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Donald Trump's Spokesman Is Really Mad At SNL Too, Here's What He Said
Donald Trump has been fairly outspoken on social media in the weeks following his win in the Presidential Election. One of the topics he has seemed to enjoy is taking shots at Saturday Night Live, but he's not the only one.
One Ridiculous Saturday Night Live Sketch That Never Made it To The Air
Two Saturday Night Live vets shared a particularly ridiculous sketch idea that never made it to air. Nor the actual filming stages.
SNL: Watch Felicity Jones Reunite With Rogue One Characters For The Opening
With Felicity Jones hosting Saturday Night Live, you knew that there were going to be some Rogue One references, and the show did not disappoint. Check out Jones' monologue from the opening of last night's show.
Tony Rosato, SCTV And Saturday Night Live Vet, Has Died At 62
This week brings the unfortunate news that comedian Tony Rosato, best known for his work on sketch TV series SCTV and Saturday Night Live, has passed away.
What SNL's Donald Trump Is Doing Next, According To Alec Baldwin
Saturday Night Live has been made great again thanks to Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump impression. Here's what the actor says about that character's future.
The Best Saturday Night Live Sketches Of 2016
With the year officially coming to a close, here are our picks for the best Saturday Night Live sketches of the 2016.
The 10 Best TV Episodes Of 2016
2016 has been a year packed with stellar TV shows in just about every genre on just about every platform. In honor of the end of the year, we've chosen the 10 best episodes of TV in 2016. Check 'em out!
Upcoming SNL Hosts: Who Is Hosting And Musical Guests
Saturday Night Live is putting together a fantastic lineup of funny folks for Season 42. Check out our breakdown of upcoming hosts to see when you can expect your favorite stars to lead the laughs of an episode of SNL.
Carrie Fisher's 8 Best TV Roles
In honoring the late and great Carrie Fisher, we're looking back and remembering her eight best television roles, as well as listing if and where they're available to watch.
Watch SNL Crew Dismantle A Whole Set In Less Than 2 Minutes
Many of us watch Saturday Night Live without giving much thought to how much work goes on behind the scenes during the show. Well, now we've finally gotten a look at exactly how smooth of a transition there usually is when breaking sets down. Take a look.
How Much Alec Baldwin Makes Per Episode For Portraying Trump On SNL
Saturday Night Live has seen some major gains in the ratings this season, and it could be argued that some of the gains, at least, have something to do with Alec Baldwin's well-known and widely seen impersonation of Donald Trump.
SNL: Watch Bryan Cranston Play Walter White For The Cold Open
Walter White rose from the dead to make a surprise appearance on Saturday Night Live's cold open. Watch Bryan Cranston reprise his role to explain how we can get more meth back into America.
What It's Like To Be In An SNL Sketch That Bombs, According To Tina Fey
Tina Fey has gone on to have a prolific career outside of the late night sketch comedy series, but although she's seen all kinds of success, she's still bombed a time or two.
Why Donald Trump Hates SNL, According To Donald Trump
This morning, Trump popped in to NBC's morning program and finally explained exactly why he has such an intense dislike for the late night sketch comedy series. The answer is a doozy.
What It Would Take For Alec Baldwin To Stop His Donald Trump Impression On SNL
If you've been keeping tabs on Saturday Night Live over the past several months, you should already know that Alec Baldwin has taken on the time-honored tradition of the series lampooning election candidates.
SNL: Watch Jennifer Aniston Meet Rachel Green
One of their most popular new sketches involves Vanessa Bayer taking on the role of Rachel Green in Friends, and now Jennifer Aniston has made an appearance and interacted with the farce.
John Cena Is Finally Hosting Saturday Night Live
Someone you haven't ever seen as a Saturday Night Live guest host (or ever, since you can't) is pro wrestler, actor and wish-granter John Cena. But that changes soon.
David S. Pumpkins Does Have A Middle Name And It Totally Makes Sense
Tom Hanks was a huge hit during his recent hosting gig on SNL as he brought the dancing character of David S. Pumpkins to the small screen. Now, the sketch writer has revealed what the S actually stands for, and it's pretty perfect.
Watch The SNL Cast Invent Animals In Hilarious Creation Sketch Cut For Time
Comedienne Kristen Wiig returned to SNL this past weekend to tackle hosting duties, and the show has released one of the hilarious sketches that got cut for time. Check it out!
Is Saturday Night Live Biased? Here's What Michael Che Says
There have been a lot of questions rearing their ugly heads in the months leading up to the Presidential election and the days following that election. A lot of these question revolve around late night TV programs and what their role is.

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