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The Silly Way The Big Bang Theory Got Judd Hirsch To Play Leonard's Dad
If you thought Judd Hirsch joining the cast of The Big Bang Theory required a lot of wheeling and dealing, the actor has a much better story.
What's Going On With The Big Bang Theory Renewal, According To CBS
Here's the latest on what is going on with the long-running series.
How Sheldon's Mom Feels About Him And Amy Living Together
Ever since Sheldon and Amy moved in together on The Big Bang Theory, fans have been wondering what Sheldon's super religious mom, Mary, would think of the cohabitation. Well, we've finally found out.
What's Going On With Sheldon's Engagement Ring On The Big Bang Theory
The Big Bang Theory had made some big steps in Season 10 when it comes to the Sheldon/Amy romance. The question now is of whether or not Sheldon will be busting out his engagement ring in the near future.
Carrie Fisher's 8 Best TV Roles
In honoring the late and great Carrie Fisher, we're looking back and remembering her eight best television roles, as well as listing if and where they're available to watch.
What The Big Bang Theory's Young Sheldon Will Be Like In The Spinoff
A Big Bang Theory prequel spinoff is in the works, to be centered on a younger Sheldon Cooper, and we now know more about what to expect from this new iteration of the compulsive brainiac.
The Top 10 Primetime TV Shows In 2016, According To Nielsen
As it happens annually, Nielsen Media Research has released its list of the most-watched TV series of the year, and 2016 had a couple of big surprises in the pack. Check it out!
How Sheldon And Amy's Second Big Birthday Bang Went Down
Fans of The Big Bang Theory will know that Amy's birthday has become a special time on the show, and not because she likes getting older. Oh, no. Amy's birthday is the one time during the year that Sheldon will agree to have sex with her. Well, here's how the big occasion went down this year.
The Crazy Way The Big Bang Theory Is Handling Bernadette And Howard's Baby
The Big Bang Theory's midseason finale brought some resolution to Bernadette's pregnancy, and the outcome probably isn't what you'd expect.
Why The Big Bang Theory Won't Show Us Bernadette's Birth
Amy and Sheldon aren't the only two Big Bang Theory characters getting busy. In fact, Bernadette found out she was pregnant last winter, and thanks to the fun of the TV break during the summer, she's pretty much been pregnant for what has felt like forever.
What’s Cancelled And Renewed? Here's The Rundown Of How Network Shows Are Doing
One way to spot a floundering show is to keep an eye out for a major network cutting the episode order of a series, especially if it is a freshman program and therefore new to the network in question. Or, you can just check out our full guide.
How The Big Bang Theory Will Handle Amy's Birthday Sex This Year
It's Amy's birthday on The Big Bang Theory and you now what that means: some good old fashioned coitus with Sheldon. Here's how the show plans to tackle the annual event this year.
What Christopher Lloyd Did On The Big Bang Theory
It was announced a few weeks ago that tonight's episode of The Big Bang Theory would feature a guest appearance from iconic actor Christopher Lloyd, but we didn't know who he'd be playing or how his character would feature into the main plot. Well, now we have answers to those questions.
The Top 5 Shows Of 2016, According To Google
2016 is coming to an end, and the time is now to look back at the best and worst of TV over the past year. Check out our breakdown of which shows were the top 5 for Google.
The Big Bang Theory's Jim Parsons Is Working On An Unexpected New TV Show
Jim Parsons has been known for playing Sheldon Cooper on The Big Bang Theory, but the actor's career has been taking off in new directions. Here's the latest oddball project he's working on.
How Amy Reacted To Sheldon's Attempts To Have Children Together On The Big Bang Theory
OK, if you've been watching The Big Bang Theory for most of the time that Sheldon and Amy have been in a relationship, there would be no doubt in your mind as to which of them would propose having a baby first. Well, tonight's episode just went and proved us all wrong.
Christopher Lloyd To Guest Star On The Big Bang Theory
The Big Bang Theory has attracted a pretty epic lineup of guest stars over its ten years, and it will soon add another big name to the list. Christopher Lloyd will appear on the comedy in the not-too-distant future.
There's A Behind-The-Scenes Big Bang Theory Photo Of Penny In Bondage Clothes
The Big Bang Theory would be a very different show if the married Penny and Leonard were a sex-crazed couple that enjoyed trying a variety of different bedroom toys. Here's a closer look at what that would look like.
The Big Bang Theory May Get A Prequel, Here's What We Know
Over the last several months, we've heard a lot of whispers regarding The Big Bang Theory and whether or not the show will return for an 11th season after all of the actors contracts are up. Now there's a new idea being floated around.
One Major Big Bang Theory Mystery Has Finally Been Explained
Of all the characters on CBS' The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon Cooper is the most mysterious while also being an open book. He has a wide variety of specific likes and dislikes, but we hardly know why he's so particular about most things. Well, now we have the reason behind one of his more noticeable quirks.

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