It’s that time of year again! TV doesn’t exactly grind to a halt during the holidays, as some networks fill their primetime hours with holiday programming, but most of our favorite TV dramas and comedies will be going on hiatus for the next few weeks, if not longer. Lest you think that means you actually have to step away from the television, rest assured, this is actually a great time of year to watch those shows you’ve been meaning to check out, or lose yourself in a nostalgic binge-watch. Netflix is a perfect resource for such an activity, as the streaming video service has no shortage of great TV shows available streaming, and we’ve scoured the service to find some of the ones that are well worth watching. Here they are (numbered for count, not rank!):

(1) Breaking Bad
Breaking Bad is about a high school science teacher who learns he’s dying of cancer and decides to start cooking meth in an effort to stockpile some cash for his pregnant wife and their son before he goes. The story of Walter White starts out good and only gets better with each season. It is as good as people say it is, so if you’ve been on the fence about watching it, now’s the time. All but the second half of the fifth and final season are available streaming on Netflix. (Watch it.)

(2) Sons of Anarchy - Kurt Sutter’s gritty motorcycle drama is currently wrapping up its sixth season, but you can get caught up on all the dramatic and sometimes really violent dealings of the SAMCRO men and their old ladies through Season 5 on Netflix.

(3) The Walking Dead - AMC just got us to the halfway point of the fourth season of the popular zombie drama. Netflix will get you through the first three seasons, the first of which introduces us to Rick, a sheriff who wakes up after months in a coma from a gunshot wound, to discover the world’s been overrun by a zombie epidemic. Survival becomes the never-ending goal.

Looking for more thrills? Try (4) Longmire, (5) 24, (6) Burn Notice, (7) Revolution and (8) White Collar.

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