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Why The Olsen Twins May Never Appear On Fuller House

It doesn't sound like the Olsen twins will be appearing on the Netflix series anytime soon, if ever.

If You Watch One Anime This Year, Make It Jaden Smith's Netflix Show Neo Yokio

Netflix's new anime with Jaden Smith is totally worth a watch.

The Hilarious Way Stranger Things Season 2 Was Affected By IT

One of the biggest movies of 2017 was IT, which delighted and horrified viewers everywhere. As it turns out, the movie influenced Season 2 of Stranger Things in a pretty hilarious and super specific way.

Why The Punisher Has Marvel's Best TV Trailer Yet

The Punisher trailer doesn't just have us excited for the next Marvel Netflix series. It's one of the best trailers Marvel has ever produced. Here's why.

Watch Jerry Seinfeld Perform For Frank And Claire Underwood In Uncomfortably Hilarious Netflix Promo

Jerry Seinfeld performing his stand-up comedy routine in the House of Cards Oval Office is every bit as awkward (and hilarious) as you would expect.

How One Fuller House Star's Broken Leg Completely Changed Up Season 3

Sometimes outside factors have big influences on how a TV show works, and one Fuller House star's broken leg did just that for Season 3.

Stranger Things Season 2 Poster Has Us Freaking Out About Will

Will is back from The Upside Down, but he's not out of the woods.

BoJack Horseman Renewed For Season 5 At Netflix

Netflix has its fair share of oddball original series, and animated comedy BoJack Horseman has to be one of the oddest. Luckily for fans, Netflix has some very good news about the future of the show.

How Marvel’s The Defenders’ Compares To The Solo Shows In The Ratings

Netflix doesn't usually release its ratings, but we now have an idea of how popular The Defenders was, compared to the other Marvel shows.

Netflix Pulls Episode Of Kids' Cartoon Over A Penis Drawing

One kids' show just got an episode yanked from Netflix over a possibly illicit drawing of a penis.

Why Stranger Things Season 2 Is Like A Movie Sequel, According To The Duffer Brothers

But the Duffer Brothers are looking at the sophomore season more like a movie sequel, rather than a Season 2, and it sounds pretty awesome.

What American Vandal Season 2 May Be About, According To The Creators

The creators of American Vandal recently came out and explained what a potential second season could look like. Here's what they had to say.

Three Big Shows Leaving Netflix In October

There are some major shows leaving Netflix in October, and binge watchers aren't going to be happy.

The Punisher's Full Trailer Is Brutal And Pure Heavy Metal

The first trailer for The Punisher has finally debuted online, and it's clear that Frank Castle is about to go on a badass, heavy metal adventure. Check it out!

How Much The Fuller House Babies Make Per Episode

On Full House, the Olsen twins went off to become the most successful of the cast. But what are Fuller House's twin child stars making?

Netflix's American Vandal Is A Must-Watch True Crime Parody Of Making A Murderer And Others

American Vandal doesn't just borrow the Making A Murderer style; it expertly recreates it in a near pitch-perfect satire.

Unauthorized Stranger Things Bar Got The Best Warning Letter From Netflix

Stranger Things is one of the hottest shows on streaming, and a themed bar popped up to delight fans in Chicago. Netflix sent a pretty amazing warning letter at the unauthorized use of the series' name.

How The Punisher Will Be Different In His Own Netflix Show

When The Punisher arrives on Netflix, we'll get to see a different kind of Frank Castle from the one that Daredevil showed us.

A Narcos Location Scout Has Been Murdered In Mexico, Here's What We Know

A scout for the Netflix series Narcos was found murdered in Mexico and these are the circumstances surrounding his unfortunate death.

How Jon Bernthal Prepared For Netflix's Punisher Spinoff

Jon Bernthal has recently opened up about his process while filming the spinoff, and it sounds intense.

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