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Saturday Night Live Just Announced Its Fantastic First Host For Season 42
Saturday Night Live always goes for big names for its season premiere, and Season 42 will be no exception. Here's who will take the stage next!
The True Story Behind Celebrity Jeopardy On SNL, According To Norm Macdonald
One of the most consistently hilarious running sketches of SNL history has to be Celebrity Jeopardy. The bits would pit Will Ferrell's Alex Trebek against panels of infuriatingly clueless celebrities. SNL alum Norm MacDonald has now revealed what went into bring Celebrity Jeopardy to SNL.
How SNL's The Californians Sketch Came Together
Saturday Night Live has produced plenty of running gags the bring the laughs week in and week out. One of the most bizarrely entertaining was the Californians soap opera sketch. Now, Bill Hader has revealed how the premise for the sketch came together.
SNL Just Added Two More Brand New Cast Members
After some casting news for Season 42 of Saturday Night Live came down last week, the show has continued to add to the season with two new featured players being announced today.
Saturday Night Live Has Its Newest Cast Member, Get The Latest
Pretty much every new season at Saturday Night Live brings returning favorites as well as new cast members, and now we have our look at the first newbie to hit the Not Ready for Primetime Players in this upcoming season.
13 Celebrities Who Were Banned From Saturday Night Live
Throughout its 41 years on the air, Saturday Night Live has seen a gigantic number of celebrities cross its stages, and some of them found their way on the wrong end of a lifetime ban.
What Always Worries Kate McKinnon About Saturday Night Live
Doing a weekly show like Saturday Night Live is sure to be nerve-wracking experience. They only have a week to get everything written and memorized, and sometimes skits change hours before the performance. Now we know what worries one cast member about the show.
James Corden Apparently Thought He Was Going To Be On SNL
Saturday Night Live's longtime head Lorne Michaels has made a major impression on a slew of individuals over the years. His influence has led to plenty of people nabbing jobs on SNL and in other comedy mediums, and has apparently led to various comedians believing they would at least get to audition.
All The Saturday Night Live Cast Members Returning For Season 42
Saturday Night Live still hasn't figured out its official Season 42 premiere date, but at least one thing has finally been cemented for the upcoming episodes: The cast.
Watch This Hilarious Saturday Night Live Montage Of Cast Members Breaking Character
Saturday Night Live has had its ups and downs as the cast has changed over the years, but there is one thing that fans seem to unrepentantly love about the NBC comedy series.
How The Saturday Night Live Cast Helped Tracy Morgan Return To Comedy
Even though the perma-raunchy Tracy Morgan carved his hole in the comedy world for years - pun intended - his horrifying accident in 2014 took him away from it. He took his time returning to it, and he credits the cast of Saturday Night Live with inspiring him to be funny again.
What SNL's Taran Killam And Jay Pharoah Are Doing Next
There have been short bursts of madness over the past few days at SNL, with featured players Taran Killam and Jay Pharoah getting dropped from the show ahead of Season 42. Don't worry about them not having anything to do, though, as we know where they're headed next.
The Real Reason Taran Killam Isn't Coming Back To SNL
Taran Killam and Pharoah's exits were spun by the network as being a result of their ever-expanding careers, but Taran Killam now says that just isn't true.
Why Saturday Night Live Uses The Q&A Monologues Over And Over Again
At this point in his career Seth Meyers is becoming known as the brilliant late late night host who got his start behind the desk on SNL's "Weekend Update." What many people don't know is that for a time Seth Meyers was also the head writer on SNL and he just shared a fun fact.
Two Saturday Night Live Stars Have Left The Show, Here's The Latest
From one season of a TV show to the next, viewers aren't always guaranteed to see their favorite actors returning to the roles they've created (or in this case, impersonated). Saturday Night Live will be missing two major players when the next season begins.
How SNL Is Covering The Upcoming Republican And Democratic National Conventions
The Republican and Democratic National Conventions are making headlines, and SNL will have a special kind of coverage that could be pretty hilarious.
Watch SNL Rip Apart That Big Jon Snow Moment
Last week's Game of Thrones plot twist was spoofed on last night’s episode of Saturday Night Live to hilarious results.
SNL: Watch Dana Carvey Hilariously Bring Back Church Lady
It’s arguable that Saturday Night Live is never better than during election season. The jokes seem to write themselves when politicians put themselves on the spot in the race to be the next President. But what happens when Dana Carvey's Church Lady is the one putting them on the spot?
What Happened That Time Dave Coulier Was Almost An SNL Cast Member
We’ve talked a lot about Dave Coulier and the rest of the Fuller House gang over the last several months, but recently the man who plays Uncle Joey revealed a pretty big truth to fans. But for a while there, he almost was part of SNL.
How Saturday Night Live Is Trying To Get Fans To Watch Live
Saturday Night Live has been a part of the late night landscape for more than 40 years at this point. While some things, like "Weekend Update" or the Saturday night air date have remained constant, others, including the cast or the types of popular sketches have changed greatly over time.

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