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Why The Grey's Anatomy Midseason Premiere And More Have Been Delayed By ABC
Fans have been waiting ages for Grey's Anatomy, Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder to return, but ABC announced today that all three shows' premieres have been delayed.
Scandal Just Recast A Big Role For Season 6
Scandal delivered quite a few shocks and surprises to viewers during Season 5, and we can be sure that Season 6 will be no different. A behind-the-scenes surprise happened today as one character was recast.
ABC Fall 2016 Schedule Announced, Scandal Delayed
Next year is going to be a new year for ABC, and the network is pushing really hard to bring new comedies and more to the foray. Prior to the network’s upfront presentation, ABC decided to shuffle some stuff around and add a few new series to the network.
The Catch Season 2 Is Happening
Cancellation/renewal season is upon us for TV, and ABC has been a bloodbath for an awful lot of shows. One series that has been spared is The Catch, which will be getting a second season.
How Kerry Washington's Pregnancy Could Help The Catch
ABC and Scandal now have to figure out what to do with the show because of Kerry Washington’s newly announced pregnancy. And, as it turns out, Washington's baby bump might be good news for another TGIT show.
TGIT's Lineup Just Keeps Dropping In Ratings
While the concept of an all-Shonda Rhimes night of television seems self-serving and rather brilliant, the results haven’t been what ABC was hoping for. Ratings for TGIT have been declining steadily this year, and this past week was no exception.
Grey's Anatomy Renewed For Season 13 At ABC
If you’re a fan of ABC’s long-running medical drama Grey’s Anatomy, then there’s no doubt that you want more of Meredith, Callie, Jackson and the rest of the gang. Well, we’ve got good news for you; Grey’s Anatomy has just been renewed
Scandal Just Ended On A Mindblowing Cliffhanger
Tonight was the midseason finale of Scandal, and it ended on one of the biggest shocks of the series thus far. And now we have to wait until next year to see what happens next. Spoilers abound, guys!
14 Shows That Are Putting Up Huge DVR Numbers
Shows that do well during their live airing often do way, way better when the final Live + 7 day numbers come in. In addition, shows that only do okay when they first hit the airwaves can sometimes see big gains in the days that follow via other platforms, like DVR and On Demand. Here are the shows crushing DVR gains.
Did Scandal Take On The Bill Cosby Case? Here's What Shonda Rhimes Says
If you were watching Scandal on Thursday night, you might have noticed that a storyline hit a little close to reality. The episode partly centers on a college professor accused of drugging and raping a bunch of women, and many have wondered if this was about Bill Cosby.
The 15 TV Shows With The Highest Advertising Rates
While ad rates for many TV programs have declined in recent years, the fact remains that a lot of TV shows are bringing in major dollars from commercials. Now, we’ve put together a handy reference guide that marks the top 15 shows in the United States to advertise with.
The 10 Best Villains On TV Right Now
With the fall TV season just around the corner, our televisions will soon be awash with characters new and old that will be taking on villainous tasks, making our favorite characters’ lives a living hell. But for now, we’re celebrating 10 ruthless bastards that made the past year so wonderfully dastardly.
The 6 Best Female Characters On Television, According To Fans
Women are kicking some serious ass out there in the TV world, guys, and the “people” have spoken about who they think the best of the bunch is. Over 1,200 men and women were polled, and here are their six favorite female characters. You might be surprised.
Top 10 TV Shows Of 2014-2015, According To Twitter Fans
The Internet is where people go now to champion their favorite TV shows, and as you might imagine, some shows have far more diehard fans than others. A new study by Nielsen Social has been put together to gauge the 10 most popular shows from the 2014-2015 season, according to the most loyal fans on Twitter.
ABC's 2015 Fall Schedule Announced, Includes Scandal, The Muppets And More
While Fox and NBC’s fall 2015-2016 schedules feature a lot of new programming, ABC’s schedule is fairly stable compared to last year. A few new programs are sprinkled in among old standards. Find out when your new shows will air next season on ABC.
Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D., Scandal And A Ton Of Other Shows Renewed At ABC
ABC is quite the busy network on this fine Thursday evening, gearing up for next week’s upfronts by giving their upcoming schedule a thorough spring cleaning. Thankfully, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Scandal and many more are coming back.
10 TV Characters That Need To Be Killed Off
In this day and age of television, character deaths are a strong form of currency. As such, we’ve put on our most morbid thinking caps and have come up with 10 characters who absolutely need to meet their makers in the very near future.
The 10 Best Shows On Television, According To Americans
America loves television. America loves television so much that last year there were 180 original scripted shows that aired on cable alone. While cable and streaming shows have been receiving a lot of love from the awards ceremonies of late, apparently, the average American is still very much a fan of regular broadcasts.
The 10 Most Popular Broadcast TV Shows Of 2014 Among Adults 18-49
What are the most popular network TV shows of 2014? Before we get into the fact that two comedies managed to top that list, which is particularly impressive in an era where network TV comedies aren't exactly thriving on the whole, let's define "popular," because this list has some very specific terms applied to it.
Why Columbus Short Was Cut Out Of Scandal, According To Columbus Short
Columbus Short may have announced he was exiting Scandal late last spring, but this week he’s finally spoken out about the circumstances surrounding that cliffhanger ending at the end of Season 3 and why he and the show ended up parting ways.
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