic world of Westeros, but the action is much less epic before CGI is added. Emilia Clarke as Dany riding a pre-CGI dragon is much more amusing than intimidating.

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