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Why Luke Cage Was Made Before Iron Fist
When Marvel and Netflix were first banging out their slate, Iron Fist was originally supposed to be the third street-level hero introduced. Here's why Luke Cage got the gig instead.
Why Stranger Things' Executive Producer Is Nervous About Season 2
How does the team behind Stranger Things really feel about bringing a second season to their new rabid fan base? It turns out, they've got some (understandable) trepidations.
Luke Cage’s Showrunner Reveals If There Will Be More Than One Superhero In Season 1
Luke Cage premieres on September 30th, and many hardcore comic book fans have been wondering if certain aspects of the lore would be introduced in the series. Namely Heroes for Hire, which featured an all-star cast of heroes that make money from their vigilante activities.
Mike Colter Reveals Which Side Luke Cage Would Choose In Captain America: Civil War
For those of you out there wondering which side Luke Cage would've taken in Captain America: Civil War, actor Mike Colter finally has an answer for your.
Gilmore Girls Is Bringing Back One Of Its Best Sideplots
We're learning more all the time about the Netflix revival of The CW favorite, Gilmore Girls. Now it looks like we can count on a certain popular sideplot to be involved in Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life as well.
How Much Original Programming Netflix Eventually Wants
Netflix has been expanding its libraries over the past few years to include plenty of original programming. The streaming service is nowhere near done with its expansions, and it has a major goal for future original content.
Psych Is Getting Kicked Off Of Netflix
While Netflix keeps adding new original programming, the changes to the subscription streaming service's lineup means that a lot of syndicated programming has left the service over the past year or so.
Luke Cage Review: Netflix's Latest Marvel Show Is Every Bit As Awesome And Exciting As We Wanted
While it's familiar in that it's a show that's able to get a bit more hardcore than its PG-13 blockbuster cousins, Luke Cage also has a distinct, unique flavor that could very well lead it to being called the best Netflix/Marvel series so far by the time it's first season is over.
Black Sails Actor Toby Stephens Has Already Landed A New TV Gig
A few months ago, we learned that Starz had cancelled its big budget pirate production Black Sails. Luckily, series lead Toby Stephens already seems to be on to his next adventure---and it's a big one
Stranger Things Season 2: What We Know So Far
One of the biggest TV hits of the summer, Stranger Things became a huge topic of discussion. While we wait for the next season to get here, let's look at everything we know about Season 2 so far.
Fuller House Season 2 Is Going To Premiere Earlier Than Expected, Get The Details
Fuller House didn't kick off to the greatest reviews, but a lot of Netflix users watched the family-friendly comedy, which prompted the subscription streaming service to give the show a second season.
When Arrested Development Season 5 Is Finally Getting Off The Ground
For the past year or so, we've heard hints that a fifth season of the comedy would eventually be getting off the ground, but this week, series lead Jeffrey Tambor straight-up gave us the most concrete piece of information we've gotten about AD so far.
A Stranger Things Crossover Could Happen On A Major Network, Here's The Idea
If there was a TV hit of the summer of 2016, it was probably Stranger Things. The Netflix series had unprecedented success---at least in terms of viral potential, as Netflix doesn't actually release ratings.
Why Fox Is Suing Netflix
Things have gotten pretty tense between streaming giant Netflix and programming giant 21st Century Fox. Recently, the latter filed suit against the former, and we now know why.
What To Expect From Misty Knight In Luke Cage, According To The Actress
Actress Simone Missick has opened up regarding what we can expect from Misty Knight when she finally makes her on-screen debut on Luke Cage. Get the details!
Has Stranger Things Season 2 Already Begun Filming? Here’s What We Know
It originally seemed like we might have to wait a while for Season 2 of Stranger Things, but those close to the set are indicating filming might have already started.
The Lost In Space Remake Just Found Its First Cast Member
Of all the reboots and revivals currently in development, few are more intriguing than the modernized update of the classic sci-fi adventure series Lost in Space, and the project now has its first cast member!
Watch Candace Cameron Bure Recreate An Iconic Full House Moment
Fuller House has gone hard on the nostalgia since it first premiered on Netflix earlier in 2016. Now, it looks as if at least one of the cast members is totally cool with reliving moments from her past in real life.
Fuller House Just Recast One Of D.J.'s Old Boyfriends
For Season 2, Fuller House is bringing back one of D.J.'s old boyfriends, but the original actor won't be reprising the role. Here's who got the part instead.
Will Kingpin Return To Netflix's Marvel TV Shows? Here's What Vincent D'Onofrio Says
Netflix's Daredevil has a ton of things going for it, and one of the biggest positives has been Vincent D'Onofrio's nuanced take on Wilson "Kingpin" Fisk. Will he return to Marvel's TV universe?
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