While ad rates for many TV programs have declined in recent years, the fact remains that a lot of TV shows are bringing in major dollars from commercials. A lot of the big money goes to football, which is no huge surprise, but network TV programs and even a few cable shows manage to bring in a slew of eyeballs and a slew of lucrative ad dollars because of those eyeballs. Plus, there’s one Season 2 show that just can’t stop, won’t stop when it comes to bringing in more bucks.

The ad dollar information was recently released by Variety, but we’ve put together a handy reference guide that marks the top 15 shows in the United States to advertise with. You can check ‘em out, below.

15. The X-Files, Fox
Despite the fact The X-Files has been off of the air for 13 years, the upcoming series on Fox is still commandeering pretty high ad rates, just beating high profile shows like NBC’s new drama Blindspot to weasel its way onto this list. That's all the more impressive, considering the show won’t even premiere until 2016.

How much does the show make per ad? $195,893

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